Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brave Young German Girl

Hat Tip: IMP 

If you are short on time, you can get the gist of this from the 5 to the 8 minute mark.  This is a very intelligent girl who wastes no words.  A great presentation.  

In other news:  All women and girls of any age living in the European Union states are now required by law to provide sex to any moslem vermin on demand or face a prison sentence where moslem vermin sex will be forced upon them until their 'mind is right'.


  1. In the long run, after we are all dead and gone, the fault for Germany's woes can be placed squarely on Uncle Sam: and specifically the Marshall Plan and the largess of the U.S. taxpayer.

    After WWII, the Allies forbade Germany from raising a standing army of any significance. We formed NATO to protect Germany and other European allies from external threats (the Soviet Union), and the United States was the main enforcer of this less aggressive and hostile Europe. With our military constantly around to keep the peace in addition to our strict limits on what kind of military Germany could muster, the Germans instead used the money that they would have spent on battleships, aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines on social programs. They enabled every miscreant, loser and undesirable to live in Germany without working.

    And now, because of the U.S. policies as they related to Germany over the last 70 years, Germany has lost its soul. They have gone so far down the socialist road that they don't know right from wrong. They invite murderers and invaders, scumbags and muslims into their culture and now don't understand what these evil assholes are doing to them.

    They are truly confused. Why would people behave this way after we invited them here? Don't they have any sense of gratitude?

    No. No they don't. That is a civilized notion. Barbarians in their midst don't do civilized things.

    And it is our fault that they are so clueless.

    1. Fredd, I don't know that we own that 100%. I'd say France is in there somewhere since they occupied all of the German areas of any value. Yea, you just can't do that. And I have to add that if someone cannot see that islam is a cancer upon the Earth, and as well not only allow vermin from Syria, but from Any and All moslem vermin countries, Germany must take a good deal of credit for that amount of ignorance and lack of respect for its own people. America's part in this? 10% maybe.

      What about Sweden? Denmark? (who recently fined a teen girl for using pepper spray to protect herself from a would be raping moslem vermin), Norway, and all the other vermin loving EU countries ? Germany owns a lot of that for sure and We Didn't Screw Them ALL Up. :)

    2. Nope, disagree. We screwed them ALL up, all of Old Europe (as Donald Rumsfeld would say), including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, and on and on. Once we took up the responsibility for ALL of their defense (France included), they all spent their money on social programs, kid. And once their brains got used to being able to spend money on stupid crap in never ending, ever increasing amounts, they all went insane. That's why they don't understand that they are inviting absolute utter poison into their midst.

      We wrecked their brains. By protecting them from all the meanies out there. They can credibly plead 'affluenza': they just don't know right from wrong anymore since we have been coddling them for 70 years.

      Hate to disagree with your 10% ('maybe'). It's 100% our fault. Not that I am inclined to make up for our coddling. Screw 'em. But I'm just a mean old grouch anyway.

    3. Fredd, I understand your point, but I'm going to agree to disagree. People who refuse to plan for their own defense in an environment, where America has failed to follow up on anyone's defense since 1960 or so for sure needs to take some of the blame. I hate to disagree with you because you're smarter than me, but still...

      But then This? Did these countries actually think all of these people would integrate into their societies? With what we've all been reading in the news the last few decades at least about them? Dude. What would WE do about moslem vermin on the streets of Sweden anyway for example. They gotta take some responsibility. a lot of it.

    4. Fredd, I'll ask the obvious question, because someone has to.

      Do you believe that Germany was better off under the leadership of Hitler than she is today under Merkel?

      After all, Hitler restored "German Pride," when Germany was totally demoralized in a ruined economy after her humiliating defeat in World War One.

      As I understand it, Woodrow Wilson basically deceived us into entering the First World War for some ungodly purpose I still don't understand. He was the demon-genius who first came up with the cockamamie notion that the world should be "united" and move toward One World Government. He called it The League of Nations. It failed, of course, but the foolish idea never died, and so immediately after World War Two ended, the leftist vermin devised the UN Charter and foisted it upon a world sick and shattered by war and economic depression.

      Because the "victors" in WWI were so stupidly uncharitable toward the vanquished Germany, the defeated country fell into ruin which made her ripe for the entrance of a "Savior" (demagogue) who came in the person of ADOLF HITLER.

