Sunday, May 3, 2015

Is There No Better Evidence of Libtardness Than Lack Of Water Management ?

Excerpt from here:

The earliest known permanent settlement, which can be classified as urban, is Jericho from 8000–7000 B.C., located near springs and other bodies of water. In Egypt there are traces of wells, and in Mesopotamia of stone rainwater channels, from 3000 B.C.. From the early Bronze Age city of Mohenjo-Daro, located in modern Pakistan, archaeologists have found hundreds of ancient wells, water pipes and toilets. The first evidence of the purposeful construction of the water supply, bathrooms, toilets and drainage in Europe comes from Bronze Age Minoan (and Mycenaean) Crete in the second millennium B.C.

Ancient Civilizations generally successfully managed water.  Not so for Modern California.

And now we can see that the whole of California is in a water crisis because the perpetual libtard government cannot even think was well as people living thousands of years ago.  This is the evidence of libtardness gone unabated.

All they had to do was recognize that California might have to prepare for a not so rainy day and build some dams and canals rather than rely on the Colorado River for all their water. William Mulholland    recognized that  a growing Los Angeles was going to need water and stealthily bought land between the Colorado River and LA in order to bring water into this city via an aqueduct.

Apparently no one in California government (or enough to make a difference) had any similar foresight so as to plan for today's water supply needs.  Hey California, this water crisis was not caused by nature, it was caused by libtard government that can't think it's way out of a paper bag.

Even worse, libards can't even type a simple search term like Water Management into Google to research such subjects and discover their chosen government consist of freakin morons.


  1. OH, HAPPY DAY...I'm here before the typical piling it on California's begun. (thanks for remaining civil, Kid!) XX

    We have dams and canals. There's no water IN THEM.
    And, the damned Central Californians are too busy protecting that stinkin' little tiny fish that nobody gives a darn about but is suddenly treated like the cure for cancer...

    That's not the best link to that ridiculous story but I don't have time to find another right now.
    "Hands up! Tiny Fish matter, too!" :-) (not)

    1. Z, California just doesn't have enough of them. How many people have migrated to California since 1900 and how much land turned into farms. Not enough enough backup water supplies were built. The fish. Yes the tiny fish is more important than people and farms. The definition of libtardness. If libs think people are so dangerous to the plant why aren't they committing suicide? Just to say It is always a paradox with libs.
      They shut down an important construction project around an Antonio because of a cave spider.

      I happened to be around the kitchen TV and my wife is watching the weather channel. They have this feature on called Bible Weather. They talk about how God is going to inflict various things on us bad people, and they jump to showing a dust storm approaching and coming into the Phoenix from the desert South of. Granted that wall of dust hundreds of feet high is impressive, but it happens every April and it's been happening every April for hundreds or thousands of years. Then these little libtard vermin go this far to sell their climate scam I want to just pull them trough the TV and knock their little heads off. Just a fun little violent fantasy.

    2. BIBLE WEATHER~!? Like God says in the Bible "Thou shalt check Bible Weather in the future for MY ANGER REPORTS!"? HA!! It's stuff like this that makes Christians look INSANE. It's a little like venus like FreeRepublic and WorldNetDaily....SO off the wall..........and exaggerated.

      As for water......all I see are empty 'canals' and reservoirs so I guess I figure there isn't any water........but, yes, we can sure use it..And, it's worse when the snow doesn't fall as much over a winter, which it didn't this year.

      That fish; I'll never forget on Hannity's show about five years ago, he was in the Central Valley talking to farmers and politicians...some Conservative politician said "Sean, I've always wondered why the San Francisco City Council has, over the years, did all it COULD to deny water to the Central Valley...this fish thing finally did it."
      Sent shivers up my spine wondering "For years? WHY!?"

    3. Z, Making Christians look insane. There ya go, kill two birds with one stone.

      Deny water for years.. Don't know, maybe it's because farmers are working taxpayers.

  2. Let Californians choke on their choice of elected politicians (all liberal). Screw 'em. For those of you Californians who are in the minority, I feel bad for you, but you need to move on and let the place perish. I used to live there, but had to move. You can, too. Yes the weather is nice most of the time, but now that you have no water because of liberalism, nothing you can do but let the state turn into a big, giant Detroit. With them, they have water, just no money or brains. Just keep your photo albums of what it used to look like when Ronald Reagan was running the place.

    Move to Oregon. They love Californians coming up there with all of their real estate money snatching up the prime land. They just love you guys. And be sure to keep your CA license plates on your car, that way when Oregonians see you coming, they will wave you right through any lines, and usher you to the front of the line because you Californians are all such good people.

    1. Well Fredd, By land area, most of California is repub, though that doesn't seem to do much in Calif. I know some talk show guys are always pointing out the RINO things they do from one day to the next.

      Well, California will probably be the last blue state to go down and it will take a good while. Maybe the state will split itself and be the first shot of what will morph into countrywide secession when libtards and Conservatives can no longer keep themselves from violence. That's the day I'm waiting for. Can you imagine the horror on the face of the libtards when we all move out of the blue states and they realize there's no one left to pay their way ? Now THAT will be Priceless. Along with laughing at them on the blogs when they accuse us 'destroying Their country'. LOLOLOL !

      Oregon? Dude it rains all the time there.

    2. Yeah, Kid, you got me there. It rains a lot in Oregon. You know how to tell when it's summer in Oregon? The rain feels warmer.

  3. it is time for split of N CA from S CA -- the snail darter and other PC and EPA sanctions be damned!

    1. C-CS, That would be a good thing I believe while it is winner takes all electoral votes.