Thursday, June 9, 2011

Save The Planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My personal take on global warming as an issue boils down to government’s (foreign and domestic) desire to create a new tax avenue. Because they spend money like drunken 15 year olds with no limit credit cards, a coke monkey on their back, and virtually no motivation to provide a return on investment because they’ll be out of politics at some point and set for life, they constantly need new tax revenue ideas.
If your name is oblabber, you even get bodyguards for life.
So, they raise the price on all things energy – to discourage excessive use of same so as to reduce the carbon footprints don’t ya know, which results in:
  • more money flowing to the federal government
  • an increase in the price of everything else, which has the added benefit (to afore mentioned bastards) of increasing the state and local taxes collected since retail sales taxes are a percentage of price
  • tens of millions of people starving all over the undeveloped and developing world because the price of food and energy becomes out of reach. This is already happening to some extent.
“Teh Science”
  • forget the science. None of it is provable one way or the other
  • since global warming hasn’t been proven to a level adhering to the Scientific Method it is a fools game to argue ‘teh science’ with GW believers about as much as it is to argue the science relative to 9-11 and the crashing World Trade Center towers
  • science itself has not progressed to the point that the Earth’s climate can be forecasted 6 months out let alone 20, 40, 80 or 100 years out like the GW people insist on doing and believing. Scientists have told us every year for the past several years that “this year will be a year resulting in many major Hurricanes”. Apparently, they’re full of crap because it has not come to pass for year after recent year.
  • it’s worth mentioning that the whole issue of GW has been politicized to the point that most liberals/dems have bought into it hook, line and sinker, and most conservatives/republicans reject it because of all the conflicts with logic. Why is that? I would offer that either intentionally or by accident the democrats have discovered that if they want to sell something to their followers all they have to do is associate it with the opposition. Hitler invented that btw. In this case, GWBush didn’t sign Kyoto, Kyoto is associated with the GW nonsense, therefore We (if we’re liberals with Bush Derangement Syndrome) Support Global Warming because it reinforces our defective behavior and feeds our delicious hatred for GWB. Anything they can associate with GWB or those domestic terrorist bastard Conservatives are Candy for us! Count us in! We are On Board ! Yum !
The endgame
  • Just for fun, let’s say these people are right as rain. All the ice melts at the poles, and the oceans do rise to the point of affecting people living near a beach. So What ! Massive numbers of people are affected All The Time by: Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, often without much if any warning. The people living near the ocean should bend down and kiss their own butt and say thank you for the decades of warning being given to them to move 20 feet higher above sea level.
  • What exactly will committing massive genocide by inflating food and energy prices have on global warming ? What could we spend our time, energy and resources on that would actually have a Positive effect instead of a Genocide effect?
  • In the end, a hundred years from now, whatever they do or don’t do will have resulted in ‘Saving the Planet’ from the evil GW Bush opposing global warmings. Hell, this is such a “beautiful SCAM”, they could keep this going for centuries.
    • the oceans didn’t rise because we taxed the shit out of everyone and distributed the loot worldwide.
    • the weather is freezing, cold, lukewarm, warm, hot, blazingly hot – because we beat global warmings
    • all those people died because... actually no one died as a result of GW activity. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
    • Even though the evil republicans stood in the way every inch of the way, the power of liberalism was too much for them to resist and We Won !


  1. Hey Kid - a big "sigh" and I heard on the radio that some Italian composer has been hired to write the Opera for Al Gore's inconvenient truth...give me a break! One way or another - the Govt. is going to take it all; spend it all and blame the workers...

  2. In the scientific field, a consensus among scientist is sacrilegious. So I've heard.

  3. Science? Politicians don't need no steenkin' science!

  4. junk science to the max..great post KID..((hugs))

  5. DeanO, I'm down with that Bro!

  6. Opus, You even spelled it right !

  7. Woman, Thanks, hugs back :)