Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Should Medical School be Free ?


An opinion piece at the NYT by another women (Tara Parker-Pope) who just can't seem to decide what name she wants to go by. Hers? Her Husbands? Both? Yea, let's do both. Like driving in two lanes at once because We just can't decide.

Anyway, According to her and a couple brainless idiots who call themselves physicians, it will fix the entire health care system ! Yippeee !

But wait:
- Nothing is Free. Someone has to pay for it. I guess that would be those 'evil rich people' who spend all their time screwing up the environment and denying a fantastic life to people who just want to sit on their ass all day doing nothing.

- Why just free Medical School ? Doesn't this country have other problems that engineers and other highly educated people could solve?? Hmmm? Free College for Everyone ! Right ?

- And do we really believe that if some half-motivated hippie that can go to university for free will be just as freaking motivated as someone who is forking out 150k or more of their future hard earned money to become a medical professional ? How'd you like to have Joy Behr or Whoopi working on you while you are off in never-never land just because they had the opportunity to get a Free degree?  Yet, this is exactly what Oblabbercare calls for as an aside. Yep, they want to fill the medical profession with a diverse group of people.  That would be people who aren't Freakin Qualified btw, since if they were, they'd already be IN the profession.

And don't tell me that the 'standards' will maintain the capability of the people in the system because that is Already out the window!  Yes, public union positions such as Police Officers, EMT's and others responsible for your emergency welfare have been degraded by having Diversity forced upon them.  I listened to a police officer in Cincinnati testify that he had to promote 7 members of a "diverse group" into the force, and when he tried to explain that 7 out of the 8 he had to work with were functionally Illiterate, he was told to make it happen.
Don't think it won't happen in any field that deals with people's lives.

Ok, so the article is bad enough, but hey it's by one individual and 2 highly suspect 'physicians'.  Not a large deal.  But here's the problem.  Read through the comments. Most of the people commenting think this is a fantastic idea and none of the problems I've described above will occur to them for probably another 50 years or until they actually need medical service and draw the Whoopi doctor from the pool of freely educated professionals.

The intelligence level, and the totally Non-existent capacity for critical thought of people coming out of the education system of America (generally speaking) is nightmarish.

It's not going to get better anytime soon.  It's going to get worse. Much worse.

Ps - Buy Gold.  Especially you Fredd.


  1. Kid, I did not read the entire essay but the part I did read can me all I needed to know to comment.

    The shortage they speak of due to Obamcare and this is well known.

    As to the 'expensive' tests, well most are not needed but ordered for fear of malpractice suits and or better said TRIAL LAWYERS.

    Then of course you step back and look at it, taxes would have to be levied for the 'free school' achieving two ends; (1) Funding for Obamacare and (2) Those educated are now beholden to the government,, for life,, at whatever the government decides to pay them. Add to that about trial lawyers or even a real case of malpractice,,you cannot sue the government.

    As to the other ares you mention this will also be accomplished as under Obamacare, right now, all student loans are now held BY THE GOVERNMENT, so the education may not be free but all are now , again, beholden to the government.

    Now, how could the government under this current and real situation keep these newly educated people under their thumb one might inquire? Dangle the carrot stick of debt forgiveness for mandatory servitude.

  2. Hey Kid - great post. "nightmarish" might be an understatement! Christopher said well because we all know this "ain't nothing ever free" Free education, free housing; just one big happy family. What? are you kidding me. What and where this country is headed with the idiots suggesting ironic plans as this is beyond all common sense. Whoopie? Amazing anyone listens to her Left wing rhetoric...but many do! I've got a view for her!

  3. Ah, no.

    I bet you ten to one that old "hyphenated two names" is a feminist too.

    It will be very bad soon.

    The comments of those deluded and moronic fools on that article tell the tale of where we are headed.

    Imagine minimum wage doctors too busy playing xbox to really concentrate on their job of identifying your illness.

    Morons have terrible ideas, like the moron in the white house now.

    Morons are ruining the world and morons have have ridiculous ideals. They are short sighted and think it will not effect them.

  4. Christoper. Yes sir, great comments. No doubt that trial lawyers are 80% of the problem and government regs are the other 20%.

    I'll disagree on lawyers suing the government. It occurs to me it would be a great way for them (politicians) to launder money.

  5. Admiral, Great comment. Yes, libs have terrible ideas:
    - Dept of Ed
    - Dept of Energy
    - regulating corporate America
    - Pretty much anything the fed does outside of Natl. Defense - and regards the border, they aren't handling that at all.

  6. DeanO, Thank you. Yes, they are spreading the cancer of the section 8 housing model through every facet of our lives.

    If someone like Michelle Bachman doesn't take the reins soon and for a long time, we are descending into the puke hole of reverse logic socialism where we will be treated like lab rats.

  7. The intelligence level, and the totally Non-existent capacity for critical thought of people coming out of the education system of America (generally speaking) is nightmarish...oh gosh u can say that again my friend!

  8. "...the totally Non-existent capacity for critical thought of people coming out of the education system of America ..."

    That was the primary reason I chose to educate my off - spring at home---
    Then-through the Homeschool movement- I was introduced to the truth about the founding of this great Nation-and never turned back!

  9. Carol-CS, Good for you and those who take their child's education seriously. Sadly, it won't be enough.
    The more I look around at the masses of mentally helpless dependent people, the more I realize this bus isn't going to turn around and head back up the hill. But your children will at least be well equipped to navigate the waters.