Sunday, June 17, 2012

So, I Just Looked At the "News" Pages

There is language in the following, all intended for humor or interest, because I either don't get pissed off much or don't stay that way for more than a couple minutes.  I'm fortunate that way.

Not a single story that I either find interesting by its headline or that could be considered a positive for people, the planet we live on, or the universe we live in.  It's all negative bullshit.

If I'm gonna be propagandized, I want shit that is going to make me smile.  Here's the news for 6/16/2012
  • Suu Kyi - Who cares.
  • Wildfire in Colorado - happens all the time
  • World Braces for Greek Election - what does a world do exactly when it "Braces" ?
  • Physics Teacher Wins Presidential Award - well, that couldn't have been for anything useful
  • blabla Angry Birds - STFU already
  • Physics of Ray Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder - If I care I'll read the book.
  • Egypt Votes to... who cares.
  • Syria Crisis - Like everyone else "I condemn the Syria thing"  which won't have any more effect than anyone else condemning the thing.
  • Saudi Prince to be buried.  as opposed to being eaten?  who gives a rats ass?
  • World Bracing again for "test of Euro"  Fuck the Euro.
  • obama family heads to Chicago. Stay there OK?
  • Watergate.  Good Lord Who Cares !
  • Romney bla bla - Why even talk about any of this? People who haven't decided how they're going to vote by now should be deported to Bangledesh
  • US Stocks Rise on Speculation of Stimulus (or it could be that the dollar is falling in value again all last week.)
  • China Female Astronaut -  I'm neutral on this one.
  • Unmanned Space Plane Lands in Ca after being in space for years.  Cool!
  • Microsoft may bla bla bla.  STFU
  • Apple Macbook Pro  razzlefrikam.... STFU
  • Japan making progress creating robots (to replace women because their males are pretty much socially and sexually dysfunctional).  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Apple 1 computer sold to fucking moron for $374,500

Thas all folks.  I left out anything to do with: Sports, Entertainment and Health, which I never read.  Consider anything in those categories as "STFU already".

So, One story out of everything happening in the world on Father's Day weekend that moves the "interesting" needle.
BTW - I think there is a reason the news is all bullshit.  It's why I posted this.  It has to do with the 'demoralization" of America, the main subversive action of our enemies.


  1. I believe the reason for deluge of BS is purposeful diversion.

    Although, I must state, such news about Syria, the EU and alike do have larger ramifications that will involve the U.S. come hell or high water.

    1. Christopher, no doubt about that. THe EU has already stuck a straw into the USA. Syria not so much, though I feel for anyone being shelled by their government, but there's not much I can do about it. If no one else is going to do anything about it then stop talking about it every day ! ;-)

      Diversion and demoralization is my conclusion sir.

  2. You must stop TRUTH telling-Kid! : - )

    & - thank you for the heads up on the Duffel Blog...
    Happy Father's Day-

    1. Carol, I'm realizing this was a 'heck' of a post for Father's day... It has just been day after day and last night the pressure valve popped.

      I hope you are having a great Father's day. It's good here. My wife is out of town at her Mom's so I'm decadently enjoying myself foodwise. Filet, Lobster, Prawns & Scallops w/ Remoulade Sauce.. Well, it's all I know how to cook ya know? ;-)

  3. I'm sick of all the BS MSM news too! I say the same thing, "who cares". I've been demoralized for YEARS now. The only cure is getting rid of of*cknuts come November. Then my mood will be much happier.
    It's all propaganda and crap. We're being sold down the river and no matter what we do, it doesn't matter (except voting for anyone but asswipe) in nov.

    Sounds like you're having a lovely dinner, Kid! THAT would cheer me up too! Happy Father's Day from me & Kitteh.

    1. Bunni, Besides being a pain, it's so insulting. These arrogant imbeciles think they can say anything and unfortunately for too many voters, they can.

      Well, it was one of the better ones I can remember for a while ! Yum!

      I'm sure looking forward to something else !

  4. I laughed all the way down the line..great choices and you're so right. Except then I realized how sad it is, and how intentionally demoralizing it seems and that the media's complicit.
    Actually, the world's falling apart and Yahoo's headlines are "Why Her Outfit Is Perfect for a First Date!" Unbelievable.

    1. Z, I thought you might not care for it on Father's Day, but in a way it is honoring our Father's who fought in wars to keep this country together long enough to vote a racist, anti-American imbecilic POS into the White House. It's what My Dad would have said.

      The media is more than complicit in my opinion.

      Yahoo? Yea, it's why I never go to the sports or entertainment sections ! ahhaa
      I land on the yahoo home page sometimes and it's Scary lookin.

  5. It's a reaction to the dumbing dopwn of American. Serious discourse is becoming harder to initiate and maintain. Obugger's speeches are delivered at the comprehension level of a sixth grader. Remedial English is the most recommended course in college campuses. Kids graduate from high school knowing how to screw and obtain public benefits and little else. Oh, and everyone knows who Kim Karslutian is hammering this week.

  6. Sig, that also sums it up pretty well. Bunch of blubbering blubberouses.

    Seriously, who watches shit like the Rachael show? Some B actor comes on and talks to Rachael about nothing for a half hour and the audience goes wild like a pack of trained seals a foot away from a mountain of fresh fish.

    Or the View. yea, let's study the opinions of brainless twits.

    I walked past Clint Eastwood's table once at the Registry Resort in Scottsdale, Az. I wouldn't have said anything but for some reason he looked at me as I was walking by, so I said "How ya doing?" He said "Doing Well". We both smiled and that was it.

  7. Sig, part 2. You cannot have serious discourse with the people who need serious discourse. I can't anyway. I have no patience for their brattish ignorance wiping a stain across the internet.

    I try to just ignore them, but once in a great while I jack one up against the wall and have a little fun with them. No doubt they understand zero of what I've said and even if they did it wouldn't matter.

  8. Kid: no, you can't argue with idiots and expect results. And anyone who votes for a Democrat, regardless of what office they seek to include the spectrum of president to dog catcher, is a card carrying idiot.

    They are voting for modern day slavery. Where nobody gets to keep a lion's share of what they earn.

  9. Egypt Votes to... who cares.


    Israel. We're going through a lot of effort to make the Likud fascists happy and make sure the Syrian regime and Egyptian military stay in power.

  10. Also, all the dramatic weather headlines we're getting here in the D.C. area right now. Hell, we're expecting a t'storm. Maybe. Big deal.

    1. AOW. If I read you right, I can't agree more. My wife wants me to check the weather for tomorrow, I'll say I'll let her know what's it's going to be when I look out the window tomorrow.

      I appreciate Tornado warnings, but everything else is so pumped up it's ridiculous. The radio stations here give the every half hour Severe Weather Service! information. Job insecurity? Marketing people on drugs?

  11. I dunno what the weatherman makes every little thing so dramatic. And it doesn't matter what the forecast is. Hype, hype, hype. Crisis, crisis, crisis.