Friday, September 13, 2013

American Exceptionalism Questioned by Vladamir Putin

So, Vladamir Putin says America is not exceptional.

I'm not going to write a novel here, not needed.

Hey Vlad, Consider:

  • The exceptional value of a country is measured by the people scrambling to get in versus the people trying to get out. So, name me a country where people are scrambling to get in beside America.  It sure as hell  isn't Russia by a long shot, but take your time and pick ANY One other. Que the Jeopardy music
  • Name the country where almost all of today's in demand technology products and applications come from.  Yes, America.  Name which country built the SR71 Blackbird that overflew every country on the planet and never received any damage from everything you boys could come up with to throw at it. Yes! America.   Name the country that out-produced every other country in WWII and which country, regardless of Russia's help or not, would have won WWII. That's right - America.
  • Name the country that won the cold war against Russia that Evil Empire. Right again Vlad - America.
You may want to reconsider your statement.

I will however cut you a little slack with the America of the last 10 or 20 years.  Communist influence is putting a strain on American Exceptionalism.  Hell, America voted in an imbecile from Kenya twice to the white house. (I'll capitalize that once we get an American back in there)

So you see Vlad, American Exceptionalism is only being tarnished by Russian/Communist influence.  What does that say about your own country?
Btw - Would you share your dossier on barack obama with us?  It's got to be a hoot !

Then the kicker, This is an excerpt from a CNN article, that looks like it has some balance in it (I didn't read the whole thing), where right at the top is this gem:

(CNN) -- In the opening scene of the new Aaron Sorkin show, "The Newsroom," a news anchor goes on a tirade when asked why "America is the greatest country in the world."

"It's not the greatest country in the world," he fumes. "We're seventh in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in median household income, No. 4 in labor force, and No. 4 in exports. ... So when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, I don't know what the f*** you're talking about."

This is rich, the libtards create these problems, then scream and botch about them. One might think that's the strategy, but for most libtards, I believe they have no idea they've created these problems themselves.  It's infuriating isn't it?

Let's Break it Down!
  1. Literacy, math, science - jimmy carter the democrat communist created the federal department of education.  After 40 years we have kids graduating from high school that can't read or write, or make change for a buck at McDonald's without a computer.
  2. Life Expectancy?  Frankly I don't believe this one.  Name 48 more countries with a higher life expectancy please. I'm waiting.
  3. Infant Mortality?  I'd say we're talking about infants born in LBJ's great society environment.White and black. Is abortion included here?
  4. # 4 in labor force, # 4 in exports.  Bill Clinton Opened the Flood Gates from China and shipped all the manufacturing jobs to China and other counties. Yet the struggling libtards Love the bastard.  Go Figure!
All the result of communist influences implemented by communist democrat progressives.

When will we purge this cancer of communist progressive degredation ?

Will it take a General Jack Ripper !?

Ok, Now something to calm you back down again.


  1. Putin was only recalling Obama's European tour, when he told everyone that Americans are unexceptional and arrogant. Plus, he's a Russian.

    1. Mustang, I get the sense he feels like he can taste the endgame where America might really be close to accepting a leninist-marxist America. I believe he's wrong as long aswe stay armed, but...
      And I agree on the 'he's a Russian'. I do think they believe their own BS.

  2. It sure as hell isn't Russia by a long shot, but take your time and pick ANY One other.

    1. duck, Australia sucks -

      They disarmed their people, and as a result, the vermin are raping and pillaging at will and the government has not the interest or competence to deal with the problem. You want to go there be my guest, I wouldn't touch the place. They don't let you in unless you are a person of significant value though, like a trained fighter pilot.

      Course, Australia will soon be as putrid as the unarmed UK. England is the #1 personal violent crime ridden country in Europe and # 2 in the world.

      Knock yourself out.

      Perhaps you can link some Facts to go along with your idiotic idea.

    2. Abbot has indicated that he intends to reverse the leftist agenda from previous administrations; it will be interesting to see if that includes rearming the people. What I found interesting was not so much that the government wanted to disarm the Australian people, but rather that the Australian people acquiesced to such a ludicrous idea. I think the term is "sheeple."

    3. Mustang, Yes. I wonder if they've learned their lesson and if that will help. There are many (my impression from talking to UK bloggers) that really want to re-arm, but it seems that would never happen.
      I certainly believe it takes a critical mass of people who have been skewed into thinking disarming is a good idea. I'm not sure if that's happening here or if it's just the impression the media is creating.
      fwiw, My current argument is to ask people what they will do when a couple vermin break into their house, knowing it is now disarmed, with baseball bats and knives. And that assumes the impossible situation that no one has a gun, even though I can personally make one easily enough in a day or two with simple tools and materials. All over youtube as well.

