Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mistress of The Rings

She's cute, but I think she is too young for me.  Probably too high maintenance or expensive as well.  She is obsessed with rings.  The shiny rocks of female dreams and checking account destroyers of men.

Click on the shiny....


  1. I'm always amazed when we see these things face on like that.
    Looks like a cats eye to me, but I'm no agronomist, or astrofizzisist.

    1. To me it's very beautiful, Ed. Your cat's eye image is very good.

      HOWEVER, to me a lesson we mjght want to learn from all these fantastic images from Outer Space that it MIGHT be possible that virtually EVERYTHING we believe we see with our extremely limited human means of perception is as much a fanciful ILLUSION as your idea that this vast cosmic phenomenon looks like a cat's eye.

      As W.S. Gilbert said in H,M,S, Pinafore (1878)

      "Things Are Seldom What They Seem."


      How much –– and what SORT –– of effect would St. MLK, Jr. have likely had on our nation, if he had appeared in a B-I-G AFRO, carrying a SPEAR, wearing a LOINCLOTH or a DASHIKI with a RING in his NOSE?

      MLK, Jr. in DREDLOCKS?

      MLK, Jr. with cheeks, chin, forehead and BARE CHEST painted in geometric patterns or red, white, ochre and blue?

      MLK, Jr. with his front TEETH FILED to SHARP POINTS?

      MLK, Jr. opening hismost famous oration with "I have dream that one day all these goddam white motherfuckers will start to look at me as a MAN stead of a fuckin' NIGGER."

      "IMAGE" and and "STYLE of PARLANCE" suddenly take on great sigificance in light of these (admittedly absurd) suggestions, don't they?




    A young Leftist Statist Globalist Elitist left over from from the Obama administration appeared on C-Span's Washington Journal earlier this morning solemnly spouting the DISINGENUOUS Hew World Orderist line.

    An older gentleman from the northeast, who described himself as "A Conservative Democrat" (!) promptly told the world –– after he'd listened to the young gentleman –– for about fifteen minutes that the "guest" was a Leftist Statist Globalist Elitist.

    WOO HOO! Let's chalk up one for simple, clear-cut statements of TRUTH

    The MODERATOR, however, CHIDED the "Conservative Democrat" on the phone and declared him guilty of "NAME-CALLING!"

    C-Span has always prided itself on being "objective"and willing to give ALL point of view EQUAL TIME.

    Not so ever since Donald J. Trump began his campaign for the presidency.

    C-SPAN has now become C-SPIN, and seems more than pleased to let itself be used as just another member of the Leftist Statist Globalist Elitist Chorus singing endless variations of WE MUST DUMP TRUMP.

    On the rare occasions when some hapless soul gets by the C-SPIN censors to give PRAISE to President Trump, or to DEFEND his policies, that person is given short shrift, and gets cut off ASAP, while the DUMP TRUMP brigade is allowed to rail on endlessly UNINTERRUPTED. The C-SPIN moderators stop just short of APPLAUDING anyone who stops by to heap scorn on our president

    Typical! Typical! Tragically typical of C-Span these days. The organization always prided itself on being "objective" and patted themselves on thle back constantly for giving ALL POINT of VIEW an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to be HEARD without fear or favor.

    To that i say, "BALLS!"

    1. FT, Even if Cspan was honest, they can only show us the dog and pony shows put on by the evil politicians... I don't both with any of that crap.

      Here's one for ya. I saw a headline today along the lines "Catholic school declares phrase "Being White is OK" as hate speech.

  3. when ever I get super frustrated about what is going on --I look up--thank you for this beautiful photo

    1. Good idea!

      Psalm 121 backs you up

      I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.
      My help cometh frim the Lord which made heaven and earth ...

    2. C-CS, The big picture is necessary for sanity imo.

    3. Yes sir, Kid. That's exactly what Psalm 121 means

  4. SAD NEWS:

    BILLY GRAHAM has died at age NINETY-NINE.

    May he occupy an especially blessed corner in the untold beauty and serenity of the many mansions in God's eternal Kingdom!

    1. FT, Oddly, I know almost nothing about Billy Graham.

    2. His health and mental clarity restored.

  5. This appears to be a 1984 AFC Championship Ring won by the Miami Dolphins... and it is missing one of it's blue gems!

    1. DaBlade, I understand colon kapernickstick stole the blue gem when he was an afro sporting baby.

  6. Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
    How I wonder what you are!

    Up above the world so high
    Like a diamond in the sky

    Twinkle twinkle, little star.
    How i wonder what you are!

    The answer to that ages-old question seems more mysterious than ever the more we learn about the nature of the cosmic reality.

  7. It does look like an EYE! Beautiful colors....Kid, what WOULD we do without you? I didn't even know these things existed!
    You didn't know much about Billy Graham? Not much to know other than how many MANY people he brought to faith...even I know many people who are old enough to have heard him and be changed for the rest of their lives. (yes, there ARE people older than I!) HA!!

    1. Z, You are one of the reasons I put this stuff out. It is nice to know some appreciate it. And the big picture Is important. Thank you.

      Billy Graham? Nope, didn't know much about him. Oh, there are definitely MANY who are older than you. Myself included. I'm older than dirt.

  8. An oval BROOCH featuring a large PEARLset in a golden CANOE surrounded and escorted by a cadre of tiny, perfectly-cut, twinkling DIAMONDS suspended in the velvet blackness of INFINITY.