Friday, May 7, 2021

John Kerry Receives 3 of Iran's Rare and Prized "Magnificent Infidel Tool" Medals

These are the medals that were awarded, according to a UN expert on Iranian Infidel Studies, Mohammed Mohammed Nohomo, who is thought to be homosexual and therefore under the protection of France's head chef at the Louvre, Pierre Jean Claude Pierre la Fit, pictured here in an undated photo.

Oh right, the medals..

The towering John Kerry, in order to ensure he does not appear as the dominant individual next to the puny Iranian political leaders decided to wear the submissive outfit that he generally reserves for his wife's kinky parties, pictured below.

Mr Kerry remarked that he really liked the gold colored one and that it was "very pretty".

As the Ayotollahla was pinning the medals onto Kerry's blouse, one of them pricked Kerry's chest.  He screamed in pain.  

After composing himself, Kerry then asked the Ayotollahla if he had a band-aid and also if Iran had a version of America's Purple Heart medal that Kerry became so fond of years ago when secretly working for the North Vietnamese.

The Ayotollahla said he would check in the sofa cushions and would let Mr Kerry know in the morning.

The ceremony ended with the traditional consumption of kool-aid, scones (biscuits) and a reading from the koran regarding the proper procedure for wife beating.

Well that's it then folks.  I mean it's Iran. What did you expect.


  1. have the nerve to tell me never to mention the name HILLARY CLINTON but you post a picture like THIS of Kerry? ARRRRGGGGGHHH! (Smile) NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! :=)

  2. Kid, perhaps you remember Biden telling the world that "transsexual rights are the biggest civil rights issue of our time!" Or something like that.

    What a fraudulent old mountebank.

    Nice photo of of MillSoc Kerry, btw.

    1. And here I thought it was the climate thing-a-ma-bob Parson. CO2 is racist ya know.

  3. Will he throw these over the White House fence, like he did those other medals?

    1. Pro Tip Anon - He didn't toss the other ones over the fence either.

  4. Kerry, whatever form he/she takes, is nothing if not cunning. The only reason he joined the Navy was to pad his political career — like Jack Kennedy did. He even picked the fast boats, like Jack Kennedy did. Now, he wasn’t able to arrange a Japanese destroyer incident, on account of the fact that there weren’t any, but he did manage to shoot himself twice (maybe three times) for the Purple Heart medal and none of that has hurt his career at all, has it? And then he craftily decided to marry someone with a gazillion bucks from a previous marriage. His only contribution to that wealth has been his political corruption, which has enlarged the Kerry/Heinz fortunes in the same way that Obama padded his wealth, and Biden his, and the Clinton’s theirs — all of whom belong to the League of Extraordinary Racketeers. You probably remember the LER from 1950s TV ... all for one, one for all.

    Your picture of Ms. Kerry (which I assume is one of your keep-sake items) reminds me of a boy-tart I once saw in a bar in San Diego. He was very popular among the bos’n strikers, who’d been cooped up aboard ship for far too long and had consumed far too many 3.2 beers. Not even Jerry, after twelve hours of celebrating his four handicap, would stoop so low. Still, your fascination with navy tradition is quite disturbing and it is Madam Z’s and my hope that you’ll seek some form of intervention. We are astounded that you’ve fallen so far from North Korea’s comfort stations. I won’t mention any names here, but some people think that your uncanny fascinations is due to your over-exposure to garlic perfume. Not to worry, though. I’ve applied for a multi-million dollar government grant to study this further. Don’t give up hope. Just stop publishing pictures of boy-tarts. That would be a good start.

  5. Keep Sake. Exactly Mustang ! A treasured item that I may stick on E-Bay as an NFT someday.

    And yes our boy girl Kerry has nothing on Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger does he. Arnold moves from Austria to the USA, learns the language (somewhat), becomes famous for lifting weights, becomes an famous actor, marries into the Kennedy family, becomes Governor of a state he can't even pronounce. Guys been in the zone for 5 decades. Kerry wouldn't even make a sore muscle on Arnie's butt.

    Kerry must cry himself to sleep every night thinking about a guy like this who becomes so successful an marry someone actually good looking enough to have sex with at night. hahaha

    Well anyway, I appreciate your sympathetic attention. I can use all the help I can get. I hope to retire someday prior to age 105 while I can still run with the boys ya know.

    As far as North Korea, I haven't heard from Mr Un for a god while now. I'll have to see if I can ring him up.

  6. Well for sure Kerry hasn't gotten any better I must add your "imprint" to my collection of worthy forgetables? Perhaps he can join Biden in the basement. I sure do miss those first 100 days when we were wondering if Biden was alive at all..

    1. Well, I didn't realize how distressing the image could be to some so apologies for that. :)
      Biden is just perfection for the libs isn't he? A moron who can't even talk. AOC must be up all night dreaming of him.