Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quick One on 9-11-2001

No one involved in the 9-11-2001 event who wasn't one of the murderers "Died".

They were Murdered.  By muslim vermin scum.

And I'll post this every 9-11.


  1. muslim vermin scum -- absolutely accurate.

    God bless the USMC!

    1. AOW, God Bless anyone with a clue these days!

    2. I have a clue!
      Murdered is correct.
      In a strike by a group we should be at war with.
      Remember Tombstone?
      Hunt em down.

    3. ED, Let's just keep on it....

  2. Excellent vid. And perfectly right. Murdered indeed. Let's not forget.

    1. Thank you Opus. Still chokes me up without fail.

  3. Questions at the end of my 9-11 post
    l. the terrorists were funded by Saudi $$- why did we not bomb Saudi Arabia?
    2. the terrorists came out of a 'mosque' -'training camp' in Hamburg Germany- why is the Hamburg mosque still standing?
    3. remember- Hitler used Islamist from Bosnia for the prototype of his SS-do some Germans still follow that trend?
    4. a Saudi 'princess' was visiting the Bush family complex on 9-11-2001 - her private jet was the only aircraft 'allowed' to fly that day- why?

    I won't get into a US mosque trained - Hassan- or Benghazi or/and et al today--

    SO-if we had gone after the real perps- our BEST would not still be in the mid-East--10 + years later!!!

    1. I believe the answer is money/influence. Sad to see that everything has a price. Even patriotism.

    2. Carol-CS. Excellent and valid questions.

      As far as the saudi's, they practice and teach Wahabism, probably the most violent and hateful to America flavors of the Cult islam. Maybe the saudi's are pulling the strings here? Wouldn't that be the mind screw of the solar system.

      I sure have a lot of thoughts and some questions myself at this point. Here are some.
      - Bush had afghanistan on the back burner starting around 2005, why not just get out. Here we are 2013, oBAMa has escalated it since he learned a new word - Surge, and now many more of our so dedicated people are coming back in caskets, or missing arms and legs. For what. The pres of afghanistan sides with the taliban, they're being given official political status, so afghanistan will even be a stronger force for evil once we leave.
      - Early on, I saw the subject "playing Cowboys and muslims" in emails and such, thought it kind of silly at the time, now not so much. It is closer to reality with things happening like the mayor of new york letting them build a celebration center there like they do at the site of all their mass murder events. No one is dealing with them, let alone reporting on them.
      - Long time pilot friend of mine tells me he never got a cell phone to work at 30,000 ft back in that time period, so we have to wonder about that. I'm thinking they lied to ease a little grief maybe, I personally have no doubt it was the muslims that perpetrated the thing though.
      - TSA/DHS, not only useless and incompetent, and unable to stop anything, but counter productive and super tax money sucking power after 10 years on the 'job'.
      -along with the princess, members of osama's family flew out as well.
      -the only 'terrorist' attacks have been by rogue punks barely able to tie their shoes, and how were they so successful in Boston with such a well known strategy of bombs left sitting in some container with security people supposedly all over the place. Believe me, this wuld have been #1 on the list of things to look for. Heathrow has been dealing with it successfully for decades and that's the entire airport complex, not just the finish line area. I just feel in my gut there's some crap that doesn't add up. Maybe it's just POS government people who don't give a rats ass, maybe not.
      -Much that has happened under obama. too much to even begin here.

    3. Opus, yes, money and influence for sure is at the center.