Sunday, October 11, 2020

President Donald J Trump's interview by Dr Marc Seigel

h/t Adrienne

The real interview went like this......

Dr MS: Mr President, when did you first notice something wasn't quite right with your health?

DJT: Well Marc, I felt my strength was down and looking around the White House and in all of my clothing, I was finding pieces of Kryptonite. Some very small, but some very large, like in the closets and under the beds the pieces were quite large. I must say Kryptonite doesn't affect me as much lately like it used to but the doctors still thought it would be a good idea to isolate me at Walter Reed while the Kryptonite was removed from the White House. It was only a day and a half and I was at full strength again but the doctors insisted I stay another 2 days to be sure.

Dr MS: How do you think the Kryptonite got into the White House Mr President?

DJT: Well, clearly this was the work of the Deep State and largely, I think the bulk of it was brought in by that drunken slut Crazy Nancy and her sidekick Chuckie Schumer. They've been in and out of the White House for over a couple weeks now pretending to want to negotiate the Covid Relief funds that we so desperately need to keep the economy strong and more importantly keep food on the table for the families of all the out of work restaurant workers and others who have been displaced by this China hoax. That is how I think the Kryptonite got in there Marc. Terrible thing but nothing new for these two Satan worshippers eh Marc? But Crazy Nancy and the Satan Puppet Schumer are no doubt laughing at the suffering going on everyday by millions of American families. They have no intention of bringing relief to the American people. These are the kinds of people they are Marc. They should be put on the Highway to Hell strapped to some of those rockets that Wile E Coyote uses. Shoot them right down there. This I will tell you Marc but it is not up to us to enact this kind of eternal punishment, that is up to God.

Dr MS: Mr President, how is the First Lady Melania doing?

DJT: Well, she was never at risk, she is stronger on her worst day than all the democrats put together on their best day. She wants the children to know that soon after I am re-elected, relief will be brought to they and their families and that we will be putting all of these hideous people in jail, from the Satanic beast clinton, to the murderous governors of NY and California. I tell them Hang On you wonderful children and hope your parents and siblings of voting age have a couple brain cells to rub together on election day.

Dr MS: Thank you Mr President and we all wish you a wonderful week and great health. Goodbye for now and if you don't mind I'd like to share one of your X-rays from Walter Reed for anyone who is worried that you are still being negatively affected by the Kryptonite attack.

DJT: Thank you Marc, and yes please do.



  1. TESTING!!! What I'd said was I loved this post AND that the Xray is terrific AND that I TOTALLY agree about what to do to Cuomo and NEWSOM!!

    1. Thank You Z ! Good Lord imagine the kind of evil running around.

  2. Kryptonite can't hurt this president. We, the anti-Kryptonite faithful, will fight to the death all Lex Luthor types ... aargh!