Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liberals and Democrats, You Need Some Guidance

I know many of you support politicians who are there for the sole purpose of stealing money and enriching themselves.   You’re either in on it with them as a beneficiary or you admire the corruption because you’re as much an asshole as the politicians are. You spend your lives conspiring to ‘get over’ on everyone else.  Stick around so I can insult you.

Then there are those liberals among you who are so politically misinformed by schools and universities or simply so deep in fantasy land that you have no idea what I’m telling you could be true and you won’t believe it until you’re old and finally sick over getting screwed so by the asshole class that you take a minute to figure out just what the hell happened to you.

Stealing? How do they steal so much? Everything that involved money that isn’t going to some citizen in the form of social security, medicare, military staff, is theft. Foreign Aid? Money laundering, Grants to study some bullshit subject – money laundering. Earmarks – 9000 on obama last omnibus bill from both parties – money laundering. “Green” energy bullshit projects – money laundering. Solyndra was only one of many.

Sports. Good God. People will spend two days trying to figure out if some college football player lied about having a girlfriend but won’t put a single nanosecond into researching why socialism is going to turn their country into a shit hole.

Folks prior to the early 1900’s THERE WAS NO INCOME TAX.

Politicians look upon the American populace and voter as a lowly ignorant creature which must be coerced out of their vote in order for them to remain as pigs at the trough, stealing as much as they can for themselves, friends, and those who are their effective masters before they are voted out or die in office. I think there are a few exceptions to this but I may be wrong.

They are interested in whatever hot button you may have if it is shared by many so they can lie and pretend they are all about it. They in fact care about nothing but themselves. They are sociopath. There are none of them that have Your interests in mind. They don’t care about drug users, pedophiles (some politicians are pedophiles), people that rape and steal you blind, people who murder you, people who invade your house and perform gross personal abuse. They don’t care.

Proof? If they had the interests of American individuals in mind, I offer up a few simple "tells”:

- the dems have been all about gun control for decades. Who in their right mind would support the idea of them being denied the ability to defend their own freakin life? No One! You don’t have a gun, a few young studs come with baseball bats and break down your door and snatch you up before you can even touch a phone. How do you think that’s going to turn out. All these assholes who are bent on controlling guns have armed security 24/7. You’re not as important as they are. You are not as important as they are. You’re not important at all in fact.

- they wouldn’t steal your family money when you die.

- you would have more freedoms and liberties today and criminals would have fewer than you each did 50 years ago.

- if they really wanted drug dealers off the street. it would happen.

- if they didn’t want an unmanageable deficit or an explosive national debt, we would have neither.

- they wouldn’t pass laws that apply to you but not to them. Read this one 5 or 10 times K?

You are a bug to them, a tax revenue producing mammal no more important to them than a cow is to a farmer. And I’d say the farmer cares more than the politician.

They look at you like children from another planet, all geeked up about gay marriage, religion, TV, drugs, homosexuals in general, black vs white, rich vs poor, this team vs that team, guns, schools, and the freakin “environment”. They keep it churning because all that keeps the focus off of them and on to your neighbor. They tax virtually everything you do except breathe. No wait, now they’ve got the global warming scam and they are taxing you for putting CO2 out your lungs.

And we have no poor. You want to see poor go to some other country Or go back at least 60-70 years in America.

You’re children. They talk to you like children. “We’ve got to fix this environment and make it so everything is fair and all the animals and plants are happy and bla bla bla.” And you vote for that shit. Then they get in office, do nothing different about anything but they and their propaganda machine make you believe they are doing something beside stealing money. 

You’re children.

They’ve got you hating ‘the Rich”. These are the people who provide you with: a paycheck, a car, furniture, house, energy, clothes, entertainment, and everything else. The rich provide 90% of what you value in your life and you want to knock them down. How stupid is that?

Democrats are the worst, because they’ve got the media in their pocket. Wait until another party takes the White House. it won’t matter who they are or what they are. They’ll be “stupid imbecile dictators that act like Hitler”. Never mind that obama fits the profile and that you’d never believe it unless you heard it come out the mouth of some stupid asshole on one the major media outlets.

Republicans are useless and steal as well, but at least they don’t do any big damage domestically, at least not until GW Bush came along and created the population harassing machine DHS and TSA, useless money sucking entities in the form of any other large governmental department.

