Saturday, December 9, 2017

DPRK Examines Political Climate in USA

Greatest Leader: General Wang!

GW : Right Here Greatest Reader and Wide Awake !

GL: Good. Look how screwed ups America is.  Sexual assualt in government costing them millions of dollars !  If they had comfort women service like DPRK, it all be free and Congress peoples have pick of thousands of women !

GW: Exacerly Dearest Leader.  You Genius !

GL: I'm knows it ! Double Time !

GL: General Wang where should we target first nuclear bomb in America?  I'm on pins and needers here !

GW: I'm thinks Flint Michigan. They never expect it Dearest Leader ! Plus all lead pipes in Flint MI get blasted all over USA destroying brains of all Americans !

GL: General Wang - Take new medal off shelf and stick on uniform somewhere !  That is pure smartystuff !

GW: Thinks to self.... (I'm knows it Greatest Leader !)


  1. WHAAA!!!??? Fallout in Ypsi!
    Bring it, General Wang. You don't know what tough is until you try messing with Flint. Our street corner comfort women could storm Pyongyang :)

  2. Ok but there could be hundreds of dollars in damage.