Sunday, October 17, 2021

Democrat Party - Misery Index - F Joe Biden

 Why is no one talking about the Misery Index ?

When Jimmy Carter was in residence, the Misery Index was the highest at 21.98 in June of 1980. 

I remember Jimmy Carter as the guy in residence when there were terrible oil shortages, gas lines, people actually being shot in gas lines by overly frustrated people needing gas, a nationwide 55 mph speed limit, high inflation and interest rates, and a very poor time for life in America overall. It was a struggle for working people.

Get ready for a large increase in the Misery Index. Note that the unemployment rate has been so corrupted by redefinition by the democrats it is laughingly inaccurate.

Go HERE to see the times and levels and other information about the Misery Index.

Now on to the point of this thing, the Democrat Party.  I kept it as brief as I could.

It seems all the talking heads are focused on Biden and Harris, or Pelosi, or Schumer, or any other ugly nasty Democrat.

I occasionally watch some FOX as my wife has it on over dinner when we are both together for dinner.  Tonight it was Water's World and the night before last it was Tucker Carlson.

Biden, Biden, Biden, and tonight they also threw in the Transportation secretary, pointing out most righteously, that the homosexual has been on Parental leave with his husband/wife since Springtime while everything transportation in the country is in the toilet.  I guess they adopted some poor sucker who will be awakened at night by his/her parents having anal sex at night.

Transportation - Everything about Transportation Sucks. Ports not operating with thousands of containers full of goods waiting at sea. Airlines are cancelling flights galore because of staffing problems in the cockpits, air traffic control, because of  the democrat's illegal mandate that orders employees to take the highly questionable vaccine or leave the job.   This also means air freight is stuck wherever it is in some number of cases.  Gas prices are absurd and are taking a monumental toll on many middle class working people while the ugly Treasury Secretary sings about how inflation doesn't affect the middle class.  New and used car prices are very high, and if you think car dealerships will offer deals on vehicles at any time in your future, think again.  There's more but I'll stop here. Heh, just occurs to me to wonder - does the transportation secretary think it's Transportation or Transexualism he/she is in charge of? 

I'm straying, but thought the unbelievable puke job the transportation secretary was doing in relation to FUBARing Everything related to Transportation was worth mentioning...  

Back to the point. Biden is not the problem.  He's just the current resident. The Democrat Party is the problem.  People, notably those on TV being paid to dish out analysis and commentary are not focused on this problem.  They may be causing people to think that if we somehow get rid of Biden, before or after his term, things might get better.  They won't.  The problem isn't caused by a person.  It never was.  It is caused by the Democrat Party going all the way back to slavery.

Biden will go down in history just like every life sucking democrat before him and things will still suck and suck very much they will.

People with brains saw that LBJ's stealing of the Social Security funds by moving them out of the lockbox (promised to remain in when it was created) and to the general fund was a big problem.  They may have thought LBJ must go.  Ditto his creation of Welfare.  Whether it was LBJ or any other democrat resident, these things would still have happened.  LBJ did go away, the problems remained.  No one has reversed these life sucking problems.  Welfare has trapped many people into a life with their noses just above the water level, without education, without life giving jobs living in shithole communities full of crime, drugs, and worse.  Social Security is going bankrupt according to the thieves.  Ditto Medicare.

Jimmy Carter created the Federal Department of Education (Indoctrination).  Carter went away. He was replaced by Ronald Reagan who told us the only thing impossible to get rid of was a federal program.  Yep.  We still have the destroyed public education system which is tripling down with evil by the week, all protected by the armor plated, nuclear bomb resistant teacher's unions.

Clinton opened American markets to China.  Clinton went away. China is killing us. A huge number of our daily needs goods come from China which includes pharmaceuticals - A communist country that anyone remotely sane would consider an enemy country. What if China pulls the plug, turns off the spigot, holds us ransom...  Seems like that might be a problem.

Obama, spent the most of any administration ever in 8 years.  18 trillion, 10 of it new debt (doubling the national debt) on NOTHING. No infrastructure. No Nothing.  He destroyed race relations with blacks putting them back to pre-1960 race riot levels. You all can think of more.

