Saturday, October 23, 2010

Election - 2010 - Hey, San Francisco !

Do you people really want to be associated with Nana Pelosi??

Nana "We have to pass the bill before we know what's in it" Pelosi ???
Nana "We must start using natural gas and get off of Fossil Fuels" Pelosi ???
Nana "100 freaking thousand dollars to stock the bar on her airplane" Pelosi ???
Nana "Stealing 100's of millions of tax dollars for her and her husbands business" Pelosi ???

But, All the politico steal you say. That's debatable, but Ok, back to the stupid then.

If Nancy Pelosi was up against a Hammer on Jeopardy, the hammer would win. Literally. The hammer would score zero and Nana would be deep into the minus numbers. She'd owe money at the end of the show.

Do you really want to be associated with that.  Vote another Dem in, just get rid of this embarrassment you have hung over yoursleves.



  1. Hey kid, you just got to live in California like I did for 20 plus years. I think Californians are begging to wake up but I believe the trumpet sound is a bit to late. The big spending - kicking out or chasing away big business - supporting illegal aliens, well fare state, arrogance and Hollywood brokered agenda has finally caught up with the BROKE California State.

  2. DeanO, I have a friend who lives in San Antonio.
    Just in the last year Toyota moved their Tundra mfg plant, and Nationwide moved the HQ (1,000 corporate types) to San Antonio.

    Imagine the loss in tax revs from that alone,and that's just a couple that I heard about from a friend!

    It's got to be intentional. They have got to be intentionally destroying the state. No one is that stupid. No One.

  3. been here for over 20 years--
    it is time to seek another state- isn't it!!

  4. Carol-CS, Up to you of course :).

    Good luck to you whatever you do. I know I sure wouldn't be living in New York paying 60% of my income in taxes. Don't know what Cali is like these days, outside of they're heading off a cliff.
    Course All the Dem states are in trouble.

  5. If Nancy Pelosi was up against a Hammer on Jeopardy, the hammer would win...lmbooooooo good one dude.:)