Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Expired Truism, A Method for Greatness - Killed, A Tool for Parents - No Longer Available

This is the endgame of socialism in America.  That word is supposed to be capitalized but it sure doesn't deserve to be so it's not.

Well, here it is.

Not Anymore.  Today if you work really hard, or if you worked really hard, and did all the right things like saving for a nice retirement and to be able to enrich your family upon passing, all you do or did was create a gift for the new socialist America.  A gift to be inhaled by the loser class of morons. A gift unappreciated and forgotten a nanosecond after they belch out the gaseous remains of your lifelong contribution to the societal plague known as socialism.

What you worked for the last 50 years will be inhaled and forgotten in a matter of minutes by a country that burns cash like China burns through coal.

Here are a few tidbits of evidence in a case too large for an army of prosecutors, even if they were all like Juan Martinez...

obamacare will suck the life and savings out of every living thing on the planet that is unfortunate enough to fall into its event horizon.  A black hole phenomenon that is the perfect description for obamacare. Black hole.

I personally predict the entire healthcare system in America will be unionized and we all know how efficient union workers are.  And this is in addition to all the evil that we actually know about obamacare like no healthcare provided for senior cancer patients, affirmative action for health "professionals", death squads of morons deciding what heath care will be afforded to you If they actually get around to you before you're dead. etc.

Next up is old Ben Bernanke who promised us in early 2008 that "Subprime is well contained and would not affect the financial system of even America"  We know it wasn't contained and has, since 2007, chewed through and destroyed the economic systems of many countries around the world.

Oh Ok Ben, sure we trust ya.  Congress has already floated the idea of a "one time" (yea right) "Tax" on savings accounts.  Hey, the money is sitting around doing nothing and the gov needs it right?

Well, I lunch with a retired couple every day for the most part who Did It Right.  Every day they tell me about how their savings are being eaten alive by the loser class and by inflation.  Their only hope of staying afloat is by tossing their nest eggs into the stock market, which even the most professional of the professional will only tell you that over a 20 years span no one has actually lost money.  They don't include inflation.  But what if you are retired.  The same people tell you you shouldn't have your income source at that much risk, so you're constrained to savings and things like CD's.  Too bad the 'financial crisis' has made the interest rate of CD's to go into the hundredths of a percent.

All the evidence now says that if you work really hard, all you get is screwed.  That is socialism.
Unless you're connected to the political class or the super rich, plan to be sheared to the point of having to drive some little POS that gets decent gas mileage and provides little else like they all do in England or France or any other socialist hellhole.

I think you can see where this is going.  You know, unless you're a progressive loser moron parasite feeding off of everyone who is putting in an effort.  Then it's great right?


  1. Then you forgot (can't cover everything) we might be defenseless and our children might be taken to the re-education Gov Schools-skreeech--oh, that is already happening.

    1. We might be defenseless They Say.. Yep, against this kind of aggression for sure. Unless the military command would get on board.

  2. I commented as Z's site, and here is my comment....

    ObamaCare "navigators"? Talk about expense! An expense that will be passed along to the consumers (the patients, the taxpayers), of course.

    But what if you are retired.

    Retirees are going to be moving in with younger relatives, at least some of whom will end up being caregivers and pulled out of the workforce to do so. Some nursing homes already cost $25,000 a month for "the basics"; the basics will not include spoon feeding, laundry services -- only "room and board." All other services are extra.

    At the rate that the cost of being in a nursing home is climbing, even those who have done all the right things will not be able to fund their own care -- and certainly Medicaid isn't sustainable, either.

    I wonder how much of each dollar we earn right now is gobbled up by various taxes: income taxes, real estate taxes, utility taxes, etc.

    having to drive some little POS that gets decent gas mileage

    Yesterday, I got my heating-oil bill for the past three months. $1900! Despite keeping the thermostat set below 65 degrees! Driving a little doesn't save me enough money to contribute toward paying that heating-oil bill.

    Pretty soon, our tax return will read as follows:

    1. How much money did you earn?

    2. Send it in.

    1. AOW, I can't add much to that, other than clarify we ain't seen nothing yet regards oblammycare costs to us via taxes and all other revenue generating sources.

  3. Excellent piece Kid.

    There has to come a time when we'll just throw off the yoke.

    My country sickens me....sweet land of liberty?

    Not any longer since this bum has gotten hold of it.

    1. IMP, we are So beyond the point where our founders threw off the yoke. Makes me wonder if there are 1) any committed spirits left, and 2) a viable strategy available to fight it. The founders had 3000 miles of ocean between them and the evil ones.

      I also think the right strategy is a non-violent one. There is no question in my mind these bastards are preparing to kill millions of us. None what-so-ever.

    2. PS, what is more dangerous than a cornered animal. The US federal government is a cornered animal. At least they believe they are.