Were LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama the problem?  No, it was and is the Democrat Party.

The Democrat party takes sledge hammers to America when in power and when the Republicans have the power, they sit on their thumbs and spin and toss some temporary tax cuts and lower gas prices to us dirt people.

As people all over during sporting events chant F Biden, I agree, but I translate it as F Biden because he ain't the problem.  He's nothing more than a cardboard cutout who tries to read teleprompters and tell as many Americans to go F themselves at every opportunity.

Biden will be gone, but whatever life sucking problems were created while he was in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania will still be here getting worse year by year after he's gone.

Is there anything going on in America that doesn't suck?  Outside of your personal life and your individual talent to rise above the suck and have some fun, everything else sucks.

Let us take this moment to recognize that the Republican party has done Nothing to counter these life sucking, country and culture destroying problems.  Not in my 68 years anyway.  They had the congressional majority for 6 years under GW Bush and didn't do jack. Again, for two years under Trump.  In that case, they actually worked Against America.
They must go and be replaced by a party working for America, but the Democrat Party must go first.

Sounds good? It will never happen.  The only solution I see is true America divorcing itself from the Democrats and useless Republicans.  We Should have done this in the 1800's instead of fighting the Civil War. Slavery would have died out on its own. Let the Democrats have their own country and as long as we never gave them any money, they'd be gone by now. "Problem Sol-ved" as Inspector Clouseau would say.

Have a great week folks.

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  1. Buck Owens and Roy Clark did a skit/song on their TV Show, “Hee Haw” ... went something like this:

    Gloom, despair, and agony on me
    Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
    If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
    Gloom, despair, and agony on me.

    Here’s an amazing thing (of course, in my opinion only) ... that Americans need a “Misery Index” to help them figure out that they’re living in a world of shit. Now you’ll recall that I’m one of those who keep harping on what a sham our nation’s education system is ... and that’s true, IMO. But here’s what’s worse: our people are so effing stupid that don’t even have the sense that God gave squirrels. So let’s all vote for Democrats like the mechanical operation of a pendulum. What? We like paying $3.50 for a gallon of gas every four or eight years? We like paying more money for stuff due to increased taxes the Democrats impose on “rich people,” who in turn pass those increased costs on to consumers? Crumbs. The fact that we keep electing Democrats to any office higher than county dog catcher — and we’ve been doing this regularly since 1828, should tell anyone with a first grade education that Americans aren’t fit to govern themselves. Want proof? Okay ... if you live in California (where a recall election affirmed the governorship of Newsome, you aren't allowed to have a gasoline powered lawn mower. WTF?

    1. Agree all points Mustang ! :)

      Reminds me of another George Carlin piece roughly quoted...
      "Mankind was given bigger brains to create tools, reroute rivers, fly to the moon, etc. We were given the capacity to understand the problems of others and the capacity to actually help them out. We could have really been something as a race. What did we do with all this power? We created shitholes filled with stupid, greedy people obsessed with self-gratification. I've given up the human race. I'm not mad, I just live out on the Ort Cloud and watch the freak show and participate when I have to."

      Something like that.

  2. Another thought on the Misery Index. Can you think of any bad thing that’s happened to the United States (and its people) (discounting most natural disasters) that wasn’t caused by either the U. S. Congress or an elected or appointed official? Every economic recession/depression we’ve had was caused by piss-poor government policies. The civil war. World War I. Great Depression. World War II (actually began in 1919), the Korean War, Vietnam, and Middle Eastern wars. Housing crisis. Fuel shortages. Poor education system. Drugs. Increased cancer rates. Cost of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Unsafe bridges. Unemployment. Clinical depression. About the only thing I can think of that hasn’t been caused by congress or government officials is cheating spouses. So, I have to ask ... do “we the people” really need congress, presidents, appointed officials, and one-sided courts? Maybe we should just go back to feuds and such, find ways of settling our own problems without government interference.

