Thursday, July 15, 2021

Men Giving Up on Women

So, I'm on youtube and for whatever reason I trip over a video describing why men are giving up on not only marriage but even women as well, deciding to stay pretty much single and even not bothering with women.

I didn't watch the video. I just read the comments.  Here is one where again I didn't watch the vid just looked at the comments of men explaining why and doing so in a calm matter of fact way.


An acronym you may see a lot of in the comments MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way.

There are TONS of these videos and TONS of similar comments from the guys.  There are also lots of reasons why many men are like this now so I won't even try to list them, though fear of divorce and being taken for a ride seems a big hitter.

And these are the women who look and seem fairly normal.

Society is breaking in my opinion.  It sure is different from when I was still dating all the way up to 23 years ago.  I'm glad I'm not on the dating scene now.  Frankly, I wouldn't even  bother.


Lots don't even bother dating or even looking for casual sex anymore. Too risky.  Their experiences with women are apparently that bad.

So, what is on the other side of the ledger?  Always has to be the other side to the ledger right?  So I type "Women giving up on men" and also "Women giving up on marriage" in youtube search and Nothing relevant to women giving up comes up.  The same videos of men talking about giving up are what appear. 

If I type those search terms into a general internet search a couple hits come up but nothing that looks like credible widespread (non man hating) trends of women giving up on men.

Outside of man hating feminists, does anyone know any sane women who are giving up ?  

Thought this was an interesting cultural shift that I wasn't fully aware of and now I wonder if this is going on in other western  countries.  I don't see it getting better.


  1. Dunno, Kid. There are 1.57 billion Moslems in the world; 785 million of them are men, all of whom hate women. Trending toward Satan, perhaps?

  2. I have 2 gorgeous nieces who very rarely date...I'm biased but they ARE very beautiful girls. NADA.
    I am not going to look at your videos but your explanation is enough for me.
    When most people go thru dating websites to meet people, you know we have problems in our culture.
    Kid, I am glad I'm not a young person.....
    By the way, since I lost Mr. Z 12 years ago, MANY people ask"Haven't you met ANYONE you like?"
    I tell them I haven't met anyone I don't like, even..............Not sure people aren't dating but you sure don't hear about dating much.
    not a good thing.

    1. Sorry to hear about your nieces. There ARE good women and men out there, but geezix what a minefield.
      Where to find dates? That's another side of it that doesn't look good. Work? Not a good idea. Bars? nada. Church? Not many people attending these days. Honestly, where do people find someone. I imagine dating sites are dangerous but I do know a couple girls who did meet great guys on and got married. That may be quite the oddity as I sure don't have any visibility into the situation to speculate one way or the other.

    2. When I lived down south I was told to go to church to meet the girls.

    3. Met my 1st wife in church Ed. Didn't work out.

    4. Church isn't a reliable place to meet girls or guys but if you both go there, you usually share really good values and even political it's a good place IF the right one is there!
      I have heard of SO many people who met on line...and not dorky, nerdy people, really COOL apparently works. Funny, one of my sisters suggested I do that just this morning...
      I have no desire to do that. Subject closed :-) (I just saved someone BIG time! HAAA!)

    5. There ya go, another good one in hiding. Probably no tattoos either.

    6. If you mean ME,I'm smiling from ear to ear....and no, no tatts!! :) xxx

  3. Replies
    1. LSP, I'd say you're not wrong. I hate taking the chance of over-reacting, but Dayum Sam, tings be messed up preddy good Amigo.

    2. I really do believe that, too, LSP....
      Have you seen that commercial where the girl's come home to visit with her boyfriend and whispers to her boyfriend "Did you bring the condoms?" What will they have in 10 years, the couple has sex in the living room on the sofa next to dad? Why not?
      just one example of what I think is REAL know what? THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO far can PEOPLE go where we're not just another animal? And that's a scary scenario.

  4. Where to go to meet women? You're kidding right?

    Here you go, the answer is go....drum roll...outside. Yep, hard as it may be to believe, there literally millions of woman on the other side of your front door. But, you whimper, I don't know anything about any of them. Well my friend you're just going to have to learn the art of conversation.

    Sometimes what might seem like the corniest crap in the world will get you a smile. I'm not talking about pick up artists that will teach you how to walk down the street and get women into your bed within the hour. I mean if you see an interesting looking gal, strike up a conversation. Take her to coffee, maybe get her number for a date. One thing is for certain, she sure as hell isn't going to ask you.

    Personally, I like women, always have. I'm not a 6'2", muscular study guy but I'm in shape, I'm clean and personable and I guess it's obvious I enjoy the company of gals because I've never had a problem dating.

    I met the woman of my dreams working on a ladder, repairing her apartment window. She came over to the window, quite irritated at the racket and within 15 minutes I had her phone number took it from there.

    The thought of online dating is preposterous to me.

    1. I'm not whimpering about anything. Very happily married. This post points you to guys on youtube talking about their troubles with the women they've known, maybe you need to focus better. If I were in the younger dating age group, I can see where it is a real mine field. I'd be very pessimistic about meeting a sane girl with the right focus on life. Feminists, gold diggers, tattooed wonders, mental cases, etc.
      I'll refer you to The Hot Crazy Matrix on youtube.