Wednesday, February 1, 2017

News is Coming In at A Rabbit's Pace !

Nancy Pelosi, believing herself to be the President of the United States and wondering why she was locked out of the White House, was just interviewed by Chrissy Mathews, a transgender reporter and well respected propagandist.  In the interview, Ms Pelosi revealed that Donald J Trump is solely responsible for the Holocaust where 19 million Japanese-Italians were killed with nuclear radiation in waterboarding rape rooms 71 to 75 years ago.  Her friend and occasional lover Gloria Allred has filed suit with the DOJ to force Mr Trump to vacate the White House and give Nancy the keys.
She's wondering why Eric Holder won't return her calls.

Massive protests are occurring as a result of this information leak. Huge crowds are assembled across the nation, wielding clubs and torches because the protestors were too stupid to buy guns and pitchforks.  Them things Are too dangerous for 3 year old spoiled brats after all anyway.

In a tearful interview with Megyn Kelly of NBC, Chuck Shumer in stunning and shocking detail relayed how Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions waterboarded him for literally minutes and forced him to vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch as the Supreme Court Justice to fill the vacancy made when the left murdered Justice Antonin Scalia.
Though the grueling half hour interview, and when Mr Shumer would stop to cry, Ms Kelly would mutter "Bad Trump. Nasty man.  Bad Trump. Nasty man."

In a follow up, Jeff Sessions will not prosecute Senator Cruz and himself for this heinous crime until, as Mr Sessions states, "that satanic bitch hilrod clinton is wearing stripes in solitary confinement and doing an 800 to 1000 year prison sentence.

In a rare moment of sanity and solemness in this American political adventure, President Donald J Trump makes an unannounced private visit to the Dover Air Base  to be present when the remains of 36 year old
Chief Special Warfare Operator William "Ryan" Owens arrived in country, and to speak with his family and loved ones.  I wonder if obama ever did that? I don't wonder that hard.

I suspect William Owen's casket will end up looking at lot like SEAL member Michael Monsoor's. (This is the result of attending SEAL members taking off their gold Trident and slamming it into the wooden casket with a large measure of respect and love for a team member on his way to the after-life.)


  1. You got this from CNN right? Or MAssNBC? Hell's better than the Onion. But....believable...these scum wad commie toads think it...I know....and
    "Chrissy Mathews, a transgender reporter and well respected propagandist."

    He's also into golden showers up his leg.

  2. Great satirical post. The only time I can recall Obugger going to the Dover AFB, was when he and "what was her name" greeted the families of the fallen Benghazi heroes and lied to them about why the attack occurred.

  3. More to ponder....

    Left and Right

    Left loves Illegal Immigration
    Right loves legal Immigration
    Left loves radicals
    Right loves Americans
    Left loves taxing
    Right loves liberty
    Left loves a crisis
    Right loves to help
    Left loves obstruction
    Right loves to build
    Left loves shouting
    Right loves peace and quiet
    Left loves crossing lines
    Right loves the law
    Left loves abortion
    Right loves life
    Left hates the flag
    Right loves the flag
    Left loves to lie

    1. IMP, We are sick of it. We're sick of the democrats, media, and celebrities trying to tell us what to think too. Keep it up you stupid blow jobs, Trump will get elected in 2020 with a 70% vote !

    2. Kid,
      Keep it up you stupid blow jobs, Trump will get elected in 2020 with a 70% vote !

      Might happen.

      I had occasion yesterday to discuss the Berkeley mayhem with a liberal client. All that she knew: "I heard that they were protesting Breitbart." She despises Breitbart, of course. The cable channel she watches: MSNBC.

      I truthfully told my client: "Milo was the person invited to speak. I don't know if he's with Breitbart, or not. Not the point, as far as I'm concerned."

      BTW, I now rarely visit Breitbart because all the ads lock up my computer.

      My client: "The man was invited to speak? I didn't know that."

      I responded: "This fellow Milo was invited to speak by the Young Republicans."

      My client: "Who is Milo?"

