Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The Very Best of the Russian(mostly) Driving Car Crash Video Publishers and His Vids

Publisher: John Connor.
They apparently let blind people drive in Russia.  Russians seem to be offended by red lights, brakes, overuse of lug nuts, and rear and side mirror use, and driving at a reasonable speed on snow covered roads..  To mention a few faults.  The vast majority of Russians live in efficiency apartments within huge apartment blocks (confirmed by a person who served a couple years at Russia's American Embassy) and when you do see a single family home it is out in the sticks and looks like it needs to be classified as unlivable.

Suka Bylat !

Things I've Learned:
  •  Losers have the very best excuses
  •  Defecrats and most blacks are losers
  •  The best/right thing to do is usually the hardest thing to do
  •  Joe Satriani and Tommy Emmanuel are the current best guitar players on Earth
  •  The American government is more corrupt than any of us know or would believe
  •  OK! Dogs really are smarter than cats
  •  Marines are the Best
  •  Save for the Retirement Years
  •  Golf is God's game
  •  There are more perverts out there than we imagined
  •  All Major developments are at least 20-30 years off in the future - Free margaritas tomorrow
  •  Electrical wires and wire hangers are the work of the devil
  •  All politicians lie (Ok, an easy one)
  •  99% of everything is bullshit.

 I love that Trump is putting the American Embassy in Jerusalem. Screw the moslems.  Lets declare our intentions and fire this thing up.

Trump Accomplishments.....Easily Way More than any other president in modern times especially in the span of a year. Huge.

1) He got conservative judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.
2) The stock market is at an all-time high.
3) Consumer confidence is at an all-time high.
4) He created more than a million jobs by undoing Obama’s regulations.
5) Mortgage applications for new homes is at a 7 year high.
6) Unemployment rate is at a 16 year low.
7) Signed the promoting women in entrepreneurship act.
8) Gutted 800 Obama era regulations thus freeing up companies to hire again and get the economy moving once again.
9) Ended the war on coal and caused a new mine for coal mining to open that will mine clean coal. He also put the miners back to work.
10) Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations.
11) Promotes buying and hiring American.
12) Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford ,Toyota, Intel amd others will build here now.
13) Reduced illegal immigration by over 70%.
14) Bids for the border wall are underway.
15) He’s fighting back against sanctuary cities.
16) Changed the rules of engagement against ISIS.
17) Drafted a plan to defeat ISIS.
18) Worked to reduce the cost of the F-35 fighter jets.
19) Imposed a five year lobbying ban plan.
20) Sanctioned Iran over its’ missile program.
21) Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.
22) Reduced tax reform plan.
23) He’s renegotiating NAFTA.
24) He withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership thus keeping jobs here.
25) He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords thus saving us millions of dollars every year.
26) Created a task force to reduce crime.
27) The DOJ is targeting dangerous gangs like MS-13.
28) Signed independence and economic growth law.
29) Signed an executive order to protect police officers and target drug cartels.
30) Signed an executive order for religious freedom.
31) His administration is working on sending education back to the states.
32) He’s fixing the dept. of Veterans affairs so now vets can choose their own doctors and be covered. This also protects whistle blowers and allows VA to terminate bad employees..
33) Authorized construction of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. The Dakota pipeline is up and running without harming the environment.
34) Created commissions on election fraud and opioid addiction.
35) Food stamp use is the lowest level in seven years.
36) Reduced the White House payroll saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
37) He’s donating his salary to various causes.
38) Signed 52 pieces of legislation.
39) Cut 600 billion from UN peacekeeping mission.

Caused the hildebeast to not be elected !!!!!!


  1. Joe Satriani and Tommy Emmanuel are the current best guitar players on Earth
    after ...
    Pat Metheny
    Kurt Rosenwinkel
    Pat Martino
    Bill Frisell
    John McLaughlin
    Kenny Burrell
    John Scofield
    Julian Lage
    Ralph Towner
    Terje Rypdal
    Earl Klugh
    George Benson ... etc. etc.

    1. Duck. Good players but yesterday's players. Boring today. And - Why did you not include Chet Atkins? Mr Guitar.

    2. I agree with your assessment of Atkins but he's unfortunately deceased.
      I was only listing living guitarists. Preferably those who can swing so hard your neck snaps.

    3. Duck... nice to see benson, klugh and burrell on your list. i love all those guys...

      And as you know kid, I too think Atkins was great!

    4. Dave, I think the one who is really underrated is Martino.

    5. Dave, and if you didn't know Chet was much more than a guitar player.

      Duck, agree on your choices. I've been looking for new sounds lately. I like Satriani because his compositions are so complex I can't remeber and replay them at will. To some extent every time I hear something like Searching or Andalusia it is like hearing it for the first time again to some extent.

  2. Golf is God's game

    ... or if you're left handed, Satan's.

  3. OK! Dogs really are smarter than cats

    ... Cat's by quanta but hell, dogs are smarter than humans.

  4. Replies
    1. DaBlade, Clapton was pretty good but not very diverse. Sort of a one note kind of player.
      At this point I don't have any of his stuff on my play list. I also don't have any Beatles on there either.

  5. Liberal may sit around the camp fire chanting MAKE LOVE NOT WAR,MAKE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES but they sure don't practice it their the ones who are intolerant and the liberal left-wing news media wont ever tell us the truth.
    The reason liberals picked Obama for president was because of racist White liberal guilt. It certainly wasn't because of Obama's policies or track record, because there were none.

    All liberals are racist so to assuage their racist liberal guilt they have to pretend that they like Black people.

    Seriously, I have yet to meet a liberal who wasn't racist. Actually, liberals think they are superior to everybody, so maybe they aren't racist. They are equal opportunity smug a$$holes.

    Anyway, before the last election, liberals always proved what racists they were. You know the type, they would be in a group of mixed company and they would rave and gush over Obama. I didn't know one liberal who could actually name an Obama policy or cite his platform. Those things don't matter to liberals and still don't. Do you know of a liberal who can tell you which campaign promises Obama has kept? The truth is they don't know and they don't care if Obama keeps his word or not. They just wanted to elect a Black man to assuage their racist guilt. I think many liberals are starting to meltdown, not just Pelosi. They look around and realize that most Americans simply don't want socialism, but would rather stick with the principles of self-reliance that made America so strong.

    1. Sam, Liberals are morons. They only thing they seem to value is inclusion, "I'm ok, you're Ok", Let's all get along. Sort of the minds of 2 or 3 yr old's. This is why imo they think they are superior - by being accepting. There is much that should not and cannot be accepted. Sweden is the perfect template for that. I've heard they encourage Swedes to not put up Christmas lights this years because it would offend the moslem savages.
      If I lived in Sweden I'd seek out the bastards that imported the savages and ............

  6. Watching Donald Trump.
    Talks like no other president.
    Thank God.

    1. Ed, Yes, Thank God. Our world today needs Straight Talkers. PC MUST be defeated.

  7. You know what, I'm still not tired of all the winning :)