Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Open Wide, Here It Comes !

In a move that could significantly expand insurance coverage of weight-loss treatments, a federal health advisory panel on Monday recommended that all obese adults receive intensive counseling in an effort to rein in a growing health crisis in America.

Here's a link to the story, or just google it.

*** Language ***

No, You do not get to determine what obese is.  I know from a recent change in insurance coverage at my current employer, that based on the BMI index, that if you don't look like a walking pencil, you are obese.

This is what FASCIST liberalism is doing to America.  If obamacare sticks, you will have to go visit some Federal ASSHOLE about personal aspects of your life that are NO ONE'S FUCKING BUSINESS but yours.

I can hear the little Fascist liberals just chuckling away now, as most of them probably are pencil people.  But it's coming for you too.  Man, you're gonna LOVE the world you're creating for yourselves you stupid little morons.  And it won't stop here.  Before you idiots are done, you'll have it so the Feds can come to your house and do body cavity searches.  Yea, I know most of you would appreciate this, but believe me there will be plenty you don't appreciate.

Just remember that the evil Republicans and Tea Party people didn't do it to you.  It was the IMBECILE obama, and his horse Nana Pelosi and the horses sidekick Hairy Reid (the starving  homosexual vampire) MmmKay???

As my pal Fredd says, if you vote for democrats, you are either a Loser or a Moron.  That completely covers it and Ignorance is no excuse.  

Time to grow up and get information from sources who aren't Migraine Pounding Idiots like Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, and the pure evil propagandists and DNC tools like bob beckel and a thousand others.


  1. Damn Straight. Tomorrow's the big day!

    1. LP, I heard that if it's overturned the dems will try to make the single payer (gov HC) a reality instead.
      Hopefully they won't have time if and when.

      My preference would be that Romney gets in and enough non-democrats in Congress to Completely Repeal this thing.

      Good luck to us.

  2. We must repeal the whole thing.
    I have to admit that as much as I hate the health (s)care plan, I hate more that Obama will be thrilled if it goes through.....Only he knows some of the horrors of the plan and I so greatly resent his sneaking them by on us. Oh, won't he be thrilled!

    re the know what I THINK!

    Am blogging for others to come see this's important we realize how much BIG BROTHER is taking over. xx

    1. Z, it makes you wonder when these Fascists will get the attention of their faithful swoll,, er followers

    2. Z, PS< Feel free to blog this stuff yourself. I'm not into keeping secrets. Quote me if you like, because All my stuff in the net is free.

  3. "...Chateubriand and Maine Lobster !"
    WOW-thank you for the encouragement- my Patriot friend! ( - :

    as to increased govt control -"for our own good"!-don't get me started!

    looks like you are getting a little tired of FOX - as am I -
    make Juan-Bob - Alan- and the liberal babes-(I forget their names)- GO AWAY!

    1. Carol-CS, I don't watch FOX, haven't for years now. Frankly the whole media Schtick seems to have devolved into libs and 'conservatives?' screaming at each other with no real information being put forth and worse yet, no WHY being put behind the conservative message. We can't assume young people have even a basic understanding of America.

      But some of these characters! Good God, and you know Juan and Alan have to be making seriously Big money. For being Imbeciles without even the capacity to embarrass themselves and ever think before they speak.

      Good God! Seriously!

  4. Obamacare was passed by anti-American socialists, who bullied some moderate democrats into voting with them.
    Obama has already proven himself to be an inept, inexperienced, incompetent, anti-American, socialistic, Muslim-leaning, ex-lawyer dufus.

    Our Supreme Court should be slapping down the idiotic legislation passed by clueless democrats and signed by an equally clueless inept President Obama.
    The court is made of cowards, afraid of doing what they swore to uphold.
    And there is corruption in government because the so called Progressive American people have allowed it!

    The economy is going to plummet as will the Stock Market today and jobless rates will explode.

