Friday, May 1, 2015

Best of LOLCAT

Well Did Ya ?  Punk ?


  1. College didn't cost anywhere near that much in "my" day, but I'll have to answer "YES, I DID get [my parents'] money's worth as an undergraduate, and late my own money's worth from pursuing two graduate degrees while I was working in my chosen field.

    HOWEVER, with few exceptions I learned more from the general atmosphere of campus life and from fellow students than I did from most of my teachers and professors. That doesn't mean the classroom experience was worthless, but like everything else in life what you choose to DO with what you're TOLD is where the rubber meets the road, and where TRUE learning and TRUE achievement take pace.

    By the way, I went to a Professional School -- one of our more prestigious Music Conservatories –- for my undergraduate work. The curriculum was completely apolitical, and involved a no-nonsense approach to the acquisition of highly specialized technical skills and knowledge. Contrary to popular belief the in-depth study of serious music is every bit as technical, complex and demanding as working toward a degree in Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, or any of the other sciences and technical fields. The big difference is that studying for a career in serious music offers no guarantee of financial security, prestige in one's community, –– or even a job. Those who go for it must be motivated almost entirely by Love, or the whole process would be pointless.

    Needless to say, this sort of "higher education" deviates very widely from the norm –– for which I thank God. ;-)

    PS: Love the cat! I have a black-and-white tuxedo cat, myself, but her marking are not so symmetrical. I should have called her Funny Face, but even as a kitten she had such a beguiling personality I called her Winner, instead. She has a special kind of beauty all her own. You'd have to get to know her to see it, however.

    1. FT, Glad things turned out well. I went to HKU - Hard Knocks Univ. I started working at 15, moved out at 18, worked a hundred different jobs, eventually taught myself to program computers and work in a great environment now.

      Generally speaking, if someone is not taking engineering, electrical engineer, computer science, or essentially what I'd call blue or white collar trades, they are wasting their time and money. And many do waste their money, except it's not even their money anymore. Government guarantees student loans. obama recently made it so graduates only have to pay a percentage of income for 10 years then the rest is forgiven. What we're doing now as taxpayers is paying for all these little geniuses to go and get their communist indoctrination at today's liberal colleges.

      My wife and I fostered orphan kittens for a couple years. Some heartache but tons of fun too. From my view, I believe black and black and white cats are particularly intelligent, sociable, and Fun. We have 4 left with us now. I enjoy having them around.

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    1. Ed, I hope you're doing well otherwise.

  3. sending our off spring to universities has become a wast of time an money--unless they go into engineering --
    love the cat-(-:

    1. C_CS< Cats love to ride horses too ! :)