Friday, July 31, 2020

The Year Is 2037

The Democrats had invested 2 trillion into long term care for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg. She was placed into a mobile unit which attended to her every nutritional need as well as destroying the cancers that invaded her body every other week.  She was pumped with anti-Aging medications and preparations 24/7/365.  This had the effect of making her look a bit younger, but also caused her to look like a transgender in transition who also looked a lot like Captain Christopher Pike from the Star Trek Episode 'The Menagerie'.  

Ruth's transgender effect pleased Americans of all age groups and many were saving up to obtain the same treatment themselves one sunny day.  Sadly, unless they were liberal, anti-American tools operating on the highest court in the land, they would never receive such treatment, even on their own dime.   Multi-colored hair, random tattoos chosen by hallucinating squirrels, and the usual plastic surgery is about all they'd get.

Recent Picture of Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg

Lot of changes had been implemented in regard to the non-existent white on black racism myth of the early 2000's.  Once all the statues of the racist Democrats had been removed and history completely rewritten, the Democrats were stuck with the problem of how to perpetuate the racism myth.  Nana Pelosi, in a drunken stupor came up with the idea of redesigning the Scales of Justice statue after watching a Samuel L Jackson movie.

The statue now represented the blind university graduates and had a recreation of a typical lawn jockey resting on the lower plate with a sculpture of Honey BooBoo covered in everlasting porcelain on the higher plate.

Samuel J Jackson is currently suing the HoneyBooBoo foundation for using his likeness.  Anyways, Honey BooBoo would shout orders to Sammy all day long through a megaphone powered by a days long recording to represent how the evil white people used their slaves until Joe Biden came along to save them.  Honey would shout things like "Kiss My Grits Sammy!" all day long to which the lawn jockey would reply "Yes'm Missah BooBoo, Right Aways".  This pissed off Samuel L even more.

Needless to say Honey BooBoo was a White Supremacist, Republican, Conservative Christian, Racist Bitch who had maybe fired a gun or at least had seen a picture of one once in her life.

If you were white, you sure didn't want to be caught on the street looking like Honey BooBoo.  The young white liberals would tear you to shreds while the black folk gathered in the Hip Hop Rapper joints pleased that their work was being done outside.

Other changes had been made, most of them passed into law by the Democrat Majority government that began its rein January 2021.  Some of the more notable changes as follows:

Police stations became foot washing and shoe shining stations for black people.

School teachers and University professors always replaced the dumbass, er I mean almost Genius answers of black students and made them more correct than any of the answers by the white students.  The US Government would send these schools billions of dollars for the exceptional job they did teaching black folk.   Teachers would pilfer some of the money and send the rest back to the democrat politicians.  Teachers were predominately registered sex offender drag queens or former BDSM prostitutes.

White students always had to carry the books home for the black students.  John was lucky, he got to carry the books of the most beautiful black girl he had ever seen - Mahogany Brown.  When they got to her front door he would spread his feet apart facing her so she could give him a good swift kick, which he loved, then send him on his way once he caught his breath again. 

Three days a week the white folks would stop on the way home and buy their adopted black student either a fish sandwich with strawberry shake at McD's or some fried chicken at Mommas Popcorn place.  Even though this was a racist act, as all acts by white people were in 2037 so what the thing bro, people gotta eat something.  Black folk didn't mind that the food was good either.  The crackers would have bought 5 days a week but they didn't have enough money what with keeping sufficient shoe polish and foot washing supplies on hand.

The talking president robots at Disneyland theme parks had all been replaced by black rappers and no talent celebrities like Snoop Dog, Slappy Dog, Diggy Dog, Dog the Dog, Hey Dog, Hip Dog, and many other Dog types. 

Instead of giving famous historical speeches, they'd whip off an anti-white or anti-cop or anti-America rap followed by some jive talk that none of the white kids could understand.  All profits went to planned parenthood recreation centers.  A sample presentation by one of the Amos or Andy Dogs might be as such: 

White folks are raciss and they got no souls Kingfisher!
Roses are black and violets are brown and if ya don't dig you a cracker.
Hey my squigger got no cornpone for his trombone. Dig dog be all cotton later at the velvet crib. Wax my Caddie.
Cracker crumble yo get me sumptin quick.

Most of the robots were smokin weed or crack, or shootin H.

