Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I haven't posted much about obama and I don't intend to, but the man is the definition of pathetic.  He oozes pathetic.

I haven't compiled a list and I won't.  There is no need to.  I simply wait for something to show up in the accomplishment column and because it hasn't then it is easy to recognize everything else is a screw-up.

I don't even read things that come from the White House, the White House spokesman, or any of his idiotic, corrupt, criminal, evil, incompetent, or just plain clownish cabinet and administration members and appointees to the Supreme Court.  If I'm scanning the news, and I see White House or any connection to the White House, I just immediately move on.  It's 100% Bullshit. Guaranteed.  This is the first time I've ever felt this way about anything.

In fact, Obama is Bullshit and his entire life is Bullshit.  he has no accomplishments, his time at Harvard was an affirmative action Bullshit operation and he slid or was pushed through on minimum grade, did some time as a Bullshit community organizer (whatever that is), was propelled with Chicago money and a supporting cast into being a Senator where he voted 'Present' 99% of the time, and ran for President the entire two years he was classified as a Senator.  Is there anything here that isn't Bullshit?  he's never worked an honest day in his life.  his entire life is Bullshit.  he's plastic, fake, not real.

Not only does he not have any experience with the Military, he knows Jack Zero about the military.  Someone had to teach him how to salute because the first few times they had him on camera getting on Marine One, he looked like a stoned hippie trying to salute.  He doesn't respect the flag or any of America's traditions.  He goes through the motions for a few minutes on Memorial Day for example, which honors Millions of Americans who gave their life for America, me, you, him, his wife, and daughters, then runs off to play golf.

Apparently, none of this means anything to the: Blacks (who will vote for him again), the Dumbass kids who don't know the Progressive Agenda is the Communist Agenda, the Union people who are weak and dependent and in fear of losing their mob enforced parasitic raping of Capitalism, The Serial Dumbocrats, Some number of old people who are as dumb as rocks, and various assorted other weak and dependent parasites who cannot afford to care what kind of slime slithers in and out of the White House.  Or how about people like Jon Stewart who actually said he thought "Obama would clean up Washington!"  Mind of a Child !

Add to this, his cast of characters who almost never say anything righteous, true, or in America's interest such as Jay Carney the WH spokesman spouting a bunch of Bullshit, or 
Eric Holder denying that Radical Islam exists and that Maj Hasan of Ft Hood islamic mania mass murder while screaming Kahluha Snackbar Fame - Might have been motivated by it.  

Or (sorry to bring the lesbian moose up) Janet, the most incompetent head of DHS that will ever hold the position, canceling travel to Mexico (until someone called and told her to stfu 5 minutes later) because of the swine flu, or telling us The System Worked when the underwear bomber Got Through Security and onto a plane heading for the US. WTF System would that be you freaking Moron?  Or that our borders have never been more secure !  Maybe she's talking about a different country, or Planet for that matter.  In fact, she hasn't said anything ever that made the least fucking sense.  Can you imagine working Under this Nobel prize winner of the excrement for brains moron award ?
How about Sotomayor, who has had 65% of the cases she ruled on that went to the SC for review, overturned.  And jeez .. kagan who has no judicial experience whatsoever.

It would be hilarious if it was funny.

obama has not said or did one thing in the 3.5 years since he came on the world stage that I find acceptable or agree with.  Nothing !

Point me to an obama accomplishment.

Needless to say, No One is going to prosecute this guy for his forged BC or any number of other things that he's done that might be grounds for impeachment.  So we're stuck with the sucker.

I mean it's insane isn't it?

Pathetic is all you can say.  It's the Nicest thing you can say about these jackals.



  1. I have had way too much of him. It is intolerable as I cannot watch even the local news with out seeing his nonsense in action, everywhere.

  2. Admiral, Yep. Let's hope we have some form of a country left.

  3. then your will enjoy the video I just posted--
    bho is dumb...
    my take :-)

  4. Carol-CS, I'll check that out sometime tonight.

    bho IS dumb. Further, he has No Experience that could possibly make that statement false! People actually thought some fairy would tap his ass with a Magic Intelligence/Experience/Wisdom Wand as he walked into the White House ???

  5. Fuzzys Dad, Thank You Sir.

  6. Obama has accomplished a lot, just not anything we would consider praiseworthy. I believe President Obama knows exactly what he is doing and is facilitating the demise of America. We know who his radical friends were over the years before he was elected, the media refused to do their job in vetting him and he was allowed to take over the highest office in the country. He has appointed radicals to his administration who are doing the dirty work and unfortunately he has almost 2 more years to "accomplish" more damage.

  7. TCL, I wish I had some libs commenting here, as I'd like to hear what they'd list as accomplishments.

    But you're right, he has had some accomplishments in the hard left demonazation of America category. Much of that can be vaporized with a return to common sense and a patriotic President though.

    In the physical sense, his only accomplishment is the evil health care bill. I don't have any confidence yet that thing will be over-turned.

    And he does have almost two more years because no one is going to oppose. Boehner and the standard issue repubblekins are certainly a waste of time.

  8. evil incarnate KID..great post `aggravating as heck ! Have a beautiful weekend my friend!:)

  9. Trestin, Thanks. The only thing left to wonder about is how anyone can support the plastic man.