Friday, October 29, 2021

Liberal Democrats

In the prior post, Mustang has asked me to provide a psych profile for democrats.

This is what I came up with.  The liberal profile is actually pretty simple I think.

80% of a liberal is their life sustaining requirement to Feel Superior to everyone else.  It is as important as food, water, and oxygen.

They have a death grip on it.  Take this away from them and they are left with Nothing.  Everything they do and say reflects this death grip.  It's why they get angry when exposed to anything that threatens this.  Nothing else matters and reality is a major obstacle for them.

Few examples - 
. Trump is a very successful person.  In order to maintain their superiority, they must hate Trump and spend their time and effort trying to uncover and concentrate on his 'faults'.  The media gladly obliges and provides plenty of sustenance.   
. A friend's sister, to this day (retired teacher in her 70's) throws her arms over her chest, looks skyward and says "I'm So proud I was able to vote for the first black president".
. Accusations of racism, sexism, phobias, and all the rest are put out for them by the media and the democrat party to use so they can believe they are superior to almost everyone else in America.  They must be having superiority orgasms the entire time they are out in public.

The examples are Endless, so let me just shut up and put it to you - What do liberals do that does not display their life or death need to feel superior?

The other 20% is Ignorance.  Some think we must educate these cretins.  Forget that.  Knowledge is a major primary threat to their superiority so they must avoid that at all costs.  They will get violent at any attempt at forced exposure to reality.

But wait you say, socialist America will teach them ! I'm afraid not. When America goes socialist and they are standing in line for bread and toilet paper, they will blame it on Trump, Capitalism, and the Evil Rich.  No question., They Have to. 

Again they Will get violent though so watch out for that.


  1. OY!! I have at least SOME HOPE!!! HAA!!! But, you're very correct here!

    Had a great thing happen...My liberal computer gal and I were on the phone about my computer yesterday when the discussion somehow came to ZONING...She said her lot is fairly big and some new state law is aimed at FORCING HER to build a FOUR UNIT apartment bldg for THE HOMELESS. SHe is TICKED OFF!! Oh, brother, it was ALL I could do not to jump on "Well, that's no Republican idea!"..but I figured she knows that!! Then at lunch today, I mentioned it to some friends, one of whom is liberal (she's in my BIble study so I have to be around here and she's fine otherwise, mostly)...I tell them about this zoning thing and she says "NO, that's not true". Honestly...THAT IS NOT TRUE. ??? They can't TAKE TRUTH, KID!!! SHE HAD TO BE SUPERIOR. and she was DEAD WRONG, but she didn't care. @#$(*&@#)$(*&@#$(*&

    1. Oh, they don't care Z. Reality does not phase them. They've trained their minds to detour around Anything. And if they can't do it on their own (unlikely) the media will fill in for them.

    2. In general, YES! But this friend of mind definitely cares that her property she's worked all her life for could be RUINED...and she knows who's doing it...she probably voted to keep Newsom in power, too!

      I believe a LOT of (even) Dems don't much like the fact that vax mandates are reducing cop and firemen in their communities, nurses, doctors, etc etc. I'm getting the feeling the Left could be overplaying their smug little card. But, I've been hopeful before......... :-(

    3. Z, it might be interesting to see if she settles on just what or who has destroyed her property (making her build units for homeless people right?)
      I'll bet if you asked them whether the vax mandates should stay or not, they say to keep em.

      The test they give to people to determine if they are sociopath is ask them how they'd react in a bunch of traumatic/emotional/empathy filled situations. The sociopath will breeze through the answers because a sociopath has to learn how society expects them to react to various situations. There is no emotion, it is all just simple math to them. Meaning they'll Say the right things sometimes but they're lying.

    4. Z, we have to realize the voters (real or otherwise) in the long time democrat enclave shitholes have and will always vote democrat. Maybe Mustang can give us some psycho-analysis on that one :-)

  2. I’d say ...
    Academically, pathetically under-educated
    Egocentric, petty, small, trite, hateful
    Lacking common sense (or, perhaps, as Senator Kennedy might say, “Lacking the brains God gave geese”)
    Uninformed, no frame of reference of the real world.
    Deeply psychotic
    Materialistic, untrustworthy, entirely focused on self-gratification
    Swarm in gaggles of others just like them
    Virulent racists
    Stuck on stupid
    Dishonest with themselves and with others
    Easily manipulated by others
    Un-American ... none of them would make a pimple on a dead World War II veteran’s ass

    I don’t know who that is you have pictured (above), but whoever it is, she seems to be begging for face-sized Viking mallet, which is, I suppose, why mallets were invented in the first place. Afterward, shock treatments, and then confine her in a cell filled with fire ants.

    Glad I could help. No charge, this time.

    1. She really looks the part doesn't she Mustang. Good profile for some 'perfesser' of some useless subject of study at some terminally fascist/communist university.

      If you'll forgive me, I think much of your excellent list fits in with willful ignorance and the self-supporting superiority fantasy.

      Things like sociopath, beyond hypocritical-guilty of everything they accuse others of, toddler like violent tendencies, peer support dependent, and the rest of their common attributes all fit right in.