Jive talk studies after class or theme park visits were mandatory and the cost was $75 an hour, or $90 depending on who the teach was and how good a shine job you could do.

The white kids bowed their heads, stood in awe, cried, and whacked themselves over the head with chains, knives, and machetes like the mohammedans do every year while begging forgiveness.  For what they weren't sure.

As an aside, notice only the individual on the left is observing the mandatory Covid-19 related face masking law from 2021. Obviously a Wuss.

It was mandatory that when white folks signed up for selective service they would be assigned user IDs and accounts with all the social media venues - facebook, twitter, instagram, spotify, shopify, crackify, pinterest, stupify, and hundreds of other social media portals in which they would need to update daily based upon their provable anti-racist community service activities.  There was no such requirement for black folk dig, ain't a racist brother on the planet.  My assigned ID is Cracker_353992 if you want to follow me.

Mayors of democrat run cities, which were now 98% of all cities, were required to be female homosexuals or transgenders with partners ugly enough to peel the bark off of a Sequoia. 

Sample picture:

You're Welcome

All Supreme Court justices are now required to be former middle or high school dropout, no talent, communist loving, gender fluid, actresses.  Except for Ruth Buzzi of course.

Displaying an IQ above 57 could get you killed.


  1. I am ROARING!!
    "you're welcome" about did me IN :-)

    TOO GOOD, you racist, Republican White Supremacist PIG :-) (ya you're not a racist..who cares, go with got the moniker, anyway!)

    GREAT STUFF, Kid! Thank you !


  2. Thank You Z! Glad you got a laugh. And hey, this might come to pass by 2037 or earlier.

  3. Laugh or cry...?
    Laugh or cry...?
    Laugh or cry...?

  4. After years of expensive therapy, I had almost made it to the point of declaring victory from the trauma caused by exposure to A&E’s Honey Boo-Boo. And then, what did you do? What DID you do? Typical, actually, of uncaring, self-centered, white-racist pebbles.

    1. Mustang, no sir, it was Samuel L who held a gun to my head and made me do it.

  5. The Next Step of course, will be a reinstitution of Chattel Slavery only THIS time it will the Evil WHITES who get to stand naked on the auction blocks, watch the mothers of their children get sold "down the river," to see their children taken from them by force to be sold as Body Slaves to men and women of Sainted African Negro descent.

    White children will be considered TOYS for the Black Rulers to play with and abuse any way they choose. These "TOYS," of course will subject to rejection and summary disposal once their Negro Owners get tired of them or find them in any way displeasing. Either to be killed outright, or turning loose in the streets to try to prostitute themselves to any Negro who takes a fancy to them. Payment for services renders, of course, will totally unregulated and considered optional.

    Any White Racist Bastard caught frowning, or displaying the slightest HINT of a negative opinion towards his black Masters will be summarily LYNCHED –– tortured, mutilated, dismembered, hanged till almost dead, then cut down and BURNED ALIVE after being doused with kerosene or gasoline.

    The Enslaved White Laydees Catering Contingent will be required to produce a Grand Buffet of Fried Chicken, Squirrels, Muskrats, Raccoons, and Horned Screech Owls to celebrate this joyful act of Summry Justice in the Sub-Saharan States of North America.

    Also a brisk trade in selling White Virgins –– aged 8 to 15 –– to join the harems of rich Muslim Potentates will be quickly established to enrich the coffers of the new government of the Sub-Saharan States of North America.

    "JUSTICE At LAST" will be he motto of this new Afro-American nation.

    Won't ir be loverly?

  6. That's 2038 Franco. Very imaginative and insightful !

    1. Thanks, Kid, but it's not nearly as amusing as your always spot-on satire.


      ____________ On the Floe ____________
      The sun is setting in the east these days.
      The north pole traveled southward long ago.
      The penguins in the tropics now wear leis.
      The roses in the tundra sweetly blow.

      The tides receding come in nevermore.
      The geese now migrate from the south to north.
      The ocean vast is nothing now but shore.
      The semen towards the egg will not come forth.

      Negativity we worship now as god.
      Perversity is wholesome; Virtue’s vile.
      Normality’s regarded now as odd.
      Whatever’s queer is welcomed with a smile.

      Darkness has become the Guiding Light.
      To stay alive we must not fight the Blight.

