Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ok, What Would You Do To These Guys in Return ?


  1. Pretty good prank. Payback? It might take me a year or two, but I could invest in some serious, scary man-eating kind of terror, you know, something to give them the heebie jeebies for the rest of their lives. Tigers might be involved, but let me think on it.

    Unrelated note: gold is tanking, Kid. Makes Glenn Beck look like a stupid imbecile. Still got my DZZ, got your DUST which is doing fine. Am I a genius, or are you, Kid?

    Glenn is certainly not on the short list for brilliant prognosticators, that's for sure.

    1. Fredd, Honestly, I'd have to do some thinking also. Right off the cuff, I'm thinking like you. Man eaters, Tigers, Sharks, and some very beautiful women would be involved too if they're good actresses.

      Well, 1550 is Strong support until further notice. Gold closed 1559 I think, so there is some possibility gold is making a short term bottom at least. Goldman reduced their forecast for gold to 1450 for 2013. The number doesn't make much sense to me. If it breaks 1550, it sure seems it's going to tank further.

      Unlike you I trade. Made recent $ on DUST then up on NUGT yesterday, today? Lost on NUGT as the hedge funds shorted the crap out of it and popped the circuit breakers (real term) around down 12 %. These multiple ETFs are real tigers by the tail.

      I won't pretend to know what tomorrow brings. :) but that's the current technical catalyst landscape anyway. I currently hold NUGT but I have no opinion that lasts more than a second, so I would be back on DUST if that seems right.

      I will say, S&P500 is at a level (1580) that it as been twice before. The 2000 Tech bubble top and the 2007 housing bubble top. Will this time be different ? Anythings possible but in my short lifespan I've never see a time in the market when "this time is different".

      I also think gold has an inverse relationship to the market. It the market does tank from here, gold could do very well. Something to consider and I make no prediction.

      Glenn is in the position of being in the media and imo, tries to pull libtards over by being absurdly complimentary to obama given the slightest provocation.

      I remember him saying things like "We should be worried about 'our president' when he partied overseas somewhere and then when he made that idiotic Effing RUDE campaign speech in Tucson after "gabby" got shot in the head, calling him "Our bipartisan president" WTF???
      I thought of Glenn as an idiot on the airwaves prior to that and my opinion of him went much further into the tank as he tried to kiss obama's ass for doing something illusionarily decent for 'America'. obama is and has been 101% racist, Anti-American, muslim activist, imbecile, bastard the entire time. There is no 'diplomacy' with such an evil bastard. So, Glenn doesn't even exist as far as I'm concerned.

      Trying to accept obama as anything other than a evil moron would be the same as accepting kim jong un as the same.

  2. Other than his constant doom and gloom, Glenn is simply OK with me. He can't seem to hold a job, and he wears his welcome out quickly wherever he winds up.

    He's almost like a liberal: constant alarms warning of death and despair sounding everywhere, we're all doomed, black helicopters swarming the skies to the point that they are blocking out the sun, and George Soros conspiracies under every rock. I think he subscribes to the Tri-Lateral Commision weekly.

    I get really tired of him, although he can be entertaining at times.

    1. I'd say that sums him up pretty good Fredd.

      How about that DUST? Ok, now I've probably put the hex on it....

      Anyway, either dead cat bounce for gold on Monday or more carnage.

    2. Hey, Kid:

      Yeah, Kid, how BOUT that DUST??!! My $5K investment based on your research has already yielded $2000. In a month. I am wondering what Glenn Beck has to say on the matter?

      I have heard the talking heads suggest that gold may be heading down to $1250, I've heard earlier that a floor of $1200/oz is possible. Either way, it's all good for me, and bad for the doom and gloomers.

      Suck on that, Glenn.....

    3. The truth here is that NO One knows where gold or the market will be in a week, month, etc.

      With that, it sure smells like gold has further to drop, along with the miners. I will offer my foremost rule of investing though. Buy when your knees are knocking and sell when you're doing the wave. You'll never regret either.

      Good luck sir. If it was as simple as Glenn would like to think we'd all be rich.

    4. Fredd, Gold CAN fall further but things are getting awfully stretched. Don't let those profits get away, More opportunities await.

      I don't expect gold to bounce today, so the problem is an overnight gap up which would take gold up and bring DUST down prior to market open. Will it happen tonight? Who knows. It could keep going here, but the percentages are getting really thin. The shorts WILL cover to collect some profits and provide a lot of short term buying power giving you the opportunity to buy DUST back lower if you still think it's a good play.


    5. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that gold will slip below $1300, and that is when I have my sell order in.

      If I miss the mark, oh well. I still have quite a bit of profit to boast and crow about if gold starts heading back up sooner than I want, I will watch it like a hawk and try to sell it around $1400-1450 if I can move that fast, I have TD Amertrade, they are pretty darn quick on these things. So far today, gold is getting beaten like a rented mule. Spanked like a four-year old in K-Mart. Pounded like a red headed step-child.

