Monday, April 15, 2013

F.W.I.W, Conservative Voices

It's really obvious the level of disgust and/or give up that has occurred with conservative bloggers.

Many, especially the good ones that were really focused on the political/America scene have just gone dark and just disappeared, don't even comment.  Then people who were active commenting on the bigger blogs are just gone.  All after this last election.

To me this means there are many that believe America is now fucked for the duration.  I certainly do. I'm just not going to shut up because I can't shut up.  And I was never totally focused on politics anyway



  1. I have a task that is eating up time, not to many post for now, although I did post last week.
    Some of my comments -I guess - are over some heads. Can not or don't have time to draw a picture.
    So, the news today--- The U.N. is losing patience on the Treaty Hillary SIGNED-The Small Arms Ban Treaty. Our Senate cannot Ratify a Treaty that violates any of our Rights!
    So, they are trying to disarm us by enacting restrictive Gun Control (Gun Safety) Laws. These Laws are not sitting to well across the Country.
    So, something had to happen to speed things Up---Sandy Hook. That didn't work so well.
    So, now it had to be a bigger trigger in Boston.
    So, how many Members of the U.N. are of the Muslim Persuasion? The U. N. wants to disarm The USA - that is a fact jack!

    1. They Say, I wouldn't dispute a single word. I can tell you it is almost impossible to buy ammo for the last couple months, nor can you buy all of the individual items to allow you to reload a single cartridge.

      You can still buy shotgun ammo though, no prob.

      All because of contracted and pending ammo purchases that the government has priority rights to and exercises anytime ammo threatens to become available to the masses.

  2. Kid, I remain as well. I was maybe not the best political blogger, nor the best mommy blogger. But I never burnt out. And I will always hold a candle for the America of my dreams, the one President Reagan promoted.

    Hey, if progressive commies can oppose American values for decades, I can promote American values for decades.

    1. Opus, Promote American values for decades. What else would I do? My 2nd to last breath will be to point out the failure and destruction of the libtards. In fact, I might even do it from the grave like this guy if my wife wasn't planning on cremating me and compressing my ashes into a diamond.

  3. used to write comments on the local newpaper editorial pages--
    when I 'found' the blog-is-phere- that was 'all she wrote'
    will not give up--
    don't take a paper-paper anymore-=though-

    BTW-thanks for the stock tips--
    now- if I can only remember my pass word-:-)

    1. Carol-CS, Yes, I do everything on line through an online broker,

      The stock tips are free, and typing is easy. Picking the right place to park money is the hard part.

      I haven't read a hard copy paper in decades. There is the local paper that comes to the work environment lunchroom which I glance at. It's easy to see it's a waste of time. I have up on my desk PC at work, glance at headlines, already know the back stories and personalities, so I'll actually only click on a couple articles a day and most of those are science related or local news or something like the Boston bombing. Never the day to day democrat propaganda or bloviating politicians

    2. PS, I think the market is gonna take one more big hit, then there will be some great opportunities on the other side of that. And most of those will be new names and ideas.

  4. Burn out is a possibility. I think some people have shifted into the personal survivor mode.

    I had dinner with some friends last week and he was so disgusted over the elections that he and his wife have just simply unplugged because they believe it is over. He said the fight was over because of the police state (DHS) and societal parasites can vote themselves money. Never have most of us seen such in your face socialism.

    1. Admiral, I think the same thing. Smart or insightful folks have realized that the voting majority + voter fraud has shifted toward the socialist democrats. And if they'll put the imbecile anti-American obama in office twice, they'll vote for any damn thing that rolls out of the sewer. It IS over, but I'm still not going to shut up.

      I can keep talking without letting it take much free rent space in my brain. But it IS time for people to have fun, take care of their families and protect their assets best they can.
      We're on an express elevator to hell, and there is no one in position to stop it.