    1. Ivan, Welcome. I agree so much that I wouldn't change a word other than calling obama a lawyer. I don't believe he ever practiced the craft. he's as much a lawyer as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

      Absolutely sir. Hundreds if not Thousands of CEO's have testified in studies and articles that 1) obamacare and 2) what's this inept, inexperienced, incompetent, anti-American, socialistic, Muslim-leaning dufus going to do to us next. It is why Corporate America has it's biggest cash horde yet. They are being responsible stewards of their businesses for their employees and shareholders (which are likely the Vast Majority of Americans because of the 401k's). And the OWS people want to tear them down. It's like watching an animal eat itself in order to obtain something that is unobtainable in the 1st place.

      Mind boggling really.

    2. .. CEO's have testified as to why they are not hiring...

  5. Well theres good news tonight!

    Late Breaking News!

    House Votes to Hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in Contempt of Congress .

    Lets hope that we see them do something more than what they did to Charlie Rangel

    1. DDW, Yes, that IS something. Even if that's as far as it goes, that will hang over him like a stink. I'm sure clinton doesn't appreciate having the 'impeached' imprint on his forehead.

      But I would love to see him forced to resign, well put in jail, but I'm sure that's hoping for too much. And if they did it now, obama would only issue a pardon. So, if that's going to happen it will have to be after Jan 22, 2013.

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  7. I did something that I had never done before in my life, I donated $25.00 ( that was just about all I am able to afford) to Mitt Romney’s campaign. Today alone donations to Mitt Romney’s campaign have exceeded over 3 million. I wonder how much did Zipo raise today?
    And by the way, didn’t the President lie once again this time to his OWN party and to Independents and Republicans and Libertarians when he said the Mandate wasn't a tax. Obama lies, again!
    The economy is going to plummet as will the Stock Market, and jobless rates will skyrocket.. The American people overwhelming oppose Obamacare. And now more than ever before it is time for the American people to wise up and take our government back from this socialist with a Muslim name who hates his own country!
    Lets hope that Mitt Romney is wise enough to see this as a gift, and use it to energize our base!
    It is up to us folks to keep this alive in the next four months before the election.
    You know damn well that the Democrats will do everything in their power to dredge up all kinds of scandals and other issues to deflect our attention, it doesn’t even matter if they are true or not,--they may even come up with another Congressman Weiner if that's what it takes to refocus the media and they can't find something juicy enough on Romney. I don't trust them as far as I cant throw them.

  8. Ivan, obama lie? Did he open his mouth? :)

    FWIW, the stock market was up today because the value of the US Dollar gapped down 1.4% or so. When the dollar goes down, the market and all asset classes go up since it takes more of those dollars to buy the same thing. It's been as simple as that since about 2008 when Ben started printing money. I know the libs are saying/believing the market went up because of the obamacare ruling. Insanely incorrect.

    You are correct, everyone is holding their breath until November, then into early next year to see if the repubs repeal it If they actually win. If either of those two things fails to occur, this market is going down the tubes because everything you said will happen, will happen.

    obamacare will be the destruction of healthcare in America. Pure evil. Much higher cost, much reduced services, incompetent minority people taking the place of competent doctors when they all start checking out of the system. That is no speculation. I've talked to enough of the doctors.

    I have to say, it's beyond me why anyone needs to hear anything else from the candidates. If they haven't made up their mind by now, they've got to be a drooling moron.

    obama hasn't told the truth about anything in 3.5 years, why would anyone want to hear what he has to say about anything.

  9. Hey, Kid! I am very proud of that quote (losers and morons). If the shoe fits.....

    1. Fredd, It's like Isaac Asimov's 3 Laws For Robotics, only you need but 2.

      Imagine if libtards had to just follow the 3 laws for robotics, since they are mindless robots after all.

  10. Hey Kid,

    from a walking pencil, I can tell you that if you're BMI is too low, you get crap too. They want to put you on Boost and lecture you about eating right. I am and have always been skinny, and I hope I always will be.

    1. RM, Nice to hear. I know I don't have to tell You, but always do what makes you happy, cross those other bridges when no other choice. Technology is making this shift to oppression and intrusiveness go exponentionaly fast. That may be a good thing from the point of view of boiling frogs slowly versus tossing them into a boiling pot.

      I still hope American's have IT in their genes.