Saturday, July 9, 2011

Speaker Boehner Abandons Comprehensive Debt Deal


Shocker !

It might be coincidence that the economic numbers sucked on Friday, except for the fact that the democrat media was blasting them from the rooftops to give boehner an excuse to cave.  Normally, they tell us how good the suck numbers were while reminding us of George W Bush..

Though, I can't imagine them not caving since they've yet to show any spine, just lip service as usual.

Tea Party people.  I hope you'll elect some.

As an Equal Opportunity Blogger, I translated this to Jive fo da Brothas..

Shocka' . Right On! It might be coincidence dat da damn economic numbers sucked on Friday, 'sept fo' de fact dat da damn democrat media wuz blastin' dem fum de rooftops t'give boehna' an 'suse t'cave. What it is, Mama! No'mally, dey tell us how baaaad de suck numbers wuz while remindin' us uh Geo'ge W Bush..Dough, ah' can't imagine dem not cavin' since dey've yet t'show any spine, plum lip service as usual.Tea Party sucka's. ah' hope ya''ll elect some. What it is, Mama!


  1. ah yes more govt control again n again...eeeeeeeeek! Have a super Sunday~! hugsssssssss~!

  2. Kid, I appreciate the translation but please stick to English as ebonics just does no cut it IMHO.

  3. Woman, You have a great one. hugs!

  4. Christopher, just having a little fun. And I appreciate the feedback :)

  5. Hey Kid - the spine went missing in action a long time ago...never to be found again.

  6. DeanO, Right you are. Probably what bothers me most, is We knew they weren't going to do anything, They knew they weren't going to do anything. Everyone knew they weren't going to do anything, yet we get this stupid child's game played out everyday 'in the news'.

    That is still going on. It's insulting.

  7. I keep trying to remind people that Boehner was in the leadership ring of Denny Hastert's disastrous 108th Congress, if my numbers are right, remember, the ones that spent money like drunken sailors and ran amok in power, doing 'money angels' in all of our tax dollars, and ushering in the era of Obama. Boehner was part of all of that, doesn't anyone remember except me???!!!

    He has not changed one bit. An establishment GOP suit, will do and say anything but will not stand on principle ever, when the chips are all in. Not ever.

    We got to get rid of this weasel if we stand any kind of chance for changing the business as usual on Capitol Hill.

  8. Fredd, FWIW, I don't know the history myself, but he is obviously a standard issue politician. I can see him sitting around with oblabber and reid yucking it up.

    Well, he's in the next district over from me, but I will do what I can to influence people who do live in that area. He's worthless. I'd have more respect for him/them if they'd have just came out months ago, and said we're going to raise the debt ceiling because we have to, instead of this childish misdirection game. I guess that's all politicians know how to do anymore. Spin and steal.

    Besides he's a crybaby! Jeeez. You got people with real F &^% problems out here and he's crying about stuff. Disgusting.

  9. Boehner is a baby and a caver and needs to grow a spine and a few other things!

    Thanks for the translation for the ghetto rats, I'm sure they wouldn't understand your stellar writing otherwise, nice to mix it up. Besides, you KNOW this is how bammy and moo sit around talking when they think no one is listening ;-)

  10. Bunni, I used the Jive Translator.

    As far as Bam and Bam Bam - that's how their 20 year long spiritual leader talked eh? Not jive, but certainly militant.

  11. I'm waiting for the cave any second now. Even without a cave they are not asking much, they should be demanding a balanced budget amendment, not cuts in projected increases.

  12. Trestin, I'm kind of looking forward to the circus clown of information both sides eventually put out on this.

    It may put boehner's $400 million deal that he labeled 38 bln to shame!

    It certainly won't amount to anything targeted at solving something.

  13. You do know the fix is in for Obama's re-election? With news like this, what else is on the program for a failing country?
    Act two will be along after this short intermission.
    Now it will be 2012 in a flash - with all of the havoc and chaos Obama will think he has the go ahead, from Boehner and friends cave-in and such. We will see the GOP disappear.
    Good bye USA as we know it. It has been good to a lot of us. We can say we grew up in a good time in history-but we are going out in a world of hurting hearts.

  14. They Say, I remain optimistic. Why suffer longer ! ;-)

    But yes, if this imbecilic administration gets voted back in, kiss it goodbye.

  15. concerning bho and the Rs:
    comment I left at Gateway P it rather fits here :-)
    C-CS commented:


    alinsky -R for R-

    Rs – if you give in– you are OUT!
    for FREEDOM!!!

  16. It is sad we can't even trust the leadership in the party to do what we voted them in office to do.

  17. Carol CS and Admiral,

    Not enough Tea Party people in place yet.