Friday, February 5, 2016

For You Tommy Emmanuel Fans

Embedding Disabled, Here is Windy And Warm - a tune played by Mr Guitar, Chet Atkins that Tommy heard (barely) on the radio traveling through Australia as a young man with his family band called the Midget Safari's.  This tune launched Tommy's career as a finger picking guitar player.  His family told him that doing this was impossible - that playing bass with melody was a recording trick but as Tommy says "I knew he was playing everything at once and I had to work it out."  He worked it out.

Well what the heck.  Tommy's version along with Classical Gas..


  1. As most know by now, my tastes and background are almost exclusively wrapped up in the vast world of an eight-hundred-year-old tradition known as "classical music." In that world we would call Tommy Emmanuel "a colossal virtuoso," and a unique, highly creative artist with unlimited talent and a perfect temperament for sharing his skills happily without conceit or affection of any kind.

    Personally, I'd go a lot farther than that and say the guy is "a natural" –– a creative genius of a very high order who –– like Bach and Mozart –– needed little or no formal instruction to be able to do his thing with tremendous confidence and unlimited skill. Better than that he does it with JOY.

    Confidence without conceit. Tremendous expertise employed with joy .

    It just doesn't get better than that.

    Thanks again, Kid, for sharing this guy's terrific talent. It soars far above and out of sight of fruitless, infuriating politicrap, and reminds us that life is still worth living no matter what asshole thinks he's in charge of running "City Hall." ;-)

    1. FT, Just what I had in mind. I agree, Tommy is a natural but he had to and does work Very Hard. Check out some of his instructional vids. You probably know this but I wanted to mention it for the sake of anyone who may be reading.

      I've been going to his concerts here for 6 years straight and he is better every year without fail and he was good enough the first time !

      And a personal challenge of mine is to bring things to the fore that you don't see on CNN. Honestly, the riff raff are not worth giving so much mental rent space too. Life has to be better and we must make it better ourselves because nobody else gonna do it.

  2. He is one of the most gifted guitarists EVER, that is FOR SURE!


    Unfortunately, the tone of the Republican debates in general has been warped by the undue influence of the ENEMEDIA in the persons of agenda-driven "moderators."

    The moderators' focus has been more on sparking loud, sensationalistic "food fights" among the candidates than permitting them to speak freely –– and uninterruptedly –– on matters of substance –– i.e.:

    1. A limp, severely lagging economy -

    2. Misleading statistics on unemployment and jobs growth -

    3. What to do about the threat posed by ISIS and the extreme volatility of the Middle East -

    4. How we ought to deal with the belligerent posturing of North Korea -

    5. What might be the BEST way to make sure that ALL American citizens have access to high-quality Medical Care without rationing, and without surrendering their freedom to choose their own doctors and medical facilities -

    6. How best to minimize the deleterious effects of unchecked ILLEGAL Immigration -

    7. How to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States by fostering an economic climate attractive to the Captains of Industry that is also fair to American workers -

    8. How to deal the dehumanizing threat of ever-increaing Automation and Robotization

    9. How to deal with Right to Life issues v. Personal Autonomy -

    10. How to preserve Freedom of Religion while curbing Islamic Aggression

    11. How to shore up and rebuild our crumbling, foundering Infrastructure -

    12. How to restore CONTROL of EDUCATIONAL POLICIES to individual communities -

    Instead of focusing on things that MATTER, the moderators tend to do whatever they can to pick at scabs, pour salt into wounds, bring up petty nonsense designed to titillate the public, while embarrassing candidates, knocking them off balance, and sparking fruitless, childish quarreling. This turns what-should-be serious ADULT debate into a CIRCUS –– a BURLESQUE –– a TRAVESTY.

    Undue MANIPULATION and USURPATION of CONTROL by the ENEMEDIA was well exemplified by three things:


    2. The way moderators are obviously instructed to EXCLUDE a good man like Dr. Carson from full participation by steadfastly IGNORING him and REFUSING to ASK HIM QUESTIONS. [I loved it when he wryly observed after FINALLY being given a chance to participate, that he wasn't there just to help decorate to the stage. ;-]

    3. The INSTANT post-debate ANALYSIS by ENEMEDIA "Pundits" that focused almost SOLELY –– all across the media board today including the supposedly "objective" C-Span –– on how Governor Christie humiliated and pilloried Marco Rubio by mocking him on making "memorized set speeches" instead of answering questions honestly, etc.

    The collective purpose of the enemedia seems always to do its best to "DESTROY" any Republican who appears to be gaining favor with the public. WHY they would want to do that is a question that should concern every American with a functioning brain.

    In short while the Democrats promise ever greater amounts of FREE "BREAD," the enemedia further corrupts to political process by producing an endless round of "CIRCUSES" craftily designed to take focus away from the critical problems that threaten our very existence.

    STOP, LOOK, LISTEN then DO YOUR OWN THINKING, and PRAY for SANITY is the only advice I have to offer.

    OFF TOPIC, I know, Kid, but I think it's important for us to consider what's happening out on the hustings –– and to be increasingly aware of the role the ENEMEDIA takes in forming and shaping Public Opinion. Few seem aware of the way we are being "led down the garden path" by the makers, movers and shakers of public opinion.

    If you want to delete this, I would understand, but I just HAD to get it off my chest.

  4. Tommy Emmanuel provides a powerful antidote. He certainly is one who helps "restore the soul," but
    at the same time we should be increasingly aware of what it is that constantly POISONS our minds and POLLUTES our consciousness with meretricious non-issues and trivial garbage masquerading as "vital concerns."

    1. Yep, that'e the way your hard core commie works.