You will come to regret trusting government to do Anything worthwhile.

One last comment. A nice comment intended to provide some value to some young liberal trying to figure it all out. See Both Sides. Always see both sides before putting your support or your hard earned behind something. And take notice of where you are now and where you end up in 4 more years. Food prices have doubled since 2009. How do you like your health care insurance costs. How are you going to like your employer kicking you into the ‘government plan’ in a couple years where health care will be few and far between. That is a tax on the middle class. That’s not rich people screwing you. That is government taking more and putting more of a burden on America business and so those businesses can keep their doors open and your ass with a paycheck, they have to raise prices.

Final point. 3rd Party. These two are useless to evil at best.


  1. People will spend two days trying to figure out if some college football player lied about having a girlfriend but won’t put a single nanosecond into researching why socialism is going to turn their country into a shit hole.

    This one sentence tells it all.

    1. Thanks TCL. I was hoping there'd be a zinger in there somewhere for most people :)
      As brief as I can... I get to work, people are watching sports on tv in the lunchroom anytime there are people in there and talking about sports all through the office all day long. And it usually watching people talking and arguing about sports and players.

      It's quite a phenomenon. Even when I was interested in pro sports, I'd spend maybe 2 minutes the entire day making a comment about something sports related. It's mind boggling to me.

  2. Kid: kudos for putting a happy face on all things politic.

    I knew there had to be an upside to the way things went in the Nov elections. I was too busy being bummed to see it.

    Note the sarcasm here. Or not.

    1. Fredd, yea, it's not your cheerful or humorous kind of post which is where I like to go most of the time, but it's something I just had to say at this point. And being such a big subject, it's hard to condense.
      It's been a rather quick evolution for me too, completely underscored by the last election, the total disaster the republican party has become, the total rejection of the tea party people by the republicans and the corrupt way they went the extra mile to make sure no tea party people get within an inch of government again.

      The reality of what government has become in relation to what most people think it is - is Stunning beyond description.

      Now, at least I, have to find some way to deal wiht the idea that that fucking evil bitch hilrod clinton may be cackling from the White House from 2017 through 2020.
      I gotta go puke now.

    2. As Herbert Stein (Ben Stein's dad, you know, 'Buehler?.....Buehler....') once put it: "if a trend can't continue, it won't."

      Liberal Democrat 'Santa Claus' lunacy has to be paid for, in the long run. I am fearful that the price of this madness by Obama, and his likely successor Hillary (....shudder...), will be paid for by blood in the streets.

      How's that for putting a happy face on things, Kid?

    3. Fredd, I agree. If the KGB dude is correct and I suspect he may very well be, it will be the liberals that awake from the fog and revolt. We already know what's going to happen. We calmly prepare, they remain with their view of their 'very cool president' who has an IQ the like of which chrissy matthews can't even fathom. They're in for a real shock. So, there, there is Some happiness here.

  3. Replies
    1. Christopher, thanks. It's kind of a major release actually to realize that there is virtually No Hope. Things will either stay crappy or get worse. Over the next 4 it's going to get worse. As Fredd says above and I agree, we are on a path to rock bottom. Time to move on 100% to personal details, happiness, friends and family, self-protection, laughing at liberals, etc.

  4. "if they really wanted drug dealers off the street. it would happen."
    So liberals are responsible for drug use in America?

    An idea so bizarre that it reminds us wht so many on the fringe right can't even find their way home.

    1. Though most of this applies to liberal democrats, some of the comments apply to all politicians. And how do you think all those drugs get here? Mexican border? small boats and planes across the Bermuda triangle? That would be extremely naive.

      Government wants the drugs here in the quantities they are.

    2. "So liberals are responsible for drug use in America?"

      Do you honestly believe otherwise Ducky?

      Coming from all the "liberal" laws and "liberal" enforcement not to mention "liberal" judges how could anyone come to any other conclusion than what Kid stated?

      Let me amend that a tad; Actually Kid did not state that, you did, so there must be validity to your twisted conclusion to what Kid was talking about.

      I hope that clears it up for you.

    3. Or we could bring back Saint Ronnie Raygun's dipstick wife to ask everyone to "just say no".

    4. duck, such an angry little man. Get ready to get angrier - and the repubs are not in power. Not since 2006. :) Your boy and his gaggle of clownish corrupt buffoons are bringing all this on you. Keep that in mind K?

