Friday, February 18, 2022

Facebook Manager of Community Development Caught in Pedophile Sting

I first saw this at the Irishman's place - The Feral Irishman

But not by the cops.  It is unclear and probably unlikely he will face the law. He's also on some LBGT "activist" group directors board.

In the linked post there is a link to a vid of him being accosted by a local non-law enforcement group when he shows up in the hotel room.

Just putting it out there so 3 or 4 more people might see it.


  1. Does anyone know why there's still something called Facebook? The whole enchilada is a creep show.

    1. Good question Mustang.

      Lack of moral standards? People don't give a shit and will support any business and people regardless that they're disgusting fascist pricks?

      Beyond me. I got through the first 60-some years of life without a facebook. Don't need it to the point I subject myself to their bullshit. And we haven't even talked about them giving people 30 days suspensions because they don't like what the person posted - in their anti-American fascist opinion. Like you're in kindergarten or some such.

      It may be a canary in the coal mine of "You can do whatever you want to the sheep and they'll still follow you anywhere". Same with all of the social media entities. I vote with my wallet and with my feet when I can. I guess I'm unique.

    2. SO's almost astonishing what they don't allow, drop, etc..... You go to "Facebook Jail" to say ANYTHING that doesn't match Fauci on can't even CONSIDER hydroxychloroquin might work, for example. IT GOES! NO THINKING THERE....or, should I say ONE WAY OF THINKING: WHITE HOUSE THINKING (if you could call that thinking :-( )

    3. It'd be interesting to see if ANYTHING comes of this pedophile thing; we certainly won't see it on FB!!!! As for FB in general, other than seeing people are kicked off for a day or two because they said something FB didn't like (which I find abominable), I enjoy the Movie Channel private site and some of the political private sites I was invited to join...I lOVE talking old movies and I know few people who know enough, so I do enjoy that part of FB Very much...that, and connecting with relatives on the East Coast, etc. Nothing egregious, no problems.

    4. Whatever works for ya Z. I buy from Amazon even though Bezos is a typical communist made rich by capitalism...

    5. !! Yup, Enjoying a group on FB isn't really giving into anything ideological....At all. I enjoy it very much. I also like the conversations at Media Buzz, one of my fave FOX shows on Sunday mornings...I like that because Libs show up sometimes and we nail their ears back. There's a satisfaction to that :-) I hate buying from Amazon, but I do. I have a sister, the only lib one out of five of us, who doesn't buy from Amazon; she researches/buys everything from other venues. I admire her but don't have the time or interest in going thru all of that. I'm sorry every time I buy from Amazon, though :-(

    6. I don't buy everything from Amazon, just best price stuff which is most of what I've been buying that I don't need to buy local like food. Can't beat the service. Too damn convenient.
      Your lib sister doesn't buy from Amazon? Does she know Bezos owns WashPo ? :)

      Bottom line, I'm not going to cut my nose off. I get enough satisfaction from boycotting many of the other woke companies: Goodyear, Panera, Gillette, ATT, several others as it is easy to find other vendors for that stuff. I notice the Panera near work closed up. Wonder if it was due to their wokeness. Hope so. I'd like to see em all go belly up.

  2. Replies
    1. Dunno LSP. Hey, plenty of great people in exec positions, but some real POSs find their way to the upper echelons. Bezos, Zuke, Dorsey, Google guys, all politicians, etc.