Saturday, February 24, 2018

What Can I Say? I Don't Feel Like Talking About Politics, Insane People, or Guns

So, we'll do the Rosette Nebula instead.

Hell yea, Click the little beauty and read all about it as well as being gifted with an alternate view at the APOD site.


  1. "I Don't Feel Like Talking About Politics, Insane People, or Guns"
    Well I did that for an hour on the radio today.
    It's out of my system now :)

    1. Edward, I did that for the last 18.6 years.
      I have to wait for the current events wheel to move to something that I haven't totally exhausted my thoughts on 23.37 times over.

      Suggested topics for the current events editors: Women's lingerie, making friends with big cats, hand feeding hummingbirds, saving the planet by ignoring it, which wood species make the most striking wood projects (Ziricote has my attention lately),
      how to avoid the temptation to buy crypto-currencies, who was the One that got away form you? (That's not for you Ed), If you could be in any profession you wanted to be what would it be?, how huge Can raccoons get actually, Can we make it soo All comercials start off with some loud mouth chick singing something in French so we Americans all feel slighted becuase we have no idea what the hell she is singing about even though it sounds importante' ?, how many anti-gun women actually Were raped last weekend?, How to make friends with Australian Funnel Spiders, teaching dogs, cats and mice to lie in the living room and massage each other's bellies, how to totally get over on commercial airlines so even they know they're been punked and can't do anything about it, what the Hell Is making health care so Freeking Expensive!, sure fire ways to totally eliminate weeds in your gardens without lifting a finger, women's lingerie, if 100 Indian people can all get together and meditate resulting on them all levitating, why can't they do the same thing and turn kim jong un and his entire military into krispy creme doughnuts for the N Korean people to eat?, how to make 401k contributions retroactive back to 1971, women's lingerie, embracing climate change as our friend, making every midwest buyer of a Ram truck sign a waiver indicating they understand that the rear wheel wells, bottom tailgate panels, and rear bumper are going to be rusted out in from 5 to 6 years after purchase, having everyone read a book entitled I'm OK, You may not be', make it illegal to start companies with names like spotify and snapchat, making animal abuse a crime requiring the death penalty, women's lingerie. That should cover the first few weeks.

    2. I apologize for bringing up guns and N Korea.

    3. Great stream of consciousness, Kid! I wish my mind were still that active. It's refreshing to remind yourself you can still THINK in.stead of just repeatng the Globalist-Collecttvist TALKING POINTS you;ve been fed by the ENEMEDIA, isn't it? It's necessary too if you gooe to remain sane.

      I agree cmpletely that the ENEMEDIA has been "Stuck on Stupid" for VERY long time, and that reading or listening to their tendentious leftist garbage contributes heavily to brain rot and nervous disorders.

      Making animal abuse a crime requiring the death penalty appeals to me greatly. I've often thought that, myself.

      I love animals a LOT, but I hate PETA even more than they CLAIM to love animals –– if that makes any sense to you? (;-s

      I take refuge in writing verse, which I try to do every dat, even if it's just a limerick or a double dactyl. I'm afraid I still DO enjoy Speaking Truth to Idiocy at places like my blog and Who's Your Daddy? But, I only do it, to try to clear my OWN thoughts. I gave up long ago trying to TEACH or PERSUADE anyone to believe ANYTHING,

      "All we like sheep have gone astray.
      We have turned everyone to his own way"

      And that just the way it IS. Not much help for it, I'm afraid. Most have to learn everythung the hard way.

      I listen to a LOT of classical music , and I still practce the piano for at least an hour each day, but most of my piano study these days consists of thinking, hearing, visualizing and pantomiming my way through whatever pieces I'm currently studying. Doing all that –– away from the keyboard –– is GREAT mental exercise, and improves your performance a lot more than just exhausting yourself pounding the keys eight hours a day –– a practice that can actually HARM your ability to play, –– as I found to to my sorrow many years ago.

      Aside from all that, and posting in the blogosphere, I still enjoy home improvement projects, and have continued until very recently to buy derelict houses for peanuts, fix them up, decorate them, furnsh them, and either sell or rent them for profit.

      I use local junk shops like Goodwill, the Salvation Army and Craigslist a lot to find furniture and other househld items to make my places look more and more attractive. I never buy ANYTHING at retail, except sheets, towels, bedspreads, pils, toiletries, appliances –– cat supplies –– and FOOD. ;-) Second-hand food just does NOT cut it. ;-
      I NEVER buy clothes anymore, and feel comfortable in raggedy old T-Shirts, jeans and shorts.

      I grow lots of plants in the house and on my patio. Keeping them fed, watered and given a quarter turn every other day so they catch the light evenly can be pleasantly time consuming.

      Aside frim that i dn't d much anymore, but I'll be 77 in less than six weeks, so maybe slowing down now is excusable?

      Oh! –– and believe it or not –– I PRAY, and do my best to give my two cats as pleasant a life as I can –– so much so that there are times when I wish I could trade places with them. };^D>

      And that's how it is here in River City right now. Who nows what tomorrow may bring?

    4. You mentioned women's lingerie twice. Not that I blame you.

    5. Ed, well men think of it every ten seconds and it took me 30 to write it.

    6. At some locations, women's lingerie involves animal pelts; I wish you'd be more specific about that.

    7. Sam, at the time I was thinking Chiffon, Silk, Chenille, Bamboo, Fishnet, Gossamer, Satin, but I have no problem with fur.

  2. FT, Thanks.

    Yea, I can't stand PETA. They give a really bad name to animal supporters.

    Truly, who knows what tomorrow brings. Our cats do very well here.

    1. I'm sure YOUR cats are among the luckiest ones on the planet, Kid.

      I can tell by the way you talk about them.

  3. No need to apologize about bringing up N Korea. The doughnut idea was very clever. I'm sure the N Koreans would become our friends for life 'cause everyone knows Krispy Creme beats Dunkin' Donuts hands down.

    As to the entirety of your stream of consciousness post, you're brave to do so. I'd be afraid of making some heads explode if I revealed some of mine.

  4. Looks like a big BLUE DOUGHNUT with orange frosting around the edge to me! ;-)


    A great big Heavenly Blue Morning Glory.

    1. FT, Actually I don't get any particular impressions from this one.

  5. Some peeps see doughnuts. I see that beauty mounted in 14K gold and sitting on my finger.

  6. If Donald Trump, and the NRA is Responsible for the Florida School Shooting then so is Barack Obama

    1. TDO, Actually this great short read tells us what is responsible for school shootings

      In the end though, Liberalism is responsible for destroying education, school discipline, the family unit, and the drugging of young people. Add parents to the mix. Certainly barry obama is guilty by association and for dividing Americans by every imaginable category to the point Fascists are running around claiming to be anti-fascist, etc etc.