Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Alright, How About a Cathedral to Massive Stars ?

 No social distancing required.




  1. GORGEOUS...and kind of freaky...It IS like a Cathedral to massive stars...good call!!

  2. Wow.

    I love that.

    Some say every star, and planet, has an attendant angel. That sounds a bit sappy, perhaps, until you look at them.


    1. Let there be light LSP. And 6 days could be 6 milliseconds or 6 million years.

    2. LSP, Imagine in Heaven we are given stars and planets and whatever else to take care of. 10 trillion galaxies at last estimate. Lots to see and do !

    3. Nice thought Kid. What do Democrats get?

    4. Mustang, democrats get Me to tend to their planet. Bwa Ha Ha Ha HA HAAaaaaa ! I'll be known as the Karma king.

  3. I believe that is a photo of Arch Rock on Mackinac Island, one of my fav vacation destinations. Now I'm hungry for a pastie and some fudge.

    1. God's wonders stretch from Michigan to Antares and all across the universe. I wonder why He passed on Cleveland and Newark.

  4. Replies
    1. Well, ya got me there Franco. All I can think of are those red hots candies that came in a box.

  5. Wondering ... how far do you think it is from the camera to the center mass of the Cathedral? The vastness of space simply blows my mind. You’re traveling at the speed of light, yet looking out the window it appears as if you’re only doing around 7 mph. Of course, I’m speaking now of the likelihood that if traveling at the speed of light, then the pilot would be about as thick as a pancake stuck to the back bulkhead of the cockpit. Think, too, were it not for earth’s gravity, we wouldn’t have such a neat little space bubble to play in. Amazing stuff, Kid. Considering all the stuff out in space, nothing compares to the beauty of planet earth. It makes you wonder why anyone is even interesting in going into deep space. Heaven on earth comes to mind, and it reaffirms by belief that our planet was never a coincidence of nature.

    1. Mustang, Clicking on the image then reading the description below the image it reads in part - "Toward the bottom of the image, stars are still forming in the associated emission nebula NGC 6357."

      If you click on the "NGC 6357" link portion it states in the description for that - "Massive stars lie within NGC 6357, an expansive emission nebula complex some 8,000 light-years away in the tail of the constellation Scorpius".

      So, 5.8 trillion times 8,000 miles away lies this little beauty, not even a pin prick on the skyscape, even for Hubble.

      Furthermore, in order to travel at the speeds suggested by the Star Trek series, it is likely that one would need tractor beams grabbing on every atom in every part of the ship including all the atoms in the humans to keep them in position relative to afore mentioned bulkheads in order to avoid the pancake effect we so desire democrats to experience.

      I agree that Earth is unique, not some absurd chance meeting of chemicals baked for 30 minutes in a 450 degree oven while covered. One of the concepts the athiests put forth to sell this nonsense is to say that "an unlimited number of monkeys pounding on an unlimited number of typewriters would eventually pound out War and Peace word for word". To that I say Bullshit. No, they never would. It's too bad you can get stupid people to believe anything and that there are too many stupid people.

      We don't need to understand it to see that it is. Even if it is a product of progressive evolution, it still didn't "happen by itself". The big bang didn't happen by itself and whatever caused the big bang didn't happen by itself. Not only do the scale of objects resolve to infinity large and small in both directions, so do the events. How many big bangs have there been? Infinite number. How many more big bangs will there be? Infinite number.

      Even though Carl Sagan was an atheist, he tried to convey that "This is it. This Earth is where we live and the only place we will live for the imaginable future". How about we take the approach of getting along with each other and taking care of our house.

      There is a reason this place isn't called Heaven - is how I look at it. Though if one just observes there is almost infinite beauty right here to see which is why I don't sweat the little things or even the bigger things.

      And yea, Who in the hell would want to take a one way trip to Mars ?? Rocks and sand. no pizza parlors and no way to make it anyway. Not for me.