    4. I'm hoping they turn Australia.
      It will encourage us.

  3. Kid, how often you been to Aus?

    I've spent a couple months there mainly around the rain forests near Cairns.
    I can assure you it doesn't suck.

    1. Good Lord duck, Sandy Eggo doesn't suck either if you're in La Jolla versus pretty much any other area like El Cajon. Or Fance doesn't suck either if you're in the elite area, versus where the vast majority of French live, some 700 sq ft apartment, and lucky of they're not surrounded by muslim vermin.

      Back to the point. People are Not scrambling to get into Australia. Or show me that they are.

  4. Name the country that out-produced every other country in WWII and which country, regardless of Russia's help or not, would have won WWII.

    Russians don't hold at Stalingrad and it's over.
    America's losses per capita in WW II were the lowest of any major participant. Lower than France's.
    When myth meets reality something has to give and the reality of the Red army had to be banished.

    I'm amazed how the fringe right wing can so casually piss on twenty million Russian dead.

    1. duck, you're making my point for me. 20 million Russian dead? Killed by Germans or Stalin. Stalin killed 20 to 40 million of his own people after the war. During the war?; It's because they didn't have the infrastructure to produce and keep them alive. What the hell are you talking about, do you even know what point you're trying to make?

      They held Stalingrad? One of the reasons they held Stalingrad is because hitler forced his ill-equipped soldiers to tough it out during the brutal winter there with unacceptable winter kit! Good Lord man. Most of the Germans froze and starved to death. Is your history that pathetic? Another reason they held Stalingrad is because they had millions of Russian common farmers male and female and others MANUALLY digging ditches all across the landscape that the German tanks could not navigate! Good Lord.

      right wing piss on 20 million Russian dead? WTF are you talking about? See a doctor!
      You're on notice. No more replies unless you post a link(s) to back up your bullshit.
      I haven't seen comments this pathetic since I was in pre-school.

    2. "America's losses per capita in WW II were the lowest of any major participant. Lower than France's."

      Making my point for me.

    3. PPS - Name a Frenchman that died at Normandy.

  5. redirect the subject - is what the media and most of the libs do, and it takes to long
    to straighten the bullsh@#t out, luckily we have the blogs to have the space and time to.

    1. TS/WS, it's what they've been doing for decades now. It is why those who are so confused will need to feel the pain before we can turn back up. But to get through it, we have to go through it. I hope the good folks are well prepared, because I do think it's going to be painful.

  6. Kid, how the heck do you know La Jolla and El Cajon, California so well! I've got to admit I've been to Melbourne and Sydney and they definitely don't suck; but your point is exactly right. But, ever since John Howard was out, they've let themselves in for a creeping liberalism that's taking away the rugged individualism that was Australia.

    P.S.; re Normandy, did you know there are STILL divots from bombs in the sand there? I swear. And, they tried for a while to rid the coastline of the concrete bunkers Germans hastily built and they couldn't! Man, can Germans build when they want to! But I DO think a Frenchman died at Normandy; some guy with a WWII exhibit in a big quonset hut on wheels (I swear, I was in one)had a flat and when they lifted the thing up to change the tire, it fell down on him and he died.


    1. Z, of course, you can go anywhere and find something nice. N Korea for example where the connected reside. Not that Australia has anything in common with NK. But anyone that disarms the citizens and turns them into subjects definitely suck. It never turns out well, and in this current global environment? I don't get my right to protect myself from politicians. I'm born with it. I'm just very passionate about that.

      As far as San Diego, I've been there many times.


  7. the line about the Frenchman and his dying under his traveling Normandy museum while changing his flat was a bad attempt at irony. First, it never happened, second, it was just my imagination of the only way a Frenchman COULD die at Normany; to shore up your point!
    I do have to say that while you drive through France, you don't go through the tiniest village without seeing a little shrine to whatever soldiers from that town died. It's really rather touching.

    1. Z, Oh, I know, sorry I didn't acknowledge it. But isn't that wild? I can't imagine America being occupied and no American dying in helping the 'allied invasion force' kick the bums out !!! Mind boggling!

  8. Here is a copy of an email I sent to my best friend when he asked me about the same set of numbers.


    Pete, I wouldn't go to Snopes on a mistake, much less try to find some facts.

    Now, about the numbers the actor (who was he?) in the video regurgitated, well, they are accurate in the sense that somebody gave him those numbers, and those numbers are the ones promoted through press outlets.

    The problem is that ALL these numbers come from statistical studies, and by definition statistical studies contain numerical errors expressed as a plus or minus percentage number. THIS MARGIN OF ERROR IS ALMOST NEVER QUOTED IN THE PRESS ARTICLES.

    The US mortality rank is one that I investigated while ObamaCare was not being debated. So, the USA is 49th in life expectancy? Since we have more doctors per capita than any other nation in the world, plus more CT Scan machines, more MRI machines per capita, etc. why is all this making us the 49th in life expectancy in the world? I investigated this number to a fair degree, and found the following.

