Friday, September 16, 2011


Nothing is ever That Good or That Bad for That Long...
The democrat media has spoken. They’ll be happy with either romney or perry.  Are you really going to let them decide your candidate?   Like they decided john mclame? Who told you oblabber was ‘a fine senator and a fine man’ ?
You cannot separate reward from risk.  The greater the reward the greater the risk.
Don’t you agree the universe is expanding because more stuff is blowing in through black holes from other universes than is being sucked out?
Is perfection possible?  (No)
The Right thing to do in any difficult situation is Always the hardest thing to do.  The more difficult the situation, the harder the right thing. But the more satisfaction you will get from taking the right road.
Between TV and Radio, I may go Jeremiah Johnson one of these days.
I Thank all of you for being who you are.  I appreciate you. 
Animals feel Sad, Glad, Mad, Hungry, Thirsty, Lonesome, and Mournful.  They each have their own personalities, eccentricities, and dreams.  They are not ‘just animals’.  Plants even have feelings based on tests on philodendrons in the early 1970’s.
I miss John Wayne, Steve Irwin, Flip Wilson, Garret Morris, Rosanne Rosanna Danna, Gene Wilder, Leslie Neilson, my entire immediate family, Richard Pyror, the Barney Miller TV show, the Boy Scouts, Monique, the young Clint Eastwood, people who could drive a car without rear ending someone else, and many other fantastic people I don’t even know but wish I did.
Is the universe a Firework going off in incredibly impossible slow slow motion? 
Do I have a universe inside my fingernail ?  (yes) Ok, Guess What I am Now !
Who will win the struggle between good and evil ?  I predict no one. It is a constant.
If you go to Vegas to play blackjack, sit down at a table where everyone is laughing and smiling. Consider moving when they change the dealer to some dude who doesn’t have a genuine smile.


  1. With all the scandals at the tip of the hands in the Top Job and under them, and the Media and the Law officials that just won't look into it, any farther.
    I have a confession to make, if you look at my last post (which was a while ago), and remember that if I had posted since-would be buried in the archives. I left it up because it is the first thing seen and needs to be.
    Those involved are a gang of conspirators. When and if everyone reads this enough maybe will understand how strong a matter, and problem solved-it is a Oath Stopper. SHALL NOT be Re-elected; even with only dirty hands.
    It's our Constitution. Isn't it about time to use it With Full Force with the intention with which it was written?

  2. We are on a Hell bound train is right.
    We have been on that ride to Hell for the past two years.

  3. They Say, I just commented on Christopher's blog that it sure feels like it is time to refresh the tree of liberty.

    I'll add that I don't know how we'd go about that without having the military command on board, or have a big pond between us again and weapons of equal power more or less.

    At this point, it may take another planet.

    Or revolutionaries in political office.

  4. Irishman, No doubt about that. We've been raped with telephone poles.

  5. The Tea Party is the best,so far. A little slow but, will go a little faster with the Senate having many a seat up for the Majority.
    It's slow but better than not wanting to make waves-last the last Century.

  6. They Say, we have a Tea Party candidate going up against Boehner in 2012 also. Yea man.

  7. I don't buy the black hole thing. I think the electric universe is far more probable.

    I hear you on the McCain part two thing. I can't vote for another Keynesian yes man.

  8. Trestin, yes, it is time to stop voting like a school of frightened fish.

    Note to America - Give me a Conservative or you're probably getting oblabber back.

  9. the R elites are also in on the down fall- they keep giving us "lesser of two evils"!

  10. Carol-CS, It is time to take a stand. The time is when we have people to vote for, such as Michele.

    A Tea Party member is also going to run against Boehner. Godspeed whoever it is.