      I responded: "A gay conservative. Apparently, the Berkeley protesters don't know who or what they're protesting."

      My client: "He's gay?" She frowned. This upset her.

      End of conversation.

      Now, this client will never vote for anybody but a Democrat. But her son? He was present for this conversation. He's 17 years old -- and leans neither GOP nor Dem. He might well vote for Trump in 2020.

    3. knew nothing but had HER opinions, huh?!! And ya, "gay? if he's gay, how can they ever turn him away!?" I have to laugh cuz I told a friend yesterday that very thing "surprised they'd slam a gay guy no matter what his politics are!"....this woman needs to talk to you MORE! So's her son! BEFORE HE VOTES!

    4. Z,
      The woman's son is my American Government student (private tutoring). Next week, he begins the American History course with me (private tutoring).

      The family came to the homeschool group about a year ago. Desperate to spark their son's interest in learning after the public school system had failed to do so -- never mind that their son was in honors courses. He has no learning disability. Somehow, the public school system had destroyed his love of learning -- a love he had until high school.

      Both parents are atheists; the dad was raised in an orthodox Jewish home, the mom as Irish Catholic (parochial education through high school). They just retired from the EPA.

      I'll give the parents this: they know that my ideology is diametrically opposed to theirs. But they still enrolled their son in every class I teach and are having me privately tutor him if the courses he needs to graduate are not being offered by the homeschool group.

      Oh, and one more thing....The boy's mother participated in the January 21 Women's March. I'm hoping that I can share this information about the March's co-organizer Linda Sarsour with her. Especially Number 4:

      She Said Ayaan Hirsi Ali Doesn’t Deserve to Be a Woman

      She tweeted that both Honor Diaries Executive Producer Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ACT For America founder Brigitte Gabriel don’t deserve to be women.

      Ayaan Hirsi Ali responded the other day on Martha McCallum's show. Did you see that edition?

    5. AOW, Msnbc? All ya gotta know.

  4. Day 13. Thankful to have Kid's 'Diary' telling it like it is and to counter all the fake news from the msm.

  5. Hey, Kid, when was it that you got appointed editor-in-chief of The Onion? You never told us they'd sought you out for the job.

    The content is much improved since you took over.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! It's great to be so well entertained during these ASININE times.

    What would we do without Democrats to provide you with terrific comic material.



    1. FT, The dems do make it easier. Well, it keep me amused and therefore sane. Thanks much.

    2. I agree with FT...this is just WONDERFUL STUFF and deserves an even wider reading!

    3. Thank you Z. I've got my cats reading it but they may just be pretending to get the treats...

    4. Kid,
      Cats are like that. Cats rule!

  6. All the news fit to print. Your stuff has all the validity of the crap, uh, er, news that I read in the MSM.

  7. At first I thought this for real. Then I realized it probably was for reals. Nothing would surprise me anymore, Kid.

    Hey - how about the fun party at Berkley last night? Not one arrest. How can that be?

    1. Adrienne, This wouldn't surprise me either. Especially the pelosi part.

      No arrests. Well, they're just boys being boys? The side of California that gives it a bad name.

    2. NO ARRESTS? My mother heard something about it not being students but a bunch of guys dressed in black who started the Berkeley thing. ??? NOT ONE ARREST? WHAT's with THAT?
      It gives academia a REALLY bad name...ah, Berkeley, home of free speech, keeping someone they don't agree with OUT. I wonder if they realized he was gay...and STILL they kept him out!?

    3. Z, Sure sounded to me like a soros job.

  8. From Kitty Panne's Column in THE EXACERBATOR this morning:

    Elizabeth Wareen to Star in a New Production of The Vagina Monologues

    Hillary Clinton, Who Assumed She Was the Inspiration for Ensler's Play, Coveted the Role, Hit High-C When the News of Warren's Pick Came In. Hillary was overheard saying," I'll Get That Goddam Bitch if It's the Last thing I Ever Do."

    With any luck, Hillary it WILL be the Last Thing You Ever Do.

  9. The next time Nanny Pelousy has her face lifted, she'll be wearing a beard.