      I love it. DUST makes my DZZ look pathetic. Of course, holding DUST is like riding a Brahma bull, you have to know when to bail...

    6. You got it Fredd. Exactly. Good luck. Indications are still that none of the short sellers in gold or the miners is worried. Tomorrow should be another 'do the wave' day :) We will see some kind of bounce but impossible to call. I read some experts with very good track records on calling the daily numbers. If I see something interesting I'll post it here.

    7. Kid: lost my never and done dumped DUST and DZZ, couldn't stand watching gold trickle back up to its evil old ways.

      Now all I have to do is not watch the price of gold anymore, fuhgeddaboudit. Thanks for the DUST tip, Kid. It was a lot of fun watching gold tank like Anthony Wiener's popularity.

    8. Nice Trade Fredd ! Those are few and far between. Yea, the gold shares have gotten Very extended to the downside and the shorts have to buy to cover at some point. Rallies in bear markets are vicious, and could have killed your Dust profits.

      Plus, I am suspicious that there is an inverse relationship to the miners and the market. Market up, miners down, and it looks like the market is headed for some downtime so miners up?. We'll see. NUGT is the play for that. Let me know if you still want to play and I'll feed you the numbers I get. Currently, 1400 on Gold is the upside switch. At least short term. Personally, I'm going to let the dust settle a while. This carnage in gold and the miners have eliminated a lot of current and future buying power. Folks aren't going to want to get involved after being stung this bad. So it's not going to be a V shaped recovery.

      SDS is a good play for a down market under SP500 1560, it's a 2X short on the SP500.

    9. PS 1560 is the uptrend line that we broke through a couple days ago. Breaking 1540 to the downside will probably see accelerated selling too. I see a lot of good cases being made for S&P 1450-60 or so short term, which is the 200 day average. Probably depends on earnings reports and relevant expectations.

      Apple sure is getting pounded ahead of earnings.. Could end up a buy the [good or bad earnings] news situation there though.

  3. That was a pretty nasty prank. I wonder if it was real or staged.

  4. followed beck's advice - lost $$$- never watched nor trusted him again--

    will be looking forward to you advice on investment opportunities--

    as to the "prank" - guess I do not 'get' that kind of humor- I think it is debauched!


    1. Hi Carol-CS, Some real carnage in Gold right now that isn't going to self-correct in the short term if even the long term.

      Right now, I don't have anything to offer, market is very stretched in some areas, and very tricky. I am leaning toward taking a short on the S&P500 via SDS which is a 2X short. Meaning if the S&P loses 1%, SDS goes UP 2%.

      Briefly stated, 1580 was the high on the S&P in March 2000 for the tech bubble, then again in Oct 2007 for the Housing bubble. Will it keep heading merrily on up this time, or fall like it did in 2000 and 2007 ? I'm leaning toward a fall myself.

      I'll offer some more as things develop.

      Hope all is well !

    2. Carol-CS. Well, I bought some SDS today, and may buy more tomorrow.

    3. Carol-CS, Well, I sold the SDS today as I'm in capitol preservation mode versus reward chasing mode.
      Not sure if you're following this discussion and investment ideas or not. Let me know and I'll keep you up to date.

      Anyway, I sense you are NOT looking to trade but rather invest. So that's what I'll look at. I recommended XHB at 17 bucks for example as an investment a while back and the chart still looks very nice (uptrend) This is an index of Home Builders and we both know home builders will be stronger in the future unless there is a plague or something that removes many of the potential home buyers - pretty extreme. The problem though is that with the market going up to recent bubble highs, Many investing ideas look good. A rising market lifts all boats as they say.

      Therefore, this is not the right environment for recommending investment ideas, since if the market does once gain fall from all time highs, all things will fall with it.

      Let's wait and see if the market can rocket past S&P500 1610 or so, or if it will fail like it has the last 2 bubbles, then we can make a much better longer term 'investment'.

      So, on hold for now is the best idea.

    4. thank you - Kid- keep the info coming- I am interested in investment- at this time--
      XHB --will look it up--
      do you do your on line?--I do-but-very tentatively--

    5. HI Carol-CS, Ok, I figured investment. This is definitely not the time. The market is looking very weak and very dangerous to the pros. The S&P500 broke down out of the uptrend channel so I re-initiated the SDS trade. If it goes, everything is going with it. Unless you want to try shorting the market using a vehicle like SDS then I'd say don't buy anything to buy and hold. Could be a disaster.

      I'll keep an eye on it and post something on your site if the coast again looks clear.
      I've been reading the word Deflation from a lot of pros lately and if the environment is now deflationary the market has a long way to fall.