    1. I agree completely once again Mustang. Take a gift from the top shelf while you're here. Hell, take 2.

      Yes, all grief has been caused by 'government'. I'd be hard pressed to think people living without government would be wore off. We do need national security and therefore a military with some sort of process to avoid the General Rippers going off the deep end (cultural reference - Dr Strangelove) and some local government to handle the money that goes into paving common roadways. Outside of that I think private enterprise wold do a much better job. Private enterprise would Have to do a better job or simply go out of business. I'm liking this idea more and more.

  3. Nobody is talking about the Misery Index because they know the numbers are garbage. The "official" numbers for the CPI are showing about 5 1/2% when the real number is closer to 14%.
    They changed what they use for input and it's all lies.

    1. You're right Phil. The inflation numbers are also BS. The UE number though. Wow. Literally every business here in the Cincinnati area has a help wanted sign out and they've been out a good while. People quitting over the Vax and it really is too easy to get by without a paycheck apparently. They must not be counting those people in the tally.

      Still the numbers have been BS a while now and in the end, when people buy meat or gas, they'll figure out the misery part of it anyway, but if talking heads are gonna talk, why not include all the stuff.

    2. The deadline for state employees in Oregon and Washington to either get Jabbed or Fired is tomorrow.
      Shit's going to get real interesting real soon around here.

    3. There seem to be plenty of people willing to tell these pukes to FO. Already interesting and lots of potential for more :)

    4. My neighbor works for Lockheed. He told me yesterday that his entire maintenance crew were given the ultimatum of either getting the vax or getting fired on Monday. My neighbor already got the shot. He said 13 of the crew made it easy for Lockheed; they quit on Friday. Walked off the job. You have to wonder ... W T F. How many a/c mechanics are there laying around on the shelf just waiting to go in as the B team? So is Covid safety more important than aircraft safety? Man ... this PC crap is destroying our country.

    5. Yes sir Mustang. I think it can get a lot worse. I sure hope we can squeeze harder than the gov. Imagine if we all told them to FO when they started the mask BS about 2 weeks or a month in. We wouldn't be dealing with any of this.

  4. They say "follow the money".
    Who stands to gain by crashing the American economy?
    Anyone involved in currency manipulation and going short on dollars.
    Who has a history of doing that?
    Who had funded the destruction of the American Culture and economy?

    1. Ed, to be honest, I don't know. I know someone(s) is behind the democrats - China, Russia, "Globalists", islamics? I rule out the islamics and see the other 3 as the big possibles and don't think it is any one of them. I think China could take the lead since they can bankroll it.

  5. I'm laughing so hard at your description of what the poor adopted little tyke will be listening to I could barely read the rest of your post! OH MY GOSH!!! :-)
    Do I still get a gift from the shelf?

    I'm thinking once all employees who aren't vax'd are gone, we'll have insufficient pilots and flight attendants, not enough drs and nurses, law enforcement, etc etc..........Thank goodness most ARE vax'd, but the future is bleak and who they heck will do the work they leave behind? How many pilots are sitting at home taking Biden checks and want to go back to work? $(*&@$(&@Q#$(&

    1. I always keep at least one gift aside for you Ms Z.

      Well, personally, I'd like to see most things crippled, especially those involving the government. Then sports and entertainment. Shut it down. Then the braindead left will wonder wha' happen.

    2. "wha' happened?" is what even the left will ask after a few more months of this awful president. :-(

    3. Some will Z. Most will just keep buying the incredible BS pumped out by the dems. It's all Trump's fault after all to these peabrains.

  6. KID...CNN has YET to show the illegals at the border, barely mention the supply chain problem and blame US for being prosperous and causing it!!!!!...and they lead with anything negative about TRUMP (won't show taxes) and now they have Steve Bannon ....contempt of court!
    They just NEVER get over it.......and it fills that space which should be filled with TRUTH.

    1. Well, don't look for anything that isn't satanic from the media Z, especially CNN and that group of commie tool alphabet networks.

      They are prosecuting a war on America. Been at it for decades.