      ~ FreeThinke

    3. Danke Shoen Once Again Franco.

      Hey good one there also. Interesting that no fiction writer ever has imagined a good ending for the human race that I know of.


  7. Barack Obama eulogizing speech of John Lewis was among the most disgusting moments in American history. It clearly pointed out just how low the Democrats have fallen.

    1. They've been there a long time GW, they just don't try to hide it anymore.


    Since the behavior of Democrats in power at the Supreme Court hearings for Robert Bork, the hearings for Clarence Thomas, those for Brett Kavanaugh, and the more recent Kangaroo Court Attorney General William Barr was subjected to were brutally unfair, circus-like proceedings that turned the nominating process and hearings in each case into a travesty –– a hideous perversion of due process that most closely resembled the infamous "Show Trials" of Stalin's era –– I see no reason whatsoever why we should trust ANY of the Democrats NOT to lie, cheat, steal –– and possibly even kill –– to get their way.

    Democrats are obsessed with an all consuming LUST for POWER that supersedes all other considerations. This makes them exceedingly dangerous to deal with, becuse they are ruthless. Should they win the presidency and claim majorities in both the House and the Senate –– God forbid! –– I would greatly fear for the future of our once-great nation

    Because of the inordinate influence bold, new, hyper-insolent leftist figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ratshita Tlaib, and Ayanna Presley seem to have been virtually granted by our avowedly Marxist ENEMEDIA, and the craven acquiescence of Establishment Democrats like Nancy Pelousy, Chuck Schumer, and Jerrold Nadler, who have simply rolled over and played dead for the outrageous demands and highly destructive radical ideas of these hoydenish harpies, our political orientation has been virtually forced to move so far to the left that the tenets and principles that faounded the United States of America have been virtually buried in screeching, roaring, droning, thumping, clattering, nattering, sneering, jeering LEFTIST Propaganda.

    The apparent lack of awareness of this regrettable phenomenon on the part of Republicans, who tend to be stolid, woefully dispassionate, too polite, and frankly otiose when it comes to taking positive action designed to thwart the ambitions of political adversaries is discouraging to say the least. This is the stuff of which RINO'S are made, and the main reason President Trump's admittedly radical, but remarkably wholesome, energizing and restorative "Big Agenda" may not succeed,

    If the GOP had even one TENTH of the virulent energy the LEFT employs in furthering its nefarious ends, the Marxicrats, as I believe we should now call them, wouldn't stand a chance.

    1. Agree Franco. Even if we defeat the Dems mercifully, we still need the repubs to restore America..

      And the dems most definitely do lie, steal, cheat, and kill with wild abandon.

    2. They do indeed, Kid, and I've reached tepoint where I think they should be SHOT DEAD on the SPOT wherver they act up to intending to make trouble.

    3. No problem with that Franco. They are treasonous traitors. And I meant to write 'mercilessly' not mercifully above.

  9. Cracker_353992 ---keep up the good work. 10-4 good buddy. You got it down.

    1. Bunk, I won't let on that you had kind words for me. Just in case.

  10. So close to the truth!


    Glad that I'll be long gone before 2037 -- either literally or figuratively, or both. I hope!

    1. AOW, Too close to the truth !

    2. "Reality" seems more and more like SATIRE every day these days.

      My name isn't Alice, but I could swear I'm living in Wonderland.

      How I got here I don't know, but Gee! I want to go back home.

    3. Quite true Franco. Someone said you can never go home again. I think that's true.

  11. Oh my, the Jockey.

    I LOVE this post.

    1. Thanks so much LSP !

      If you have any chores for the jockey, I'll send him over, he's a heck of a worker and I'm sure he'll appreciate the break.

  12. This offering speaks to me. LMAO! Of course, by the year 2037, the government will have mandated forced vaccines of slave blood into all white-born (or non-African-American people of color, like Barack Obama and Kamala Harris)

    1. I knew you'd figure this out Mr Blade. Slave Blood. You got it Kingfisher. And to prove someone was a slave or the 111th descendant of a slave, they'd just have a line-up where some black dude would swear on a stack of Snoop Dog CD's that "Yea, That's my Great Great Great Grand Daddy Alright". This process was also used to cut Reparation Checks to the tune of 18.5 billion (plus interest) to every black or suspected black person around the world, not just in America. Better hide your '68 XKE in a garage somewhere until this blows over.