    1. These numbers come from a World Health Organization study where no margin of error is given. A simple plus or minus 5% would make a difference in the rankings, but that would mess up the rankings and the newspaper stories. What is the margin of error?
    2. The population of the United States is much more diverse than populations in most other countries. It is a fact that different races have different mortality rates,
    3. Here are some of the basic problems with the WHO study.

    a) The USA is about 75% white, with the rest being white Hispanic, black, Asian, Native American in pretty much that order.
    b) The United Kingdom is about 95% white. Other countries have distinct majority races without the diversity seen in the USA. There were no statistical adjustments made for race, etc.
    d) In some European countries people over the age of 75 are not counted in the statistics when they die. The theory is that they were going to die, anyway. In the USA we count everybody in those statistics.
    e) Illegal alien deaths are counted in the USA statistics,even though the USA health care system should not be held responsible for these deaths. No other country has twenty million plus illegal aliens. Where is the adjustment for these numbers.
    f) Many countries do not keep statistics on some categories, and the numbers used were just estimated and thrown into the mix. This fact is mentioned in the WHO study description. How is this error accounted?

    I believe that the life expectancy numbers are loaded, but we are probably still down the list from the top countries, like Japan, France, etc. There is another problem with our health care system that is not seen so pronounced in other countries. The fact is that the more health care we get, there is more risk that the system itself will kill us.

    Doctors kill more people than die in car crashes every year. Our health care system is the third largest killer of people in the nation, right behind heart disease and cancer. Since Americans get more health care than in other countries, more Americans are casualties of the health care system.

    Here's an article I wrote about this subject, recently.

    When you read of some study, don't believe it unless you can see the actual study. Many times, the study will give you a different story in the abstract, and the journalist is just trying to pimp some imaginary catastrophe. If the article does not give a link to the study, the article should be ignored.

    1. Bob - "while ObamaCare was not being debated" :)

      Very excellent points on statistical analysis in today's world, let alone the points you mention. Maybe more so for others but for me the last 15 + years, it is obvious that the information fed to us from the outside world is 99% manipulated to serve 'an agenda'. Visually, I see it as being sprayed with BS out of a fire house 24/7.

      I emailed the link to your article to myself and will read later.


  9. Hi, Kid. I enjoy your blog, but have not commented until now.

    As far as statistical stuff goes, there is a famous medical study that shows that about 80% of medical studies of a particular type are wrong. I believe other areas suffer the same problems.

    1. Thank you again Bob. I certainly don't mind lurkers, this is just a place for me to have sort of a public journal. I'm happy others enjoy some of it. Got to get as much of that as we can!

      Then there are the translations. Back when obamacare was being introduced we were occasionally having dinner with some nice folks but happened to be commie libtards. Short story is the guy gave me a CD about the problems with health care in America made by PBS. (I scored it 1 out 1000 for getting to the point btw)
      He was convinced the piece made a case for doctors being profiteering bastards not the least bit interested in the patient's welfare. It was clear to me that it made a perfect case for trial lawyers being responsible for massive escalation in health care costs.

      And of course I agree completely with what you just said. Explains why it take 20+ years to get a new drug on the market as well I'd guess.

  10. Kid:

    Ol' Vlad forgot to mention the Russion Ruble's dominance in the world as the go-to currency, every financial decision on a world wide basis calculates risk vs rewards in Russian Rubles.

    NOT!!! The 'unexceptional' greenback, that ho-hum dolero is the world's monetary unit of choice. Yes, the U.S. DOLLAR rules the world today.


    Vlad, go suck on a moldy beet, you KGB Bolshevik scumbag.

    1. Fredd, It was hard to figure out where to stop talking on this one. I'm not a fan of long posts so I try to keep as bottom lined as possible.

      Man, you could write a novel on this subject eh. Nice addition you've added. Yea Vlad, wake us up when anything Russian becomes a de facto standard for anything.

      Btw - I think Gold is getting read for another big move, but I'm not ready to pick a direction yet. Hopefully it will tell me.

  11. Kid, I like your post.

    I believe American Exceptionalism stems from the founding of the country and the exceptional men who risked their lives and fortunes to create the most exceptional country in the history of the world. Many people outside of America still look to that shining moment in history and in their mind's eye see the land of freedom and opportunity which is offered by the America of that time.

    I only wish that the country that exists today retained a fraction of that exceptionalism which the Founding Fathers bequeathed to those who followed them. I don't see it today unfortunately, especially in those who have replaced those founders as leaders of the country. It almost makes me puke to see their despicable faces spewing the phony bull shit daily from their elitist positions lording it over what they must consider to be just cattle, too dumb to grasp what the hell is going on.

