Monday, July 25, 2011

I Have To Say It Again.

 One F bomb contained within...

As part of the non-existent 'debt crisis Armageddon event'; we hear on a multi-daily basis, even if we aren't paying attention or listening, how we Must reform Social Security, Medicare and sometimes we hear about Medicaid.

It's bullshit.

I have never heard the words Welfare, Food Stamps or words and phrases that represent True Entitlement programs.  I know why of course.  No politician, and I mean None would commit such political suicide by suggesting we cut even free cell phones from welfare recipient benefits. I get that.

I'm getting real tired hearing about how -for the most part- productive, tax paying, self supporting bastards like myself are The Problem.

Before they cut My Future Social Security benefits, I want to see minority kids working in fast food restaurants trying to earn enough money to take their girlfriend to the movies, or the girl to buy a new outfit for said date.

How the fuck did we ever get to the point where we think it's OK for able bodied people to sit around breeding all day while being supported in Entirety by the rest of us ??


  1. They bred until they outnumber us. Now they can vote for more benefits day and night.

    I hope that is not true, though, because if it is, the Republic is dead.

  2. Look at Detroit-one of the fist 'welfare' cities-
    an house for $1.00 anyone!
    We are headed there if we do not take a stand Now!!!
    Thank you-fellow freedom lover- for always telling it like it is!!!

  3. If I'm elected, there will be a chicken in every pot!
    It is buying votes.
    Why can't we close down the EPA, Energy Dept, Commerce Dept and Education Dept for a while, until things get balanced? What-just a drop in the bucket they say? But all those drops do fill the bucket.

  4. It really snowballed with the Civil Rights crowd.

    What was an admirable effort in finally having equality for all really turned into reparations and reverse discrimination as in "Welfare" and "Affirmative Action" respectively.

    Now we have unemployment benefits without an expiration which discourages even more millions from even the desire to work let alone seek it.

    Then of course there is the "education system"?

    And people wonder why companies want foreign workers imported or go directly to them overseas?????

  5. I'm totally disgusted with these creeps too!
    What can we do? It's hopeless.

    Boehner's speech was great last night, I put on my blog. I turned the channel right when zero was done, what great timing, I wouldn't watch that creep!

    Stay smiling with cute kitteh's, Kid, it's our only hope.

  6. I think the system is broken and is destine to fail. Opus #6 is correct.

    When it fails it will be pretty bad.

  7. Opus, well, I think maybe a lot of folks stayed home when McCain ran last time. We'll see what happens in 2012, because I don't see a lot of people staying home and not voting. Certainly conservatives anyway.
    I'm going top predict we get a large enough turnout to even drown the illegal ballot box stuffing.

    If we don't then I am turning my attention to other things for the most part. I'll always try to get people to see clearly, but my optimism will be completely gone if this ignorant bastard gets re-elected.

  8. Carol-CS. Yes! Look at All the heavily and long time Democrat ruled states. Abject Failures ! If only they had more money!

    They're all losers with losers excuses.

    And Thank You.

  9. They Say? For a While? How about forever. Then again, saying it's only temporary like the Dems talk about temporary taxes might just work!

  10. Christopher, Yep. I believe all of it is the result of the communist agenda being worked hard in America since they killed JFK.

  11. Bunni, Just keep working it, putting out the truth. What else would I do?

  12. Admiral, it hasn't failed yet, but it sure seems close doesn't it?