Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Music/Lyrics That Men Versus Women Create

So, I just happened to have this thought about men and women, relating to music in particular..  You’ve probably had it already.

But it occurs to me that men have been writing songs describing the lengths they are willing to go to just to get a smile from the woman they are currently obsessing about, often to the point of practically begging.  Additionally, they’ve written songs about women they already have connected with, and how fantastic they are and how the Earth would explode if they ever lost them.  Some serious pedestal mounting dialogue.  Thousands upon thousands of songs.

Which is fine by me.

But then I can’t think of any women or girl bands who have written songs about how desperate they are, or how happy they would be if (enter guys name here) would get into a relationship with them.  I think of songs like “What Girls Want” and that type of stuff.  Not that I think girls should ever beg before they’re married anyway.. But it just kinds of jumps out at me as sort of a statement about male / female relationships..

A woman I brought this up with recently mentioned the song back in the late 60’s where the woman sang “Marry Me Bill”.  Ok, but she didn’t really offer up anything like you’d find in songs written by guys, and one could argue she was even being demanding “Marry Me Bill !!”

Well, my point here is None. Just thought I’d toss it out.

In disclosure, I have nothing but respect for women.  Child bearing, house and home holding togethering, relationship monitoring, sirens that they are and work at so hard, while guys are pretty much Go to working, secretary slapping(no not me), get home looking for beer, food and sex dogs !

Talk amongst yourselves...


  1. Won't you marry me Bill

    I wanted to do an installation during the Lewinsky scandal.
    Install a TV monitor just broadcasting whatever and when you step inside a field it shifts to a clip of
    Bill and Monica and Laura Nyro blasts Wedding Bell Blues.

  2. You are definitely on to something. You will never catch a woman writing lyrics that go like this: All my ex's live in Texas ... So it must ben some kind of genetic dysfunction. But you know, what's one more dysfunction?

    1. Mustang. Dysfunction. I've used that word a Lot the last few years.

      Slapping a dollar down, I think part of it is women being given the victim status and accepting it for the most part too. But as I just commented at Geez on another matter, I also believe it is up to women to hold the line on decency.

  3. Mustang, I think that, TODAY, we could get a girl singing ALL MY EX'S LIVE IN TEXAS! That's what's so sad about today's culture! :-)
    I'm thinking that if we get all those men songwriters and all those girl songwriters into relationships, everybody'd be happy. He'd have the girl he's been fixating on and she'd not have to be singing MARRY ME BILL anymore!?
    By the way...in the old days, women were lovely and respected and men cherished their femininity and had to fight to get them.....those were the days! :-)

  4. Song- All My X es in Texas-I like Z's idea! :-)

    1. Carol-CS, I always like Z's ideas and your too :)

  5. Ever listen to any Motown, Kidd? Just curious.

  6. Duck, I listen to everything except for rap, modern country, and popular non-music. Everything else is on the playlist.

  7. Well me too, Kid, except substitute metal for rap but my point is that women have been singing about the same topics
    as long as there have been men.