Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A New Site I Found


Politically Incorrect Canadian


  1. I LIKE IT! I love the thing about Columbus being the only immigrant the Left hates! Do you know WHERE on the Canadian "left coast" he's on?
    By the way, I couldn't get the parking meter to take my credit card yesterday and it was sunny so it's hard to read the meter's 'writing'...but finally I read HAPPY HOLIDAY! :-) Kind of blew my mind. I didn't have to pay the pkg meter because of Columbus? IN THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF SANTA MONICA? !!!! Then I thought "They're probably celebrating INDIGENOUS PEOPLE DAY instead!" :-) WHy haven't you commented to the Canadian?!!

    1. Glad you like Z. I do not know where he/she lives. Not sure why I haven't commented yet Z. Maybe I'm waiting for Barrett to be confirmed hohoho.

      I wonder if they have a parking meter holiday here. I'll never now because I never go downtown...

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    1. Good the hear Mustang. This is the kind of stuff we need.

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    1. AOW, Any site with cats is good enough for me.