Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Greek Economy, Soon to be the American Economy - Explained


Yes, maybe we bloggers could pitch together and buy Spain as well !


  1. Carnegie bailed out the US--yea for Billionaires!
    Todays Biollionaires could pool their money and bail out the US, with a strict contract, for big cut Now.
    But I think most-not all are in it for the destruction of our system; to bring in the new world order.

  2. That may be with Carnegie. I know he bought up much of the depressed real estate and exponentially increased his fortunes during the 1st great depression.

    I don't think anyone or any group is big enough to bail us out now in these times. I don't disagree so much with deficit spending. But I do balk at where the money is going. It is Not going where it could do the slightest good in righting our ship.

    Yes, I do believe this administration is incompetent to the extreme so as to destroy our America. Absolutely. They do NOTHING which helps, only that which doesn't. And that this administration is being controlled but that is secondary.

  3. I'll take Ireland- Spain -
    Guess Denmark isn't for sale yet-

    We could organize a foundation/trust-and buy the above and the US too-

    Put folks w/ sound business/marketing skills -in charge- and -well- just think of the possibilities : - )


  4. Maybe it was J.P. Morgan?
    Yea, I used to debate the Libs in the '80's, the deficit was not so dire; This country started in Debt.
    But----Today, with the help of FDR,Carter, and Clinton loosing all those Billions, and This Nut Job Last Congress and current Administration, is a concern that is dire.

  5. Carol-CS, Imagine that!

    Anyway, I've got a piggy bank I could break open.

  6. They Say, Don't know. It was Carnegie - Mellon for a while, but whether that somehow morphed into JPM I don't know. I seem to remember JPM going back a while though as a completely separate entity until lately when they sucked up some other banks or mortgage companies.

    It is dire. I'd hate to be living in a mansion if it all goes to hell.

  7. That's good stuff. Meanwhile China and the central banks keep stockpiling the gold.

  8. Trestin, the road signs seem pretty easy to read eh?