Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Election Primaries are Coming Up.

I ask people to consider that putting standard issue politicians in place has not caused America to reverse course on its path to socialism and soft communism that got a healthy kick start by LBJ in the early 60's, and has progressed unabated since and past Democrat and Republican administrations and congressional majorities through to this day in 2011. 
Not even Ronald Reagan closed or altered one of the cancerous, life sucking departments such as Dept of Education.

So, what is the point of putting a red flag on the White House for 4 or 8 years (if that even happens in 2012) only to see the Democrats just pick up where they left off when the voters tire of New Boss Same as the Old Boss - more or less.

Reducing spending and all these other transient talking points are temporary, albeit many are real problems. Concentrating on symptoms is only temporary.
We must start Removing the socialist infrastructure put in by LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and even GW Bush in terms of the TSA and DHS....

I'm voting for Paul or Bachmann in the primary. Bachmann is not seasoned enough? Not enough of an 'experienced' politician?   I see that as a major plus.

If they run anyone either than Paul or Bachmann, I'm writing in Bachmann or Paul. 
If that assures an oblabber victory, then so be it. Maybe that's what the country needs. A little learning through experience. It would be disastrous for America, but standard issue Republicans are also disastrous and suicide, just a slower death.
I will give you that Newt is a sex machine in the debates, but so what.  You might want to peruse this list.  I'm quite sure he has no problem with oblabbercare and is on board with the whole global climate thingamabob, and has profited all over the politic-sphere as well. I have no use for him.



  1. Hey Kid; I've said this from the get go but America will get another 4 years of the Obamanation. Good post!

  2. I'm with you as an idealist. I love Bachmann, always have and always will. Paul bothers me with the disengagement overseas and legalization of drugs. Other than that, he's OK.

    Choosing between the other politicians is like trying to pick the less smelly ****.

    But truth is, I'm not an idealist. I'm in it to win, and if we win by increments, so be it. We must clear the excrement out of the White House in 2012. That is how progressives have been doing it. The very word Progressive means progress by increments. Sneaky progress. I'm not so gung ho as to think that we are going to get our perfect candidate immediately. Least bad Republican is still better than the communist in the White House. And I pray whoever gets in destroys Obamacare and the liberal infrastructure. We must hold their feet to the fire as the Tea Party. We must shoot faxes and emails and phone calls as furiously as we did in 2009, once our guys get in. And we must protect our champions, such as Bachmann from being thrown out of her seat in congress so she can stay and continue fighting the good fight for us. So she can speak out as a voice of reason, the conscience of a nation. God bless her and all of us. We are going to need it.

  3. "..Paul or Bachmann, I'm writing in Bachmann or Paul"
    I am as well--
    the r elites keep giving us in the US the lesser of two evils an we are to roll over and accept it!
    NO MORE!!!
    BTW-Ann Coulter lost me the other night-she is now in the LOTE (@Carol) camp..

  4. Opus, I absolutely respect your position and decision. I myself am convinced that the standard issue politicians are a choice of voting for a progressive in a blue shirt or a progressive in a red shirt.

    I don't think Paul would ever be able to implement his radical ideas, but that he might be able to do some good, for instance closing the Dept of Ed, and whatever else.

    At this point, I also believe the majority are going to have to get 1776 levels of mad before we can turn this freighter around.

  5. Carol-CS. Obviously, I'm with you.

    Coulter lost me when she went whole hog, actually crying ? about getting Chris Christie to run. Failing that she wants "Romney".

    I can't figure any way to reconcile those two opinions. Maybe she's a double agent.