    5. RE; Ducky,

      Your ilk did not listen then so why would they now?

  5. According to my parents (b. in 19111 and 1911) and my grandmother (b. in 1898), when federal income tax first came along, politicians made promises that the tax would affect only "the rich."

    Consider THIS:

    Even in 1918, only 5% of the population paid federal income taxes...

    And THIS:

    The United States Revenue Act of 1916, (ch. 463, 39 Stat. 756, September 8, 1916) raised the lowest income tax rate from 1% to 2% and raised the top rate to 15% on taxpayers with incomes above $2 million. (Previously, the top rate had been 7% on income above $500,000.)

    Also, note the chart at that second link.

    Compare the above with today!

    1. AOW, Thanks for the links/details. I didn't bother because that stuff is lost on the libtards anyway.

      Yes, and social security guaranteed an account. In Your name, with guaranteed returns. Now they're actually printing Entitlement on the check!

      Like Carol says below, they work in steps. An inch a day. That's how your hard core commie works! ;-)

    2. AOW, I just looked at your links. Quite a change in 2 years !

    3. The government didn't create a tax that the government fails to exploit.

      The exploitation typically comes gradually: boiling the frog.

  6. Ducky, you really are such a shit. You get outthought with the responses to your original comment so you go for the cheap shot bringing up Nancy Reagan? By the way JUST SAY NO did increase awareness if it did nothing else. BIG time awareness...And, yes, liberality is a poison which does encourage drug use. Know a ton of drug-addled Republicans, Ducky? REALLY?
    See the OWS gang drugged out at the protests at which they're not really sure quite what they're protesting?

    Kid, this is a fabulous post and it should be EVERYWHERE. I MEAN EVERYWHERE. As a matter of fact, I'm going to link to it right now. thanks! xxx

    1. Yeah, I imagine bringing back St. Ronnie and his White House astrologer is just what we need.
      OWS has a pretty good idea what it's protesting.

      The left is to blame for everything. Republicans are as pure as snow and nobody on Wall Street cokes up. No addicts there.

      The right is so blind.

    2. duck, your impression of "the right" is very far from reality, but what else is new with lefties?

    3. Thank you very much Z. Quite a compliment coming for you. I thought it might be a little raw for you and others, but I had to be true to what I believe. Voting at the national level will be a waste of time for the forseable future and politicians will only do something worthwhile by accident.

      I had to laugh out loud when I say a headline today that read "boehner says Repeal obamacare". WHAT?!? Those idiots aren't even going to win an election and he's putting this pathetic lip service out there right now? That's ludicrous ! There is as much chance of that happening as obama resigning and removing the democrat party from Congress. Is that idiot for real? Good Lord! That literally would have made me have clean my monitor if I had something in my mouth at the time.

    4. First of all, Ducky, Wall Street is mostly Democrats (ask my cousin who does nothing but very high level WallSt headhunting..she knows them all and laughs her head off at the left's portrayal of REPUBLICAN WALL's utter we know who's cokin' up. Am I saying no Republicans do blow? Of course not, but stop the nonsensical generalizations...
      Secondly, for WH astrologers...ask your heroines Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton; they might still be in touch with the dead ...and might answer you if you play your cards right.
      Careful what you slam......the right may do it, but the left does it in spades (if I may still use that term in 2013 AMerica)'s MY PLEASURE; it was a fantastic piece and I believe a LOT of us feel this way...totally duped by mostly the hideous Left which has taught AMerica right out of our kids and the ridiculous Right which is cowering for fear of the media and fear that standing righteously opposed to the left's ruination of our country thru entitlements and embracing illegals on the dole won't get votes.

      damn them all.

      And NEVER talk about Obama quitting and removing Dems from Congress; it just felt too darned good to read that and then remembering it'd never happened felt too darned BAD :-)

    5. Ok Z. No more teasing, at least about obama. And Oh hell ya, Wall Street is Democrats. I read them, and they freely admit they vote democrat. Even Jim Cramer will bitch about the obama/democrat policies for 4 years and Still vote dem again. That's the definition of insanity.

      Include the entire Northeast. Are their brains frozen? Or more likely they are all so corrupt and part of the in crowd ($$$), they'd never think of doing anything else.

  7. Bravo, Kid!

    How I wish I had the ability to put my feelings about this into words like you've done.