  6. If traveling that way to Mars we would be to old to enjoy it.
    At any age.
    If there was anything to enjoy.
    Holding our noise and taking a deep breath - the particle beam transporter
    could spin us at the speed of light, even that would take 20 or so light years?

    1. TS, well, given current rocket technology, the trip to Mars takes from 6 to 8 months depending on where Mars is in its orbit relative to Earth when you take off. Dangerous trip for the human body. Things happen to human bodies out in space. Then when you get there, there isn't anything there. Live in a very small confined space able to put on a space suit and go play in the rocks and sand? Nothing romantic or adventurous about that to me.

      As far as beaming somewhere, I believe some sort of device would have to already exist at the destination for you to be able to re-materialize. How does that get there before thousands of years elapse? Insane. We're not going anywhere so humans better make this rock work.

    2. Nothing alive on Mars proves that the U.S. Marines have already been there.

    3. And if the Marines couldn't maintain an interest in the place, I sure couldn't.

  7. I thought it was sometime to get to Mars. The Flag Shelia Jackson Lee, said was there,
    should have been planted by some old Astronauts.

    1. TS, We would have gone and gotten that flag back but Hank Johnson is worried Mars will flip over and Cap Size. No kidding.

  8. Meditation on a Tragic Anniversary

    A radiant cloudless mornin
    ___ air fresh and clear
    ______sky the brightest blue
    _________ mood mellow
    A lovely young day bright with promise ––

    And then a gleaming silver shell appeared
    ___ mirroring beautifully the morning sunshine
    ______ A Thing of Beauty –– but horribly out of place
    _________ like a spacecraft from an alien planet

    Dipping crazily far too low upon the skyline
    ___ before anyone could feel the menace ––
    ______ it smashed directly into a gigantic upright construct ––
    _________ one of a pair ––

    Twin monuments to Greed and Vain Ambition some were quick to say

    But sudden violent death eradicated an entire investment firm
    ___ in one horrific instant ––
    ______ dozens of bright young lives incinerated –– gone!

    Before dazed onlookers could begin to understand what was happening
    ___ another silver shell acting as a missile
    ______ crashed into the second of the giant pair.

    Ugly buildings! A hideous blot
    ___ on the once-graceful Manhattan skyline.

    “Ada Louise Huxtable might secretly rejoice at this,”
    ___ part of me thought wickedly, for I had always resented
    ______ the overbearing, outsized twins ––
    _________ Bounders! Interlopers ! Invaders!

    But before that ruined day was halfway through
    ___ three-thousand innocents had been
    ______ burned alive, brains and eyeballs boiled
    _________ skulls pulverized, skeletons crushed
    _________ between twisting, white hot girders
    _________ pelted with falling rubble midst the flames
    _________ caught, crippled, crumpled, smashed to bits ––
    ___Smothered in collapsing stairwells and buried alive
    ______ in a torrent of red hot cinders and debris

    In so many ways the scene must have mimicked the final hours
    ___ of the residents of Pompeii and Herculaneum

    And then there were those hideous echoes
    ___ of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire ––
    Where so many jumped to their deaths
    ___ to escape being burned alive ––
    In an instant smashed skulls, broken bones and bloody pulp
    ___ were all that remained of their vibrant young lives.

    And not so long ago in Benghazi –– to mark the anniversary
    ______ of this Great Triumph of Barbarity over Civilization
    _________ our young, handsome, well-meaning,
    _________ hopelessly naive, ambassador to Libya
    ____________was surrounded in his quarters,
    ____________ dragged out into the streets
    ____________ beaten, sodomized and brutally murdered.

    But what does any of this matter? What difference does it make?
    ___ Let’s just forget about it, and MOVE ON.
    ______ Might as well.

    We are privileged to live in interesting times.

    ____________ Kyrie eleison!
    ____________ Kyrie eleison!
    ____________ Christe eleison!

    ~ FreeThinke - 911/2020

    1. Unreal isn't it Franco. No response from America.