Sunday, June 20, 2021

Man, It's Been A While.

Let's take refugee from this Earthly clown show and go look around the universe, which is perfectly sublime, wonderful, and too far away to do us any harm or cause us to lose our lunch by putting itself on display.

Click on the images if you don't have anything better to do.

Clouds of Carina

Star Clusters ! Yippeeeeee !

Galaxy On Edge
Not sure what he's nervous about.

The Evil Eye Galaxy

Flame Nebula and Alnitak on a Date

Horsehead in Orion
(Find the horsehead and win a chance for your 8- 12 yr old niece to visit 
Joe Biden Alone in the Oval Office !)

Part of Lagoon Nebula

Magnetic Fields in Centaurus A

Jets from Necklace Nebula.

Pencil Neck Shockwave

Red Sprites

The Aurora Tree

I'm feeling Windblown

And Here are two pictures that make me more enthusiastic about taking a one way trip to Mars to be one of the first settlers, than I have ever been about anything in my entire life.  I want to go there so bad.  Please send me..... 

Or, well, you could also Bite Me.

Finally, enjoy the best tune ever written in the history of mankind


  1. Man! Pace yourself. That's overwhelming.

    1. Makin up for lost time Ed. Some of my readers aren't as busy as you you know. Some have trouble getting to sleep, like Mustang here dreaming about tattoos.

      I always appreciate your thoughts however. Now, take a deep breath and go through one or two images a day. That Beatles tune will lift your spirits to the Heavens though so listen to that one every day.

  2. Heck yeah, I wanna go to Mars. About as much as I want a tattoo where the sun doesn't shine.

    1. Mustang, Imagine wanting to go to Mars. LOL. I'd almost rather hop in the sack with that fat tranny guy Biden put in his administration that looks like Gila Monster vomit on top of a wet dog turd. In a light rain.

    2. The key to good marketing is a pleasing visual display ... kind of like those travel brochures that look like THE place to spend your vacation, only when you finally arrive, it’s a proverbial shit hole. With that in mind, and while I appreciate your truth in advertising, how do you intend to get Democrats, Progressives, and Communists to go to Mars if you keep showing them the real digs? Crumbs, Kid .. do I have to do all the thinking around here?

    3. Mustang, I was told that democrats do not like attractive stuff. Especially stuff that makes sense and works. Mars should therefore be perfect for them.

      I can't wait to see a bunch of morons hop on a spacecraft for Mars.

  3. "Find the horsehead and win a chance for your 8- 12 yr old niece to visit
    Joe Biden Alone in the Oval Office !)" You SLAY me!! HIlarious..and WHAT beautiful's amazing!

    If you told me I was going to Mars, my feet would grow roots into the earth! I am NOT THAT BRAVE!

    And may I be brave enough to ask "What do you see in that tune?" Tho it's fun to hear the Beatles so 'au naturel' and 'off camera', so to speak!! By the way, with ANY celeb or Broadway show, etc., I'd FAR FAR prefer to see the rehearsal than the actual I DO like the behind the scenes recordings, etc!!!

    1. Thank you Z !!

      Brain in overdrive lately. Probably from the Prednisone I'm taking for a case of poison ivy...

      Mars, Geeeezix, there is nothing there ! No pizza and no way to make any. Who in the Hell would go there ?? Lol

      There is that Beatles vid of them playing Get Back on some rooftop somewhere. They used to play smaller clubs and bill themselves as Ricky and the Rockets for example. Fun stuff.

      Well, I would never know this tune existed but back when I was 15, I worked with some guys at McDonalds and we would get together at some guys place named Steinmiller and play poker. I made enough to live off from that in terms of buying food and kicking in a little for rent. Anyway, we'd play music and this tune was a B side to some other tune and we thought it was hilarious. We'd sit around and sing along and howl like monkeys. Fun times.

    2. Come to think of it the RED SPRITES do look like fireworks! How's your poison ivy? email me, please :-)

    3. Normally, Red Sprites go up into the atmosphere above clouds where lightning is occurring. Scientists don't know much about them. Probably because they can't be folded into the climate change scam.

  4. I have to admit the Mars pics don't look so appealing... I suggest Bezo just keep going once he is up there...a perfect place to land.

    1. Honestly Bunk, who'd want to go there ?

  5. I love this post, especially the remarkable, talented, amazing, awesome, ahem, Beatles.

    Whatev, let's see a Mars base and, obvs, MOON.

    1. Thank you LSP ! Was thinking that might be a good tune for your Jukebox but decided to spin it here instead.

      Gotta have that Mars base ! Imagine the close ups we'd get of Tons of more rocks.


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  8. It HAS been a while... all this time and just to be Rick Roll'd.. or would that be Ringo Roll'd? In any case, I will probably be humming that tune (jumble of sounds) in my head for the rest of the day. and when I close my eyes, I just sees sprites. If only I was on Mars and growing potatoes in my own feces...

    1. I thought about that too DaBlade, but... you can't make pizza with potatoes.

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