Friday, December 30, 2016

In The NEWS !!!!!

Russians Breach America’s Electrical Grid !  (- yawn)
Russians Hack Into America’s Porn Industry !  (- OMG !)
Barney of Sesame Street Kidnapped by Trump Operatives ! (– OMG !)
Trump to Introduce Legislation to Outlaw Coloring Books and Play-Doh ! (- OMG !)
Untold Numbers of Celebrity Assholes Say They Will Not Perform at Trump Inauguration. Hell-Yea !  Why Ya Still Here ?!
The Entire World and Its Leaders Condemn Kerry’s Remarks on Israel.  Shit – 3 Year Old’s Condemn Kerry’s Remarks on Israel.  (Now I’m wondering if Theresa Heinz is Jewish)
Jewish People Living In New York Still Pissed the Hildebeast Lost Because She Would have Imported 550% More Terrorists To Kill Them !
Solar Panels and Wind Farms Kill More Birds Than Cats Do !
MEOW !!!!


  1. You're the first person to make me laugh out loud in at least a week or more. Thanks. Meow...

  2. I wouldn't take it lightly, kid. The inauguration performers are becoming few and far between.

    Here's what they have so far:

    Ted Nugent
    Andrew Dice Clay
    Rikers Island Transvestite Revue
    Larry the Cable Guy
    Clarabelle's All Clown Revue

    Not exactly the A-List.

    1. Duck, I Don't Give A FUCK ! Frankly I hpoe none of those worthless bastards show up. Not a single one. Meaning, yea the lefties are going to wail like 3 year old's in restaurants being forced to eat broccoli. Saw it coming for miles and loving it. :-)

      Suck it up buttercup. We put up with your boy for 8 years, didn't protest, wail, threaten to leave the country, etc. See the difference ?

    2. Duck, In case you and yours hasn't figured this out yet - We Don't Care about your celebrities. None of us see any value in them what-so-ever ! Could not care less! In fact, we hope they all stay home and cry, cry, cry. That would make all of us who voted for Trump Laugh, Laugh, Laugh! Ha ! Hey Madonna - Fuck You! Hey Bobby De Niro Fuck You ! Hey Cher Fuck You ! Getting this duck? People with brains see no value in people without brains. As a Hint.

    3. You mean you DON'T care what Alec Baldwin, Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Hairy Red, Nanny Pelousy, Dick Britain, Rham emmanuel, the wailing chorus of handwringing RINOS, and the entire staff of the New York Times, the Washington Post the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, ABC, CBA, NBC and CNN and every university in the Poison Ivy League and all the high-toned Prep Schools think about politics? REALLY?

      Well, GOOD FOR YOU! I don't either. Better my kid, if I were lucky enough to have one, should be a good plumber, carpenter, electrician or auto mechanic, than a pale, limp-wristed, latte-sipping, pot-smoking, shoulder-bag-wearing, mincing, lisping, metrosexual.


    4. Gee, I'm CRUSHED that Hollywood celebs won't be involved...and that you had to make names up to prove your point's pathetic, of course.

      I'm hoping the Marine Corps Choir or something else like that performs; this man's not about the liberal elite, he's about the people.

      Thank GOODNESS> Oh, wait!... I DID hear that his lowering taxes is only to benefit HIMSELF and his 'rich cronies''s people who believe that who lost the election; from sheer stupidity. Thank GOODNESS again!

    5. You miss a serious point, kid.
      No one would think twice if it were Lena Dunham throwing a hissy but the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Rockettes are hardly left wing performers and they have voiced reservations.

      There is a real backlash to this man and it is going to be to everyone's advantage to understand why.
      If you think the nation was divided under Obama, you ain't seen divided.

    6. Z, it was humor.

      That seems to come hard to conservatives for some reason.

    7. Z, Marine Corps Choir or Band. EXCELLENT Idea. And Include the service dogs who have recently been decorated with the nation's highest honor ! Awesome. H/T Mustang. And so many more of these fine animals, better than a lot of humans involved and I hope being taken care of now themselves.

    8. Duck, I think it are the libtards who are missing a serious point/event. Also... Oh look a birdie ! :-)

    9. Ducky it was one person in the Tabernacle Choir who refused and only a couple rockettes

    10. Lisa, Heh. Darn those details !

  3. Hmmm. I kinda like the Noooog. Uncle Tedly. The Motor City Madman. Cat Scratch Fever, Kid! Here's to 2017 my friend!!!

    1. DaBlade - I like Ted. He has a good bead on Reality and Being American(A Unique Quality that is needed for mankind)

      Guitar though? Joe Satriani. Very creative. I've got over 100 of his tunes on my playlist and no one else even comes close to that, but that's me.

    2. Or if you like something not as intense...

      Happy New Year Friend, I expect nothing but I think it's going to be better than the last 8. Congratulations on your new status and family addition. All Good.

    3. DaBlade, I believe I'm about to be a Great Great Uncle in the short term. How about that? :-) Life's chapters eh?

    4. American Spirit. That which is the one and only thing that demands respect for the individual from all esle. It must survive.

