Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rand Paul Zeroes In

So, on my usual 10 minute  listen to Hannity radio, which I switch off when the endless commercials start, Rand Paul expressed that the Tea Party is a big problem and will split the vote.  He suggests people need to shun the Tea Party and restore our government to Republicans.

I have a number of problems with Rand Paul but this is the biggest one so I won’t bother with the rest, but he is both wrong abut what America needs and is wrong that voting for the Tea Party will leave us with a Democrat government.

First off the “Republicans” are worthless.  Outside of Ronald Reagan, who I view as an American, and not a Republican or even a politician (Can we say Reagan exemplifies Tea Party?) the Republicans haven’t accomplished anything.

They simply maintain the status quo, keeping all the failed liberal policies and departments in place so that when the Democrats regain power they simply start right back up where the left off.  That would be start right back up on the march to Socialism and Soft Communism and with Oblabber, we’ve even got a healthy sprinkling of Fascism.

Really Ron Paul?  Really?  What are “the Republicans” going to do for us?  Give is a bunch of useless lip service about fiscal responsibility?  We don’t care about fiscal responsibility.  At least I don’t.  If we end up in some socialist hell hole, who Gives a F if you’ve maintained some fiscal responsibility for 4 or 8, or at most 12 years until the Dems take over again ?

The Republicans are a Dead Party to anyone with half a brain.

Finally, I guess you somehow missed the part where the Tea Party Was Responsible for Giving Us a Non-Democrat Majority in The House !  Dipstick.

Too bad the Speaker of the House is a Useless Republican at best and more likely a RINO who yucks it up with Hairy Reid most evenings after sessions.

Please remember these kinds of comments folks, they are by the Republican Politic that are no better than the Dems outside of pretending to be pro-America and Capitalism.  In fact, they’re crony-capitalists, enriching themselves and their lobbyist owners and this, along with same old same old is their only interest.  They don’t give a rats ass about you.

Cordially Yours,



  1. I think Rand is trying to make his dad more appealing in the primaries, but yeah, it's a stupid tactic.

    As far as the GOP, I'm with you. I wish we could get rid of both parties and start electing people based on merit.

  2. Trestin, I heard Bob Kadell(sp?) on hannity calling for the phasing out of both current parties.

    I can't argue with that.

  3. I didn't hear the Rand Paul interview, so I really can't comment on it. What I do know is that the Tea Party movement has caused a shake up in the Republican Party that we have never seen in our lifetimes. The 2010 election has brought us new, conservative Congressmen/women who are trying to turn things around. I know the Republicans are to blame for many of America's problems, just as the Democrats, but now that many Americans have "woken up", it is up to us to continue to weed out the RINOs and replace them with good people.
    One thing I do know...a third party will split the GOP vote in 2012 and that will give Obama a win. We cannot afford 4 more years of Obama.

  4. Lady, I agree 100%. There are some I could vote for for President in 2012 while we wait. I'm more concerned about Congress this time.

    Yes, we need Tea Party taking over from within, not a 3rd party.

    I could vote for a Pawlenty this time.

    Fair warning though Iowa; you put Romney up, I'm writing someone in, holding my breath and stomping my feet ;)

  5. thought I was the only one who turned off the radio when the 'endless commercials' start...
    it is time for a CONSTITUTION Party-original intent!

  6. Carol-CS, Yes it is! Have a fantastic weekend.

  7. I officially dropped the "R" from my voter registration, in favor of an "I."

  8. Arby, I can see why. I will have a TP as soon as the designation is available.