Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft Hood Terrorism Murders, A Good Source of Information

As far as the Ft Hood incident, screw the news, you'll get much better info at Blackfive who have a number of posts up by their authors who either were or still are professional military.


  1. I'll say it again, these are Pirates.
    Know of another way to change the News of the Day?

  2. Only by creating another news source.

  3. I think you missed my first comment.

  4. Ok, In that case, I'm still missing it. Any additional verbiage would be appreciated.

  5. Did Congress shut down today for the Fallen and wounded?
    Did Congress acknowledge the Fallen and wounded for any length of time?
    Did Congress continue to push for the Cash Cow (Health Care Bill) for their friends, with possibly a spring in their step (after the protest noise-err I mean news was 1 upped)?

  6. Thanks, Understood.

    We're in another dimension.
    I say again today, (can't remember the locale of the first one) that this is how Liberals feel aboutt eh military.

    They don't understand the people. They don't understand the commitment to country, the honor, courage, and commitment. Therefore, when things like this happen they are deers in headlights helpless to find the proper response.

    How about this as an example of how some congress people consider their position in such a time for our country.

  7. PS - what is even more pathetic about that corrine brown video, is that because of the way she's talking, it is obvious she had no idea or personal investment in what she was going to say. Someone gave her that self-serving/small group-serving rag of a speech and she hauled it up there and read it much like obama reads whatever the hell they stick in front of "his" face.

    No recognition of the context. Just practiced inflection at various positions within a sentence or paragraph. You could probably ask him what he read 10 minutes afterwards and he wouldn't know.

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  9. Sadly, Treason doesn't exist any more.

    The dem congress leadership was guilty of it all of 2007/2008.

    The state run media is constantly guilty of it.

    Obama has been guilty of it since he took office.

  10. Thanks for letting me know about this site, The_Kid.

  11. Just call me Kid Dave.

    B5 really cuts through the BS.