Friday, September 23, 2011

Health Care Costs

Why won't anyone in politics explain that the problem with health care costs is the totally unregulated and no holds barred environment for lawyers who feed off of the health care system like vampires ?

Texas passed a law prohibiting frivolous health care related lawsuits within the last few years.

The effect was that a single hospital in Texas before the law was paying out 100 million a year just to defend themselves - not in paying claims, but simply defending themselves against the onslaught.   After the law, their legal costs deflated to 2 million a year.  A 98% reduction in the legal costs category.

Extrapolate that across the country and Problem Solved.

Anytime I hear politicians talking about the problem it's always a bunch of freakin nonsense.  This is not complicated.

Furthermore, balance the idea that if your loved one dies in an aircraft crash, you are only going to be eligible for a certain amount of money from the airline.  You don't go to court. You don't petition a jury. You don't have some jury award you 8 billion dollars.  Yet, when a single individual, among millions of people benefiting from a drug, taking that drug for depression, committed suicide, Pfizer was sued and the jury awarded the plaintiff multi-billions of dollars in award.  And the drug was taken off the market which adversely affected the millions of people who were benefiting.  If someone dies in a Chevy Impala, do we remove Chevy Impalas from the road?

Who paid that? Pfizer? Nope, we did.  Not only that but now Every drug company self-determined that to be responsible to their shareholders, that they must create an escrow account and fund it with multi-billions in case They get sued.  Guess who pays for that. 

Is there a website you can go to that tells you how much extra we are all paying because of this nonsense? No.
My gut tells me it's at least 50% of all of our health care costs and/or insurance payments.

And why can't all health insurance companies sell in any state they want?  Why does the government restrict them and not allow them to sell in any given state.  There is something evil going on here and we haven't even touched on oblabbercare yet.



  1. 1. What is the profession of most of our legislators? Lawyers, of course.

    2. Who is involved in (per your percentage, Kid) at least 50% of all cash flow in the health care industry? Lawyers, of course.

    Lawyers are like a plague of locusts - the swoop into an area in such large numbers that their swarm blacks out the sun. Then then devour everything of value for as far as the eye can see.

    3. Final question, Kid: what's the difference between a catfish and a lawyer? One is a slimy, disgusting bottom feeder, and the other is a fish.

  2. Exactly Fredd. Way too many lawyers.

    And in True Socialist fashion, rather than let over-supply dictate reductions in law university entries until demand comes back into focus, let's just invent stuff for these bastards to do.

    Like pound on capitalism. If it exists, sue it.

    And where are the libtard Champions of Regulation? Lawyers are the most Un-regulated profession on Earth.

    Legal Malpractice? Can have the same life altering negative effects as medical mal-practice. When is the last time anyone heard of a case of legal mal-practice?

    Makes me sick.