    Actutally, I'm flabbergasted at what's happening, it's so unbelievable.

    You've probably read about the woman here in Ohio, a poll worker, who voted TWICE for the same election, of course.

    And here's all she had to say about it:

    Richardson said she’s going to fight against any possible charges of vote fraud “for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.”

    Yet, the lefties keep saying that WE'RE the crazy, unethical ones!

    I'm glad Z suggested the read, here.

    1. Jan, Welcome and thanks so much. I'll admit this has been coagulating for a coupe weeks. It is unbelievable. Not obama, but the people that think he's worth anything or good for the country. I was stupid once but I was never that stupid. SO many people think government is the answer and more everyday, that's the enemy. Imbeciles like obama and crew will always be around. They didn't get voted in, and in fact, got laughed out of the public eye.

      And thanks for the opportunity to spew even a little more :)

      The left? incompetence can only try to tear down their opponents. They have no other skills.

      My lunch buddies were telling me about a woman who voted 5 or 6 times and freely admitted it. I'm sure there were many.

  8. But Kid, would you please tell us how you really feel? LMAO-Great Post, my friend!!!!

    1. Jonberg, Thank you sir. Had to get it off my chest.

  9. Great article

    As many on the right are joining Jindal and calling the Rove machine the Party of Stupid it looks like these pinheads are trying to repackage "compassionate conservatism".

    Meanwhile all we hear from the fringe is "the left sucks" while you get taken to school.
    The Republican Party is dead and the right has only itself to blame.

    Santorum/Bachmann 2016?

    1. Duck, the only one getting taken to school here is you. But I guess you're not bright enough to realize it.

      By the way, The left sucks so bad it's hard to verbalize, but I won't try anymore much anyway. I'm going to sit back and watch you libtards turn this place into a shithole then watch you suffer because you have no where left to go nor have you prepared for ay of the consequences. The game plan is your kind will Revolt when you finally realize what kind of shit you've propped up on top of what used to be the greatest country on Earth. As a result, you'll be the first children taken to the woodshed by your new masters. That's gonna be hilarious.

      2016? who gives a fuck? Not me.

  10. at little at a time- that is how the Dark Side approaches the usurpation of freedom--

    our grandparents/ parents/and we/ are responsible for not being watchful--
    well-some of us in the US are aware-
    hope it is not too late--


    1. Carol-CS, Yep. The way I see it, the commies made some serious in roads into this country prior to and during FDR mainly. Then after we kicked the world's ass, the men came back and weren't about to take any shit from pseudo-communists. We had some decent politics up until the commies took out JFK and started putting their own assholes in place, starting with LBJ.

      They've integrated into politics at many levels, schools, governmental departments. Now they've got 2-3 generations of idiots who don't even know what the constitution is, or how government is supposed to operate. The look at obama like he's the king and they work for him.

    2. bho- INDEED-thinks he is king--as do many others in and around our government!

      The founders got RID OF "ROYALTY"-

      Time for us in the US to rid ourselves of those who believe they are ROYAL!

    3. C-CS, I think it will come to that but only if senior military is on board. I can see a civil war. The right won't start it.

  11. Of course its liberal thought in both parties that is to blame. The moral relativism makes them dangerous to everyone even themselves. With no basis for their "faith" there are no limits. Both extremes are scary...the deification of Man on one extreme and hedonisitic debauchery (both with little regard for life) on the other. Either way duhkkky wakes up tomorrow and its not just unborn children and the elderly who need to die but whoever hes determined has gotten in the way of the collective.

    1. Elmer's Brother. Exactly, beautifully stated.

      Everything is in the way now. Constitution, laws of economics, personal liberties(libtards throwing them away and don't even know it), laws of physics for that matter. Nothing has to make sense anymore to float into acceptance by the new majority.

      Lot of similarities with Rome in the end days.

  12. Ducky always sounds like he's gotten bogged down in his reading, stuck on page 666 of "The Communist Manifesto".

  13. Hi Kid I have been around and glad Z linked this.I loved how absolutely raw it was. We have to be raw more often to stand up to the injustices that is going on in our government and particularily this propagandist administration with its false promises,speeches and finger pointing.
    Did you hear Dr Cameron's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast? That is what we need, intelligent honesty. It was inspirational, unlike after Obama speaks I feel the need to take a shower.
    Thank you for laying it out 'raw' like I wish I could.