    5. I like Satrianni. The Extremist and the Alien in particular. Good stuff. I will say that my kids can attest to my superior ability on the air guitar, especially when driving down the road and I have a captive audience in my back seat. The neck of my air guitar is so long that it extends out my driver's window making for some appreciative fans on the roadway.

    6. DaBlade. Heh! I took lessons at 13, so I know how hard it is to play well and why I appreciate such talent and creativity. I can't imagine I'd have been able to come up with much of the things these guys do. Jimmy Page, Satriani, Alvin Lee, Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, George Benson.. many many others. Love it all when it is so innovative. It's a masters in music for sure.

      Well, don't know how much you've listened to and FWIW, a couple more I like are If I could Fly, Stars Race Across the Sky, The Golden Room, Always With You, Always With Me. I didn't care for Alien actually, do like The Extremist.

  4. May the New Year be Gracious, Encouraging, Refreshing, Enlightening,
    Healthy, Prosperous –– and full of Joy and Laughter.

    _________ To a Glad New Year _________

    Toot the trumpets! Strike the strings and sing!
    On your feet! Step lively in the dance!
    Age and Youth alike are on the wing
    Going forward: Time moves like a lance
    Let loose by some celestial super strength
    Amidst the muck and mire of our dozing
    Driving us, reminding that life’s length
    Never gives us room for much reposing.
    Esurient? Appease the appetites
    Wholesome and pure. The body, gross and vile,
    Yields but sickly transient delights ~
    Evoking ennui with a knowing smile.
    Awake! A blessed New Year is at hand!
    Resolve to love and give without demand!

    ~ FreeThinke

  5. I never watch the inauguration shows anyway. I'd rather watch Law & Order reruns ;)

    1. Cube, Good God yea, that's all scripted stuff. I prefer real life. I'm waiting to see actual events , decisions, and hopefully endless libtard meltdowns. (As I was typing I felt like I was playing guitar like Joe Satriani.... I gotta start practicing agian.)

    2. One thing I missed that I would've liked to have caught live was Mariah Carey's meltdown. My husband read me some details of the dumbass diva's disastrous display. Talk about real life.

    3. Cube, Yea, my impression of Mariah is not a good one based on actual events and things she has said. This is not someone any sane person would marry.

  6. __________ On New Year’s Day _________

    Our hope would be to take the roadblocks down
    No more to have to hide behind the walls
    Negativity built with a frown,
    Even though she smiles in gleaming halls
    Welcoming all with fawning falsity,
    Yet yearning all the while for something solid.
    Excitement dies in stuffy halls at tea,
    As hypocrisy makes discourse witless, stolid.
    Rarely may we speak without a filter.
    ‘Tis safer not, lest someone take offense.
    So, fearing to be thought bizarre –– off kilter ––
    Daft –– depraved –– or simply too intense ––
    A fear of ostracism serves P-C,
    Yielding a moribund society.

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. time for a NEW>>>NEW YEAR--
    commies- now called 'progressives' OUT
    Constitutionalists - IN >>>

    and-I rather see the brave dogs and brave troops over any whinnie hollywood 'celeBRATy' ( cw-C-CS)-:
    send them to canada!!

    1. C-CS, I like the celeBRATy addition. It's a keeper. (As far as I know, I was the first one to use libtard and hildebeast. My fried was typing libiot, and it just didn't roll off the tongue for me so I countered with libtard. I'd be honored if I introduced this but who knows.)

  8. I can't even imagine the type of arrogance it takes to make these statements. For starters, all Barack Obama ever thinks about is Barack Obama and his "legacy". Second, he's so drunk with power that he doesn't even realize he will have no power to do anything about Donald Trump's policies.
    Perhaps Obama didn't notice that when he was campaigning for Clinton, no one paid any attention to him, not even African Americans who did not turn out in large numbers as he had urged them to
    "President Barack Obama used the final weekly address of his presidency to ensure the American people that despite leaving the White House in less than three weeks, he will remain vigilant of President-elect Donald Trump over the next four years to ensure the “progress” made by his administration is not undone under Trump.
    The desperation of this worthless idiot attempting to make himself relevant is pathetic. He had eight years and pissed them away being a self absorbed asshole. He will spend the next three weeks doing just that with more bravado. As if anyone fucking cares. His legacy is as dead as his ability to be a leader. He wanted to lead from behind, well those kinds of leaders are named Chamberlin, Carter and now Obie. The worst of the worst.

    1. Ms Lane. Welcome and Fuckin A! I wouldn't change a word. This son of a whore and deadbeat dad (just like osama btw) will be known as someone with zero positive accomplishments. Flush the POS and I expect Mr Trump to do just that. Gonna provide some needed relief.

  9. I bet there will be a lot less trash to pick up than the tons of trash left at Barry's inauguration
    Happy New Year Kid

    1. Lisa, No question about that. Red events are always non-violent and litter free :-)

      Happy New Year to you Lisa !

      Still saying I'm so happy we dodged the beast.

  10. Breaking News: Russians Incite Dindu Uprisings In Chicago!