    My take on Putin, is that I'm not sure about him. He sometimes speaks in a way that one would expect a Western leader to speak on certain issues. But this much I do know: The current lot of American politicians are a despicable lot, with exceptions that are few and far between.

    1. Waylon, That says it all for sure. It is the sheeple population that is most depressing, the obamas will always be there.

  12. Americans are exceptional as well. Americans, as a whole, are more adventuresome then our stay-at-home European cousins.

    1. Opus, that's not an unfamiliar thought. I should have stuck that in there. There has to be something in the genes of people who did not accept the status quo of old Europe, England mostly, and tossed it all into the air for a chance at a real life by going into the unknown with little on their backs.

  13. The question we must ask and answer honestly is: Is American, today, exceptional? The answer is obviously -- no. With socialist and islamist infiltrating our government body as a cancer does to its host, we are in Stage 3. Our outlook, or in medical terminology, prognosis is poor. There is a lot of bad cancer that is eating us from within. But, I strongly believe that America's body has not begun to fight this insidious invader to our full, and yes exceptional, way. You know, the American way.

    The world is about to see what a dying host can do in it's darkest hours. The world is about to witness American democracy at its best when they see that we will shake this tyrannical yoke from our neck in such a way that it will inspire others as America has done since her founding. We are truly the "shining city on the hill" as Reagan put it best. The problem is the socialist have forgot to pay the electric bill and we appear to have "gone dark" ala N. Korea satellite photo at night sitting next to a fully lit S. Korea.

    We are on our way to pay that utility bill and throw out those childishly dangerous ideologues in charge, at the present moment.

    1. Rosey, Even though I believe the 'losers' and others who have no idea what and why America was great ARE the minority, I am on the fence of the rest of can pull it off. There ARE many Americans out there. I hope you're right. I stand at the ready.

  14. The usurpation of our once excellent ed system started 100 years ago - by the communist - John Dewey and his 'friends' --
    Today- no college grad could pass the US 8th grade test of 1895-

    Saying that-the Home School movement has grown - so- there is a light -

    As to Rosey's comment- RIGHT ON BROTHER!!

    1. There was a time when homosexuals and communists were in the closet. Both have burst forth, and boldly. The fact that Marxists have infiltrated our schools and also our media without any pretenses is part and parcel to their sickness and over-reach. It has taken a lot of time and expense to first shine a light on them and their agenda's for our children. Home schooling is one of the ways, as average everyday citizens, fight the indoctrination. Alternative media (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and conservative bloggers) is the other way to counter those Marxist that have spoon fed us older Americans their propaganda on the ABC channels featuring Dan Blather, Wolf Blitzer and too many more. We, as American's are stepping up and fighting this insidious evil in an organized, legal and moral way unlike the way the Marxist lie, cheat and steal their way into our rights. We conservatives know that we are not racist, unlawful or even "radical" in the way we approach our lives. We are faith based, traditionalist that believe in the good and righteousness of the American way. The pressure that those in Congress and the Senate are feeling from the masses have, up to now, stopped Obamacare in it's tracks. The GOP is aligned with the Democrats on most issues, but they know from the massive phone calls, emails and polling that we want no part of it. This has aided the minority of Tea Party members elected to Congress who have been labeled by this very GOP leadership as radical and obstructionist. Though they are the minority, it is their front line efforts in Congress aided by us out here in the electorate that has bought us valuable time to vote out those who do us most harm on both sides of the isle. This is born out by the tidal wave of seat losses in 2010 (both at the National level and the State and Local levels) and even in the recall effort in Colorado. Time is a changing and that American exceptionalism is on full display. Have heart, stay true to our cause and time will place these anti-American elites where they belong -- "in the dust bin of history"!

    2. Rosey, I agree with a lot of that, except for the GOP. They are not the answer. 3rd party in my opinion. The sooner the better.

      I personally thoink obamacare was designed to be a nightmare and be implemented when a repub was in the WH. That one is not, obamacare has been indefinitely delayed so as to avoid having it all go to shit with the imbeciles still in charge.

    3. Look at what was reported this morning. "GOP plan for a vote on the CR that defunds Obamacare" Two days ago the GOP was in full riot mode (Old GOP) making the rounds on the morning shows calling the minority conservatives who have held out for defunding Obamacare Obstructionist, terrorist, etc. They were attacking their own members. Hell the democrats just had to sit back and enjoy the show. But a funny thing happened overnight. They Old guard caved to the 43 tea party members demands. The 43 (out of 400+) members of Congress that represent our conservative values stood and fought like the 300 Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae. Except they won. Just another example of the courage and exceptionalism in the face of overwhelming odds (MSM, Liberals, GOP, Russia, etc).

    4. Rosey, We'll see. I'm taking the position it's all lip service and in the end they will cave like they always do.

  15. Carol-CS, Education and media are at the heart of our problem.