Sunday, February 12, 2017


Finally, a nice piece from M.C. Escher titled Night and Day illustrating our divided country.


  1. We were commenting on Boston. Couldn't happen to a finer bunch of people. And............on the other coast, the Oraville dam is going to topple over in an hour or so.
    Emergency evacuation in process.

    Want a laugh? Go to Daily Mail and look at the dresses worn to the Grammys. Beyond horrible. Adele (about the only one without her ta ta's hanging out) looks like a giant avocado.

    1. Adrienne, you'd think this was our first Nor'easter.

      As they go in Boston, this one was pretty mild. We're in a warming trend and seem to be finished with the February "pivot".
      Not a bad winter at all. Before the storm there had only been snow on the ground for a couple days and January had a number of days in the 50's. It was absolutely springlike.

      Pretty easy winter. Only had to bow to the great god Toro twice.

  2. Adrienne, Oraville dam? This is what happens when evil is allowed to roam free? I'm not gonna look it up. I don't care.

    I spent about 15 seconds here -
    Never have I seen people so hideously dressed. Ever.
    Our cats are better dressed that any of these bearded wonders.
    So ugly ! That's all I got.

    1. Except this one dress.....

    2. IMP, just saw that one today.

      “She’s already gotten threats on Twitter,” said Gainor.

      The left are like wild dogs. Truly.

    3. Wild dogs!


      Yes –– a perfect description, Kid.


    4. Wild dogs. Dingbat dingos. Well done, you guys.

  3. And does it need to be said? If you don't have any talent, you flash a lot of skin and frankly, none of it that I've seen raises my pulse.

    I see a brief thing on the album of the year either going to Beyonce, or Adele, and again frankly - BORING.
    Again, pop culture and I could not be farther apart. let them have their thing though, no prob, but I'm not interested.

    1. A lady in a sheer white neck to floor nightgown would be 1000 times more attractive than these Hallucinogenic birds.

    2. I don't watch any of these award shows, but doesn't there seem to be way too many of them lately? I guess there's no cause too small for them to put on an award show and pat each other on the back. Watching these people requiring so much affirmation is tedious.

    3. Cube, got that rihgt. Hey, I've been thinking what are the MSM going to do as Trump continues to ignore them. Maybe they'll start having their own award shows lol

  4. Lots of good stuff here, so I hate to be critical. But if you are going to advocate for a White Dwarf - which is inherently the most racist star in the cosmos - you need to check your privilege.

  5. "halal pizza!" :-) Good point with the Escher

  6. Hamburg airport evacuated and 50 treated over 'substance in air'

    Yeah! There's no way to keep those Moslems from farting, so in the interests of Self-Preservations we HAVE to keep them out of OUR countries.

  7. Northeast Braces for High Winds, Blizzard Conditions — Again

    What else could we expect from Global Warming? Because the glaciers and the polar ice caps are melting, and the seas are rising at an alarming rate, we are DOOMED to experience another ICE AGE.

    The waters near the Equator will soon be frozen solid.

    Only the PENGUINS will survive.

  8. Austrian police searching for Hitler lookalike spotted near Nazi dictator’s birthplace

    All the sounds the brass bands made
    For the soldiers on parade
    Guys like us we had it made.
    Those were the days.

    And do you remember when
    Men were girls and girls were men?
    Brother we could use a man like Adolf Hitler again.

    Didn't need no Welfare state.
    Everybody pulled his weight.
    Our Gestaoo sure was great .
    The were the days!