      I do appreciate the freebie. I'm still saving to pay you back from that last thing.

  3. Well, the property that had been in my family nearly 75 years, got done in by the stroke of a pen.

    Zoning ordinance.

    I sold the property – for a lot less than expected because of the county's eff-you surprise on July 1, 2021, an ordinance robbing me of much square footage (40 foot setback from BOTH “road” sides of the property for any new build); the setback used to be 15 feet. With the new setback ordinance, I no longer had a buildable lot! The same will apply to all R-1 corner lots in this county!

    To what end?


    1. I remember you talking about that in a post or comment AOW. Pure evil.

      Eventually I think property taxes will do most of us in, hopefully not in our lifetimes. Simply won't have enough to pay for it with higher taxes and prices beside. Right now they're going after the high dollar real estate, San Fran, Manhattan, LA, Farmland.. but they will eventually get to all of us.

    2. Kid,
      The liberals in Northern Virginia must think that what Fairfax County did to all corner lots is just fine and dandy. I haven't seen any pushback.

      In my situation, I was in the midst of price negotiations when the July 1 axe fell. The buyer brought that ordinance to my realtor's attention; my realtor and I were incredulous. And the buyer's offer dropped by nearly $400,000! So much for my well-funded retirement, huh?

      Thank God that Warren and I fell in love, and I was able to escape here to Indiana. I couldn't have managed the move without him. And I LOVE Indiana. Lower prices, lower real-estate taxes, and people who are like-minded with me. Nearly Nirvana.

      You said: but they will eventually get to all of us.

      I'm looking for a federal wealth tax in the not-too-distant future. It won't be called "federal wealth tax," but rather something like "unrealized gains tax." A bullshit euphemism -- another government specialty.

    3. Stole a half million from you... Unreal. Yea, no doubt the libs have no problem, until it happens to them. Did they even explain why they needed 40 feet ? They may as well just come to your bank and take your savings. Did they pay you anything at all for it?

      Indiana is not bad at all. I'm right across the border. They are pretty solid red. I think it will take them too long to import enough dems for you to have to worry.

      Yea, it will be something like the Fair tax. The kids will love it and not even know they are paying the tax via product and service prices.

      It is very nice to hear things are going well for you. If anyone deserves it, it is you. I hope to keep seeing you around the blogs. Best wishes for you and Warren.

    4. Welcome to America....this zoning thing is the ultimate confiscation. We had 200 acres zoned "Open Space" a family farm in the family for 8 generations. An original William Penn land grant. Worthless. The business zoned residential. We could go to court and spend ten years and live a miserable life consumed and oodles of money... but life goes on. I became a blogger instead. (sarc)

    5. Bunk, and most people won't know or care about this because they don't own anything to take. Until they do, then it's too late.

    6. Bunkerville,
      Yeah, this kind of thing is happening all over America.

      And where are the investigative journalists to expose these travesties?

    7. It sure is AOW. There is an area in Cincinnati called Norwood. The local gov called the area 'blighted' and forced many homeowners off their property, giving them way below market for it and selling it to developers. At least one home owner may still be fighting it after more than 10 years. Taking over "blighted property" that their developer partners in crime want is very common around the country from what I understand.

      Yours was the saddest and most disturbing case I've ever heard of.

  4. "Again they Will get violent though so watch out for that."
    Two can (and will) play that game.

  5. Looks like aleicwas made to audition for a new role.
    she was about to make a movie about the underground
    child sex pizzagate. and aleicwas used for thier hitman role.
    he did not know what was happening, altho the movie people are infatuated
    with this typeof covering their tracs. Could be why most of their movies are full of Drama about violence. Violence is the main mindset of the top players.
    they use some uneducated (booklearned doesn't equate to educated)- blm - just for anexample.
    t w .

    1. TSWS. Yes, and we'll never know. We do know it stinks. What about democrats doesn't stink?

      Talking about pedophiles and trafficking, what is happening to the hundreds? thousands? of "unaccompanied minors" they shipped all over the US ?

  6. Late comer to your blog Kid and this post. I was a psych nurse for over seven years in my younger nursing days and I can honestly say about 98% of my patients are of the liberal, left mind milieu. It got to be frustrating. I worked graveyard and it was some nights battle to NOT bring my aluminum bat to work... They were like clockwork, you could set your monthly calendar to whose was going to be admitted.

  7. Welcome Cederq. That's darned interesting. Any idea what the correlation is ? Some benefit for them to come in at certain times? Nothing really comes to mind.

    1. I believe is was coping, or better described as lack of coping with reality. They would be adjusted in their meds and after reaching a therapeutic dose and feeling somewhat normal would chuck the prescription bottle out the window. The spiral downward would commence and pop, be my guest... Another factor, attention, even negative attention is desirable if you are not receiving your daily dose by hook or drama. Then there was the victim card to play and garner sympathy, like clock work Kid.

    2. That makes sense Cederq. We can be sure there is some mental disease associated with any tried and true liberal also (as opposed to some really confused young person who may come to their senses at some point).

      Yea, sure fits the profile.