Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Post Over at Blackfive Written by A Long Time SEAL Called Squandering Our Victory


There is one F bomb in here.  If you find it you can take something from the top shelf.

Here's a link to the Blackfive Missive.

I also call it an Unbelievable Clown Show.

If you'd have called me a month ago and said, I'll bet ya $100 that Obama will be announcing that SEALS have killed Osammi, that no SEALS or other Americans were injured and that within 2 days, the whole affair would be a complete and total Cluster Clown Show, I'd have had a hard time turning down that bet.

But they've done it !

Strictly speaking of "information" released from the White House.

Keep in mind, these people Watched what happened in real time.
  1. Osammi killed - wife is human shield, he has gun and is shot in head twice
  2. Wife charges SEALS, shot in leg, osammi resists and is shot in head twice
  3. osammi, a 54 yr old bag of crap threatens SEALS with mortal danger, SEALS defend themselves by shooting him in the head twice.
  4. Details have gotten jumbled due to fog of battle (the correct phrase is Fog of War btw)
    • This one really chaps me because now the White House is blaming their pathetic lying act on SEALs who can't manage to get a strory straight after 4 days of trying.  Please. These SEALS are probably the most professional people on the planet.  They spent a few minutes taking care of the inhabitants, provided medical aid to osammi's wife who they shot in the leg, then spent about another 30 minutes thoroughly going through the place gathering all the intelligence there was to gather, blew up a defective Helo on the way out, took osammi with them in a bag, left osammi's wife with Pakistan care and whistled on the way out.  All the while, a Pakistan military academy is 1000 yards down the street.
  5. obama say's They weren't watching the operation in real time.  He said they were watching and listening to Leon Panetta  who was watching and describing it to them.  WHAT?  The President of the United States Doesn't Get To Watch ?  But Leon does? Please !  This is even worse than lying about it.!
  6. Here's a picture of them watching.  You think Hilrod is watching Panetta? or the Operation in Real Time ?
Who knows when the story will stop changing !

The information coming from the White House on this is on a par with your young children who point at each other when you ask who ate all the cookies !

The world has Got to be splitting its sides over this unbelievable clown show.

Outside of this, I notice Scott Brown saying we shouldn't release pictures becuase "they shouldn't be used to Sell Papers". I wonder and doubt if it's occurred to Scott that maybe the many people who lost intimate family and friends on 9-11 because they were murdered by this piece of Garbage deserve more evidence of his demise than obama telling them 4-5 different stories and  then today saying 'He's not going to release the pictures.' Hell with the pictures - Americans deserve to see the video, sans any frames that could be used to identify any Americans or operatives of the mission.

Well Fuck You obama. You work for Us. We paid with 3000 of our lives on 9-11. We pay for the military. We paid for this mission. You arrogant incompetent buffoon.  Release the pictures And the video.

There is no reasonable way the pictures or video could be considered classified or national security. The world knows we shot him and dumped him in the ocean.  They know how, who, when, and where.  The more the story changes, the more people who are going to think it's fake.

Obama cannot even kill Osama and have it come out to be a positive.

What's more, since the muslim world has been screaming that they have nothing in common with osammi, and that osammi is not islam because this is not what Islam is about, why the freakin 40 minute Islamic ritual funeral aboard a US Warship ?

When they got to a suitable nondescript spot they should simply have chucked the weighted bag with him inside and that be that. If the Muslims complain, see above. Can't have it both ways.

I don't think there is anything in the business of the White House that these idiots could do properly. I haven't seen anything yet in 2 + years !

I don't want to talk about these idiots. I don't even want to think about them, but it defies description how bad they can screw up and the pressure has to be released somehow !

  • Eric Holder, who can't admit Major Hasan, killing soldiers at Fort Hood Screaming Aluh Ackbar May have been motivated by radical Islam, has given his blessing that killing osammi was legal.  Shocker!  Assclown.
  • Anyone else notice the media have now been spelling his name Usamma, because they've been screwing up and writing Obama in their stories.  Finally a chuckle in all of this.
  • I have absolutely no knowledge of any of this but I will bet that obama wanted to delay this as long as possible toward the election as he could.  We've known about osammi's location since July last year.  I'll bet someone had to threaten that if osammi skipped town and we missed this opportunity that this would come down on him like a ton of lead.
  • The other thing I have no way of knowing but I'll bet money on is that the Seals that entered osammi's bedroom said "Regards from George W Bush and Rudy Gullani" before they killed him.  I sure hope they did anyway.  These guys are good with details like that.


  1. Incompetence. Sheer, utter incompetence. Thank God the SEALs are 9,000 miles away so these clowns can't screw up the operation completely.

