Saturday, November 26, 2011

You Have GOT To Catch This One

Les McCann, 2004, Germany, Local Musicians,  The Sax player is unreal.  The other people are only fantastic.

At one time, Les (or someone) had these removed.  At least this one is back.  I had posted a note to Mr McCann to either allow them on Youtube or tell me where I could buy the DVD. Don't know if he saw that or not :) But there is no DVD available that I can find.

There were 6 or 7 in this concert set. All fantastic.  I'll post the rest if I find them.

Anyway if you like jazz, you've got to catch this and the others if they re-appear. Get em while they're hot.

Cold Duck Time.  Which is a description of when the brain and body chemicals go haywire in your significant other and you have to wait for them to come back in balance to regain that joyful peace and harmony in your life..



  1. Opus, Glad you like. The rest of the concert is fantastic too, I sure hope they show up sometime.

    I downloaded this one to my PC this time in MP4 and MP3.


  2. PS, near the end of the concert, the audience would start applauding anytime the sax player brought the instrument to his lips.

  3. I mean...I really dug the groove. Where did you find these guys - awesome, tight and wow can they play

  4. DeanO, I've been listening to Les since the mid 70's. A black dude in Pittsburgh turned me on to him at that time. Saw him live at the Double Tree Inn in Phoenix later on in the early 80's. I had (still do) his Invitation to Openness LP and was too stupid to take it along to ask him to sign it. (Used, it is going for 42 clams today)

    So, when Youtube came along, his band was one that I would occasionally check on. A few years ago, this 2004 Stuttgart concert was uploaded by someone and the whole thing is fantastic. Someone, maybe Les, or whoever holds the copyrights, had them all removed and this part, at least for now, has re-appeared.

    Les is a legend and often times likes to play with local musicians. I'm sure they had a little rehearsal time, but when they lights came on they just jammed.

    If you ever want to download anything from Youtube (and other sites with media) Use Firefox and get the Download Helper Add-on. That will let you download Mpeg4's and some other formats. I spent the 20 bucks or so and registered my DownloadHelper copy and as a result, can download from Youtube and convert to MP3 in the process, which lets me put the stuff on CD's.

  5. I haven't given McCann much of a listen because guitar solos aren't my thing (though I love Clapton, etc.) but I have to say this is fabulous. Of course, I'm hooked on big brass sounds and this is full of it!
    Kid, I'm a jazz singer, but mostly do the kind of stuff Ella does..standards from the forties with jazz interpretation.
    SOME day, I'll post some of it....
    thanks for this, I really enjoyed it.
    These days, I'm singing mostly Christian Praise music but giving that rock or jazz twists, that.

  6. Z, I'd love to hear some of it. Let us know when you do, but I've got you bookmarked.

    Les seems to me to be mostly keyboards (Les) and brass. Guitars are only there sometimes from what I've heard. I haven't heard a whole lot of him though, One album, Once live where it was he, a drummer, and a horn player. That was good.

    This whole concert was great. If more of it shows up, I'll post it. They did a version of Sunny that was really good. Lots of brass through the whole thing.