Monday, February 11, 2013

Repost from July 18, 2010.

Honestly, I just now remembered it.

But it dovetails right in with the last post.  You will notice I got a couple things wrong but it provides a bit more context.

Links don't seem to show up well on my posts, but in the 1st sentence of this one is a link to a Russian dude living in the US that was posting a good bit at the time.  He was unfortunately totally wrong.

PS - This is one reason I named my blog a Diary.

Here it is - Called the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.


  1. So the Progressives are up in arms because Ted Nugent will be at the State of the Union address tonight. Well isn’t that just too freaken bad. I didn’t see them so upset when the Smirking Chimp Uncle Joe Bite addressed the blacks when he gave that inspiring speech like a lunatic saying “They gonna put you all back in chains” my gawd, where was the uproar then? They seem to pick and choose what insult is important!
    Well, at least he's telling it like it is and not holding back, and his comments on rappers is basically correct. Ted Nugent nailed it, I agree with everything he said.
    Every day there is attack on traditional American values by these Progressive radicals and the ACLU, these CREEPS are destroying our country.
    Did you see the Grammy Awards last night? Where the Award for Rapping went to the Racist Pigs. Singing on a Nation-wide stage while spewing the word nigger and babbling about drugs, guns, bitches!!
    These untalented, thugs are lucky to have a category at all
    Let me add that the libtards, have spent decades coddling our youth, refusing to hold them to American standards and values, and giving them everything for nothing. It seems as if hard work is a dirty word. And now we are endorsing pot smoking! Hows that! This country needs to get their heads on straight, and they can start by stopping this Socialist agenda of Obama.
    I'm sure that Ted Nugent will have plenty to say after the President's State of the Union speech, as will I. Ted Nugent is a great American. SCREW the Democrats/Liberals/ Progressives! I hope he stands up and yells Wang Dang Sweet Poontang when Obama spews his BS. And when is Obozo going to answer to the questions on the Benghazi whole damned kit and caboodle?
    Just make sure you've got popcorn handy.

  2. Mr Redneck. Thank you. I agree with all of this. Let's stop pretending socialists and Capitalists can do anything in unison and let's get this party Started !

    Let's make it real everyday all day.

  3. RR,

    Feels good to get that off your chest! We are in this culture war for the long haul. They will not succeed as everything they stand for and those who follow them are in conflict with each other. Such is the byproduct of mental illness.