  2. Thank goodness for the Navy Seals. Once they are on target, they know how to handle themselves. Clean up the mess later.

    As for the political mess of all of it, that is for us to handle. There is a veritable army of citizen journalists who will not let any leader get away with throwing our honorable soldiers under the bus.

  3. Opus, I know some of these guys personally. Not the Team Six guys, mine are too young I think. But if I'm wrong I'd never know it. They wouldn't tell me and I wouldn't ask.

    I can tell you and the world, these guys LIVE for this stuff and THIS was the mission of the century. Any of them who weren't there are envious. Any of them who were there won't be buying drinks or steaks in the company of other SEALS that they know and trust for the rest of their lives.

    And yes, I think any of the people in this country I care whether live or die, know the score and won't allow the SEALs to be pinned with any of the absurd incompetence and lying from most of this administration.

    But again, as indicated to a large extent in Froggy's missive at Blackfive, this could have been such a positive victory for us - something we could build on For ourselves and Against our enemy, but the children in charge turned such an excellent mission into a clown show, not so much for the SEALs, but for America.

    Imagine Progressives! Cheering a Military Mission ! It might have short circuited their communist indoctrination ! LOL.

  4. Yeah, expect to see continued criticism heaped upon the Seals. It's Ubama's style.

  5. fabulous rant KID..I'm gettin sicker by the minute trying to absorb this madness!

  6. Nickie. I'm convinced there is No One he wouldn't throw under the bus. (whatever that means) :)

  7. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

    You can't make General Patton out of Obama. He remains anti-western in his heart, or at least anti-capitalist. He will find subtle ways to turn this against us, and we will fight him in the best ways we know how.

    With the power of the pen.

  8. our BEST are being 'handcuffed' by the new RoEs-now their mission is being re-written--

    and-get this-if true we are in real trouble-
    No Us Flag to be raised at GITMO- appeasement?
    just posted link--

  9. US flag-

    need to get out and hit some ball.-golf balls that is-

  10. Opus, being a silk purse yourself, I trust you on this one ;-)

    He does remain anti-Western, anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-White.

    I have some reason to believe this latest affair with them all lying about this mission for 5 days now even dawns on those of unnatural support for obama and limited intelligence. Certainly my 'test man' on the street does not even want to talk about it anymore, so I know He's got it figured out. :)

    So, we may be gaining some momentum. Geez, a long way to go, but I do not tire from day to day.

  11. Carol-CS, All I can say is our BEST are used to that and really don't pay much attention to politics or how they are abused in these types of ways. These guys certainly don't want a ticker tape parade either.

    Appeasement is the liberal creedo. They don't like confrontation, and interestingly haven't figured out that appeasement is the main cause of confrontation with garbage like this anyway.

  12. Carol, Yes, golf balls ! That feels better.

  13. This is what happens when a state senator from Illinois who repeatedly voted "present" on major issues spends two years campaigning for the White House and wins. Blame it on the clowns who voted for him.

  14. Arby, Exactly. People who thought someone with Zero experience at anything that a job as President would require.

    Unreal isn't it?

    John McCain wouldn't have been much better but he'd at least have been pro-American.

  15. My fave take-away line... "Regards from George W Bush and Rudy Gullani"

    Spot-on rant. What is even more troublesome is that more time was given to slamming Palin in the statist media on her palm notes and her online target map than on Crazy Uncle Joe Biden blabbing to the press about the SEALs. The partisan priorities of the left-wing media, and it's childish view of national security, is jaw-dropping.

  16. Classic_film. Thank you!

    Nice looking blog you have btw.

    Yes, it is jaw dropping, but then as you allude as well, one of My favorite things to point out, the left ARE children. And there psychologists who make the academic case for it.

    But it's easy to see if you ask me. Simply ignore the more complex vocabulary of the screaming liberal, and ask what different position would a 3 year old take in the scenario. I often see no difference. The children are in charge. "We have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it." And another 2000 pages of similar nonsense.

    And thanks. You probably know the guy who drew saddam out of his spider hole in Iraq said "George W Bush send his regards".

    You know these guys came up with something. And it sounds like they didn't have to put him down in so much haste as to avoid telling that drown rat looking garbage something first before termination.

  17. They have messed this up and LIED so much about this it's absolutely criminal.

    I hope all the SEALS stay safe, now that plugs has spilled the beans about them. I think all of that was on purpose, to screw America. O ass clown can't leave fast enough for me, he sure is the chipmonk in the small chair (sorry to insult chipmunks).

  18. I'm with you Bunni. I can't stand the guy.

    I can see through him like a pane of glass, and can't figure out why so many others cannot.

    Some can and don't care or even admire him for it of course.