Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Rand Paul Lip Service

So, Rand Paul is on the 10 minutes of Hannity I listen to on the way home.

They're talking about Jobs.

So, Senator Paul huffs and puffs and says he's heading down to the Senate floor after talking on the radio and he and the republicans are going to vote on a no confidence measure for Timmy Giether, the Treasury Secretary.  And he says it in the context of how this administration has not done anything positive for jobs growth.
  1. Someone tell me how any Treasury Secretary is somehow associated with job growth.  They aren't, let alone this buffoon. 
  2. Timmy wanted out recently, or how the story goes.  If true, then old Rand might actually be doing Timmy a favor intentionally, by helping him get thrown under the bus, and in such a way as to further obscure and misdirect away obama's singular responsibility for no job growth.  Well, negative job growth actually.  So, he might be doing oblabber a favor too.
  3. Rand could easily be seen as working for the democrats and obama here.
  4. The lack of job growth, as expressed continually by business leaders, and again in a couple different ways today in the news, is the result of obama and the democrats passing oblabbercare and bulldozing the business world in America with job stifling regulations.
  5. Timmy had zero association with either of these two items.
  6. Rand Paul is a pathetic RINO and so are most of the Repubblekins.
  7. As a final note, there is some small value in having one of oblabbers cabinet forced out.  I'd rather it was the assclown head of DHS or the assclown attorney general but who cares.  It's pretty much meaningless all around.  I'd like to see eric holder up on charges actually for lying to Congress about 'fast and furious'.
  8. Here's a neat bumper sticker image I stole from Western Hero's site.  Check him out, he's a poet.


  1. I was hoping he would be a lot more like his dad.

  2. It's interesting they're so different.

    Genius skips a generation?

    I suspect people that go into their Dad's profession.

    Exceptions for everyone of course, but the words opportunist and unimaginative come to mind.

    In Rand's case he was an eye surgeon so he did have some ambition and no doubt put some effort in.

    I don't think he's very bright though. I haven't heard him say anything particularly interesting.

  3. love the bumper sticker-as Angel states- it says it all--
    wonder if he designed it-

    I've gotten to the point that I trust no one in politics-
    Bad Huh!

  4. Carol-CS, Yep. Show Me what you've got politician.

  5. Kid, I would have to hear more of Rands words on this topic as I thought he had more promise.

    Timmy may not have anything directly to do with unemployment but his ideas on monetary policy most certainly have a direct and detrimental effect on the overall economy which in turn has caused high unemployment. The man-boy does have to go.

  6. Involving the Obama administration in Jobs Growth is like involving an arsonist in Fire Prevention week.

  7. The economy isn't my specialty and I'm no big fan of either Paul, but I'd have though Geithner wanting higher taxes would put the pinch on small businesses now afraid to hire because of those higher taxes...or ObamaCare..we've got to know ol' Timmy supports that. they're saying we'll lose jobs through that, too...Already, I'm hearing doc's assistants (and docs) saying they might retire sooner than later..?

  8. TCL, I do too, from Western Hero.

  9. Opus, that Is a perfect description.

  10. Z, Businesses say obamacare is the biggest deterrent to hiring. Regulation and Unknown tax liabilities at any time, "Uncertainty" complete the picture for not only no jobs growth but continuing firings at the rate of 400+thousand a week, every week for the last 3 years. That's why I say it's intentional.

    Respectfully, I'd say anyone in obama's administration is going to parrot the obama message and that Timmy has little to do with anything really.

  11. Christopher, Fair enough on Rand Paul. As I state, I haven't heard anything that isn't lip service yet.

    On Timmy, I feel he's just parroting obama's policies, which obama may be getting from someone else or not. We'll never know for sure.

  12. Obama does as much for job growth as bacon and laziness does for weight loss.

  13. Fredd, I'll keep that in mind. His job growth pitch is pathetic don't ya think?

    I'll take tax cuts any day, but even democrat favorable people are saying none of this would create any jobs for a couple years if ever and it will never be paid for, it'll go into the debt pile. And it is to pay off the unions, I have on doubt.

    I wonder what it will take for people to wake up.