    1. Lisa, Wow, thanks so much. It's getting real isn't it? I tried to make it as close as I could come to grabbing some libtard by the back of the neck, sicking thier whole invisible head inside the oval office while the assholes are conspiring and saying See! SEE! There's your freaking government !! ;-)

      I did see the Dr Cameron. That took guts. It's not easy to speak in public at such an event and to take obama down to his shorts repeatedly was worthy of a medal. Personally, I noticed obama seemed to be the most visually pissed off when the Doctor was talking the history of the flag and Our National Anthem. Very telling imo.

      I can't even listen to obama. I have the dialogue in advance anyway and I can't afford to buy a new TV every week.

      Well, we have a new voting majority, at least how the electoral college is set up, that's the challenge.

      Hope all is well with you.

    2. You guys are getting that wonderful doctor's name confused're combining BENJAMIN with CARSON and getting CAMERON :-) I think it's BENJAMIN CARSON, right!? That's funny, by the way..

      Ya, I think Obama gets really nervous hearing about anything as patriotic as the flag and the National Anthem. By the way, my 4-5 yr olds at the Preschool (I teach my Wee Americans class every Friday morning for 20 minutes) have just learned The Pledge of Allegiance..they barely know what they're saying but I don't care. They need to learn it and learn it GOOD before kindergarten 'learns' it right OUT of them :-)

      Lisa's right...I SERIOUSLY have felt dirty listening to Obama need of a shower..the lies, the thin skinned-ness, the attacking of Conservatism (50% of the country he's supposed to be president of, whether he likes it or not)...awful...horrible. filthy.

      God, I wish Romney'd won; he's not perfect, but at least we'd stand a chance, we'd be honored around the world again (or feared, which is even better, something the lefties will NEVER understand), and we might be getting a handle on the deficit. And JUST MAYBE we'd not be gutting the military just when we need it the most.

    3. Z, Once again I voted Against obama as opposed to voting For the other guy. But, there was Some chance obammycare would have been repealed. Some. Now, forget it. And maybe some things that made a little sense energy and military-wise.

      More important yet is what is this * going to put upon the country in the next 4 years. What did he promise to submit to Russia about "but had to wait for the election" lest his army of morons even get miffed about it.
      And there is a good chance we end up with at least a 5-4 Libtard supreme court before the vampires are back in their boxes - If even. Then elections will sure as hell not matter. They will make sure every libtard constitution shredding wish list items over the last 70 years gets 'heard' by the court.

      Ok, now I gotta cheer you up somehow. I'll work on that.

    4. Ooops thanks Z yes Carson. I posted is speech on my blog and wrote Carson.

  14. I can't afford to buy a new TV every week.

    lmao good one!!!!! I never listen to him anymore, Same old BS no substance and no style

    1. Lisa, I'm no genius. Just ask my wife. But I'm telling you, I listened to this guy for 15 minutes halfway through 2006 and knew exactly what he was.

      That there are people today that regard him in a positive light. That I saw a youtube a year or more ago, where Jon Stewart said to someone interviewing him that he believed obama would fix Washington DC..... Jon has grey hair, he should have Something on the ball no?

      I feel like I've fallen into an alternate universe. That's the only way to describe it.

      His fascist side is coming out more and more though.

    2. He definitely as become more emboldened and he was a wolf in sheep's clothing and libtards still can't see it. That's because they are libtards. e speaks like dictator and these stupid people fawn over it. I don't understand why?

    3. Lisa, I would say they've been miseducated and not educated both in school and by the media There has been more information omitted than spun. They've also emotionally and "intellectually" fully invested in obama.

      The people fawning anyway in my opinion.

      Low intelligence people don't ever like to be proven wrong, so they hang onto bad decisions with a death grip.

      Intelligent people are appreciative of getting correct information. One of the Huge differences between us and them.

      And libtards in general are Very Fascist. There is no room in their heads for a difference of opinion.

  15. KiD:

    It ain't like you and me haven't talked this out before. Problem is we're toast...all of us..lefty will especially be flummoxed and Fubar'd the most. Cause these dipshits actually believe the lies and nonsense. As I've said before I see darker skies on the horizon.

    Things really need to go Boom.

    Thanks for keepin' it real.