Friday, November 18, 2011

Close The Post Office Completely

Can we not just close the post office?

The vast majority of people have computers and almost everyone accepts online bill payments, and who sends hard copy letters anymore beside women of questionable mental state that write to serial killers in prisons around the country, looking for that ‘special’ relationship with Mr. Right?

What else goes USPS? Outside of junk mail, which has got to be the majority of the USPS volume, I’d say some packages shipped by dysfunctional people who have yet to discover that UPS and FEDEX exist, and Christmas cards. Come on. Outside of the junk mail, UPS, FEDEX, and DHL could easily handle this traffic.
As far as junk mail goes, anyone dysfunctional enough to actually Want that stuff will go to great lengths to get it. So, I recommend having UPS, FEDEX, and DHL depositing large quantities of the stuff at high volume people traffic locations such as in front of Super-Markets, Wal-Marts and Dollar Stores. Places like that.

The following day, the waste collectors would drive by, pick up such material not consumed by afore mentioned purveyors of such and haul it off to be recycled into new junk mail to be delivered the following week. 

Over the holidays such as Christmas, UPS trucks are like stray cats in the neighborhood. Up and down the streets all day long. No problemo with the special occasion greeting and celebratory Hallmark card transport extravaganza.

We’re talking about billions saved that could be freshly laundered into foreign aid or earmarks and consumed by politicians, their friends and dictator-tots around the world.

Well, not all bills are available to be paid on line you say. True. Personally, I get two bills on paper, from the county – water and property tax that are not available to pay on line. When these cretins find out they can’t mail them to me anymore they’ll get a fire under their butts and make them available to be paid on line or see their revenue fall by 99.999%.

Well, Not Everyone has a computer you say. Well, I say anyone without a computer or in a state to not be able to manage paying their bills without the USPS in existence, will simply be given a one way ticket to India or China. Problem solved, and a return on investment beside.

What’s not to like?

I just don’t see any problem with closing All of the post office locations in the USA. Outside of putting all those people out of work. Maybe they could start a company producing something the world wants that sans union overhead they could actually produce, ship worldwide and get rich in the process.



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  2. Just let the USPS alone, get the government out of it's affairs, and let them sink or swim.

    When I was stationed in Europe, the postal rates there were sky high, compared to my APO. That's because they were covering their costs.


  3. Fredd and They Say, I was a little tongue in cheek here, but really, is the USPS needed?

    - Email came along and they did nothing
    - On Line bill pay came along and they did nothing.
    - Then they come up with an idea to compete with the package carriers by coming up with a plan to have 3 sizes of small flat rate boxes. Imagine being in That meeting and keeping a straight face.

    The only thing I have against them is this idiotic union attitude that they can just roll along like it's 1964, the economy is rocking, and all will be well. Let's not even bother talking about their walk in counter services..

    They could be competitive and provide a great working environment for their employees, but Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    We used to dinner occasionally with some liberal friends and he is a post office senior employee/carrier. The job did not sound very pleasant.

  4. Kid:

    My ex-bro-in-law was a postal carrier. Not a good job at all. Not even.

    I get that. They should go down, everybody knows this in their gut.

  5. hey I shop and get packages all the time..ha hope you are having a super weekend my friend~!.:)

  6. Woman, UPS will bring them right to your door :)

    You too!

  7. I was just thinking about this last week as I went to the P.O. Why do we continue having this service? And why are parts of it still supported by our tax dollars?

    I was standing in line [notice this is how ALL government agencies are with long waits] and was noticing that, like other government agencies, there were like 4 windows that could be opened to speed things along. Plus, they had one window dedicated to Passports. How often do people need passports?!?!? And then we had like 3 windows open and all 3 were busy with dumb dumbs standing there chatting it up and laughing with the cashier. I couldn't help but feel so frustrated and just wishing that we could abolish this garbage right that second. And the parking? Don't even get me started...the workers have all the room to park their cars and their vans but none of the spaces were open for us customers. And the whole street in front of the Post Office here in Carson is painted red for no reason even though there is very little traffic. The whole place is a mess. Any government agency is a mess.

  8. ndh, you got it! Government agencies always have the attitude that you need them and they don't need you, albeit that you do run into quality people often enough.

    Generally speaking though, isn't it Amazing they still haven't gotten the message that they need to be a service business at the least if they want to survive. Yet, they still send their counter people on lunch and breaks at the very times when the most number of customer (who are in a hurry) are there - because they are on Their lunch break. Amazing.

    Truly, it exemplifies the waste, non-excellence and pathetic nature of union run entities. Generally speaking of course.

  9. Correction: Truly, it exemplifies the waste, non-excellence and pathetic nature of government and union run entities.

  10. must confess-I still design hard copy - cards and send them to people who are special to me - my bad?!

  11. Carol-CS, No way. This need can easily be serviced by someone else. Far cheaper.

  12. Carol-CS, How about Fedex-Kinco's ?