Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Person Who Maybe Motivated More People than Anyone Ever Had

Honestly, I can't think of anyone who had an effect on a greater number of people,

Get that part about the Ev's.  Yea, Maybe no Beatles.

Hope you like it,.


  1. two tunes at the same time--awesome!!

    1. C-CS, PS, if you have the same stuff on the right sidebar as I do when I click that link I gave you, the top 3 at least are worth the time.

    2. gave them a 'listen' and smiled the entire time -- thank you :-)


    3. C-CS, So much out there. 50 years worth. What a body of work. And he was becoming an elderly man when this one was made.

  2. Chet was not only a great guitar player, but a very nice man, too.

    1. Adrienne, I think everyone who knew him would say even more of a person than a guitar player.

  3. "I can't think of anyone who had an effect on a greater number of people,"
    I can.
    The calendar starts on the year of His birth.

    1. Well, Geeezix Ed. I was talking mere mortals! :-)

    2. Ed, PS, many would claim Chet wasn't a mere mortal, but certainly no candle to the Boy King regardless.

    3. He is a joy to listen to, they have that much in common :)

  4. The power of music to transform lives –– and entire cultures –– is either unknown or ignored by the majority. However, –– whether you believe it or not ––, what we surround ourselves with be it Music, Interior Decor, TV, the Internet, Movies, Stage shows, or SmartPhones, what we wear what we eat, who we date, what we talk about with our friends, what we do with our free time, etc. molds our character as individuals and shapes our destiny.

    Not of us lives in a vacuum, therefore it's important for us to choose the way we occupy our time wisely. Chet certainly was a good influence on a whole generation of fellow musicians. I recognize that, even though I have to say I much prefer the profound influences great figures like Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, et al.

    Few of us realize it, but without the great classical composers, Chet Atkins and Tommy .Emmanuel could not possibly have been what they are. To a large extent all significant musicians learned from each other, built on each other's work, and stood on each other's shoulders (metaphorically) in the constant search for "new sounds" for want of a better term.

    As I said at the beginning, we rarely recognize what influences us most profoundly.

    Learning how to differentiate between the good, the bad and the mediocre is important, but few get that far, because our culture does not give music a high priority.

    1. FT, Yes, so much is reliant on the past and present. Few of us are creative. We are inspired by those who are. They call Chet country guitar but he as nothing in common with modern country and said modern country destroyed country music.

      His earliest albums have a very eclectic makeup including classical. Fingerstyle Guitar for example. 1950 something.

  5. Great guy. Inspirational, talented, good, .....

    1. Z, I remember being at an outing our company had in Tempe Az while we were working on an RJ Reyonlds software project. One of the guys from RJR, as we stood around a fire in the desert having a beer, asked me if I had any heroes. I hadn't really thought about it to that point but fairly quickly answered Chet Atkins. He said Good hero to have. Chet honestly was selfless. Excellence was always his goal and he was never satisfied with his performance. Hard to do better than that regardless what you're doing. He inspired millions around the world.

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  7. What an inspirational credo for all of life's endeavors. He was way more than just an excellent guitar player.

    1. Yes he was Cube. He had no enemies that's for sure.


  8. ~• A Visit with Pa Grouch •~

    'Twas two days before Christmas
    And Papa Grouch here
    Made a pact with the Devil
    To stay home this year.

    The cupboard was bare
    And the table unclad
    Because of this grumpy
    Self-centered old Dad,

    Who'd decided it all
    Was too much of a strain
    That denuded his wallet
    And caused him great pain.

    Mama was despondent
    The babe on her lap
    Did nothing but howl
    And spit up its pap.

    The children were mopey
    Their eyes sullen slits
    They thought Papa'd gone mad
    And had lost all his wits

    When on the front lawn
    There arose a great clatter
    The neighbors had come
    To see what was the matter

    With no wreath on the door
    Or lights on the eaves
    They thought Papa'd grown poor
    Or been looted by thieves

    So up to the housetop
    With garlands they climbed
    Stringing green'ry and lights
    Till they got all begrimed

    The ladies walked in
    With caskets of food
    Then set up a tree
    While the children they wooed

    With carols in harmony
    Sung at the door
    With lighted red candles
    That dripped on the floor.

    Then in marched Tom Turkey,
    Who went straight to the oven,
    Saying, "Pluck me and stuff me,
    I'm dyin' for lovin.'"

    He made not a squawk
    While they chopped off his head
    Plucked out all his feathers
    And stuffed him with bread

    And onions and apples
    And sausage and sage
    And quite enough butter
    To pay a week's wage.

    The cranberry mold
    Like a rubicund belly
    Shook and shimmered itself
    Like a gem made of jelly.

    The scent of cinnamon
    Ginger and pine
    Along with the turkey
    Smelled simply divine

    A baker on crutches
    Who only could hobble
    Said, "Soon that old bird
    Will be ready to gobble."

    The men midst cold ashes
    Placed branches for Yule
    Their crackling splendor
    A marvelous tool

    For cheering and warming
    Pa Grouch with his pain,
    Who was soon moved to say,
    "I've no right to complain.

    "With neighbors like you,
    I feel it's a shame
    I ever indulged
    A desire to maim

    "The Spirit of Joy,
    Good Will, and Good Cheer.
    I promise you all
    I'll be nicer –– NEXT YEAR."

    Then placing his thumb
    At the tip of his nose
    He waved them Good Night
    And to bed up he rose.

    But I heard him exclaim,
    As he moved past our sight,
    "Don't let the door hit your butt,
    When you leave. Now GOOD NIGHT!"

    ~ FreeThinke

    Have Yourself a JOCULAR Christmas!