Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All About the Money! Not the Newtown Kids or Anyone Else's Kids!

Mandatory "gun violence liability insurance"

Read all about it.

You know this crap always starts in California right?  No offense to those in California I hold in high regard, but pick a state and California is pretty much where you can get anything passed, and hell if the voters don't go for it the activist judicial system will simply trump the voters.

Ps - Gabby Gifford's and Hubby? - FU.  and Newtown parents - Do you really think gun laws will protect your kids??? Seriously?????  If there are those among you who realize security at the school is the only answer, then you better find a way to be heard.


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    1. Opus, From some other folks I know there, even the republicans are democrats. But I repeat myself.

      Though I also hear the libs are fleeing like rats these days from there and heading for places like Texas. You might end up a conservative bastion state ! ;-]

  2. Yep. Seems like the cancer spreads from California. California is lost for a while. There are some out there who will take it back when things get bad enough.

    I agree with what you said about Gabby and her old man too.

    Guns are not the problem. People and the lax and overcrowded judicial system are.

    1. Thank you Admiral. I give No Quarter to people who support American's surrendering their rights, let alone the right to defend their own life! Not to mention how stupid disarming is anyway. I'm sure you've seen the UK stats for personal attack crimes.

      My buddy in San Antonio is telling me the libtards are fleeing California and are infesting Texas. Funny habit of Libtards, they ruin their country or state, then head off to ruin someone else's with their blazing stupidity when it gets so bad even they can't stand it.

      They are the enemy and nothing else to me. I won't give another one the time of day.

      soros, piers morgan, hell the list is endless.

      A gun is a tool, just like anything else. IF they disarm, watch the news turn to "Another horrific Hammer/Sword slaying/maiming" with pictures of mutilated body parts. Won't that be so much better. How about that. 20 - 5 year old kids in the hospital with holes in the skull and missing arms and legs crying out for justice.

    2. remember-you all have D. Feinstein because the R elites (NRSC and the CRA) GAVE us HUFFINGTON (recognize the name!)when Congressman Dannemeyer (conservative R) was winning--
      The elite Rs (NRSC again and Alaska Rep Party) gave us the lib Murkowski (r) (Senator Alaska)when a true conservative-Joe Miller (R)- was winning--
      Let's get rid of the likes of ROVE and the other elite Rsssss-like those in the NRSC--
      The best to you all from CA!!

    3. Carol-CS, the republican party is dead to me. All of them. I won't vote for another one. I plan to vote on local issues only more or less.