Thursday, February 24, 2022

They Called Sam a Lucky Cat

If I were a sailor, I think I'd have said he was Unlucky.

Unsinkable Sam

The Story is Here.


  1. I've heard of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, but........!!!
    Poor kitty...water's not usually their favorite thing, especially salty water!!

  2. Wow ... so that's where the nine-lives came from! Interesting post, Kid ... well done!

    1. That could be Mustang, I hadn't had that thought about the 9 lives.

      That look on his face... shell shock or just waiting for the next barrage. Those explosions couldn't have been fun.

      Thank you.

  3. Baysider, I fat fingered your comment in moderation and deleted it by mistake. I did copy it though and here it is.

    Kid I know I don't get over here much. I came to comment on a tangentially related topic - so you'd see it. You've talked about what/where could look good in retirement. This is a serious note. Please check out Catherine Austin Fitts' comments about her choice to move to Tennessee. It's in a blockbuster paper she published "The State of Our Pension Funds" that got her website ripped apart by hackers for a month.

    Search for "One of the reasons I chose to stay in Tennessee" It's "because of the due diligence I did on the state budgets and the state pension fund system. They were conservatively managed. Every time I deal with state and local governments here in Tennessee, I get somebody who is competent, who is perfectly pleasant, but tough. These attitudes are certainly reflected if you look at their pension fund arrangements. Our state pension funds have one of the highest funding ratios in the country." That may be worth a think about.

    And yes, I loved the cat tale. Somewhere, I have heard this. This feline was much luckier than the ship's cat on Shackleton's marooned Endurance.

    PS - I think a highlight of that post that riled up many was spilling the beans on CalPERS (California's public pension fund and the largest in the country) when the head of it said "You don’t understand. It’s too late. They have given up on the country. They are moving all the money out in the fall (of 1997). They are moving it to Asia.” This was in 1997 when $21 trillion started to go missing from HUD and DOD.

    1. Thank you Baysider. I will check out that link.

      I didn't know anything about the moving money to Asia. Sure doesn't surprise me. Just from a layman point of view, I give respect to the idea that the US government has screwed things up so bad, they've given up (or never intended to fix anything) and have spent the time raiding the country of its money. Trillions, yes, feeding frenzy beyond imagination.

      "obama" spent 18 trillion and didn't build a single federal bridge.. 18 trillion, on what ?

    2. Baysider, looked at your link. Large mismanagement of pension funds and outright left/laundering? Natch.

  4. Many have said that with Joe Biden at the helm, America will be doomed..And that what we need, is another Ronald Reagan to save the country and the free world. I ask God to make a miracle and let that happen , and happen soon for the sake of free people all around the world we need a Strong, and Gutsy President. A Man or Woman gifted with the power to lead and to REALLY unite the country. Not a weak, feeble Delusional Vegetable that falls down the steps of his airplane 3 times . An individual that puts America first and who can stand up to our Enemies. .
    At this time, under Biden and the democrats, we have higher gas prices, higher food prices, out of control inflation, and a divided Nation. .Higher crime and lawlessness, our courts are much too liberal . Open borders and the majority of our citizens are in complete disbelief on the state of our country. A feeling that we have never experienced before… We do not feel like the Super Power we were only a few months ago.
    . .
    How can we with a inept, how incompetent leadership in control ? I feel so sorry for the Ukrainians who have to go through another invasion in their country, once again ! While reporters are asking him life altering questions Biden smiles and laughs as if it’s a joke, and then leaves without answering any serious questions. . And our Vice President Kamala Harris is studying the root causes of all our problems…Is this the Replacement that we have to look forward to after Mr. Potatohead is retired to the Funny Farm? Biden is a l catastrophe for the US and the free world, and next in line is a Complete Moron who is ever worse, if thats at all possible. . Another major catastrophic mistake was making America & its European allies dependent on Russian & other foreign energy & oil. All this was done in a year by this weak clown… Only because of his jealousy of Trump. There wasn’t really any other reason for him to shut down the Keystone Pipeline. We had Energy Independence for the very first time. We had enough Oil to supply the rest of the world as well. .
    You would think that, we would have filially conquered the energy problem ! But when you have an Imposter American leader, who is inept, and mentally challenged and incapable, this country and the free world are not safe.
    When Trump was President no foreign power invaded any other country, gas & food prices were low, the economy was the best ever, no inflation existed & the border was under control. Terrorist leaders were eliminated & America was respected by China & Russia & our own allies & others.
    In a year we lost it all & more, & it is just the beginning of this madness and incompetence & downfall.
    I pray for Ukraine & the Ukrainian people & leadership & I also pray for America & the American people to get by until we have a Leader who is capable to lead this Great Nation. !

    1. It's not joe biden, it's the Democrat Party.

      We had that president, Donald Trump and the country rejected him. Yes, the election was fraud but the republican party did not support him along with a significant number of voters.

      Good luck getting another one. If one will even run for office, he'll be ejected quicker than Trump was, and if they can't eject him, they'll assassinate him. Voting is not going to be the solution.