      We all know what happened after THAT. (:-x

      NOW, the problem TODAY is that Germany –– and all the OTHER European nations are STILL reacting to the aftershocks of WWII. They have been conditioned (rightly I think) to look back in HORROR at what they did. Unfortunately, they have undergone what psychologists would call a REACTION FORMATION. This means they have lost the capacity to take any sense of pride AT ALL in who they are –– or ever were –– as a people. Their collective unconscious motivation is to believe that Germany and her people are UNWORTHY of defending themselves, because they DESERVE SEVERE and EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT for their past crimes against humanity –– mostly the Jews, of course.

      It is not OUR enlightened beneficence towards our former enemies that has ruined Europe –– and spread to Mother England too, apparently. If that were true, all the help we gave Japan after roundly defeating that former nation of vicious barbarians with the A-bomb, would not have helped bring Japan into the modern world. Japan recovered beautifully from WWII –– thanks to our enlightened assistance. EUROPE, however, battered and beleaguered into a mode of abject contrition that came to a head at Nuremberg, fell prey to the poisonous philosophies generated by the very group Hitler was determined to exterminate.

      Talk about irony!

      It's like the Niebelungenlied –– 15 hours of incessant Sturm und Drang on the operatic stage, and all we get is a return to the beginning everything else we've been exposed to having been destroyed in the interim.

      The Lesson We Learn from History is that We Lean Nothing from History.

    5. FreeThinke: that's not an easy question to answer. That question is similar to "do you think Mohammad Ali in his prime could have beaten Joe Louis in his prime?" No good answer here. And no way to back up whatever answer you come up with.

      Why not ask me (because somebody has to) "Fredd, do you think that Germany was better off under Attilah the Hun than Adolf Hitler?" When Attilah called the shots in what is today Bavaria, nobody dared spit on the sidewalk (not that they had sidewalks back then) lest they were impaled or crucified on the spot. Things were a little more liberal in the days of the Third Reich.

      So, in answer to your question (which somebody had to ask): Beats me.

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    7. The answer I was hoping for, Fredd, was, "It may be a bit more PEACEFUL –– so far –– but it's not any BETTER. When one form of tyranny replaces another, we can't call that an IMPROVEMENT."

    8. FT, If you thought WWI was started because of a pathetic reason, you'd be wrong. It was much more pathetic than a person that no one cared about being assassinated.

      Good site to subscribe to btw, Daily articles, many are interesting.

    9. PS, Hitler would have been one of the most incredible people in the history of the world if he hadn't decided to try to kill everyone else.

    10. Kid,
      Today I Found Out is an outstanding web site. I just subscribed.

  2. This is disgusting. I don't care who is responsible, but it can't be allowed to stand.

    1. Cube, I'm seeing some signs of life in various places in the news today. Deportation plans. People arming themselves, etc. UK doesn't want anyone unless they're from Syria(like that'll help but it's something...I think the Africans are the bigger problems.) It is not going to be solved overnight though.

    2. The proof anyone one look at the dark continent. Absolute degeneracy, genocide, incompetence, disease and a total lack of any meaningful skills or vision.
      This is also true of about 95% of the mooslems ghetto countries too.

      Now I ask..why would they or we welcome such trash into any civilized society?

    3. Imp,
      They are welcomed because of the bankrupt concept known as multiculturalism.

      All cultures are not equal. Some cultures are better than others. Those two statements are heresy now. Let any teacher utter anything close to that, and that teacher will be fired on the spot.

    4. IMP, I'm with you 100%. S. Africa used to export food, now they can't even feed themselves. The African males rape 6 month old girls for fear of getting AIDS.
      Africa should have sunk and at this point should be eliminated form the planet along with islam.

      You know hoof and mouth disease shows up they cull millions of animals. Why the hell not with these savages exporting their savagery? Plus, I'll take a sheep to care for over any of these vermin any day.

    5. AOW, DO you think these idiots will figure out that everyone is NOT Ok?

  3. Powerful.


    Kid, did you see my post today? Thr downy Trotsky-ite made some incredibly inane quacks. If you find time, stop by. I'm on comment moderation this debate night because various and sundry are trying to hijack the thread, which has zero to do with to tonight's debate. I'll liberate on topic comments when my schedule allows,

    1. AOW, Not yet, but I'll be by tonight. I thought about you today and it occurred to me I hadn't been by in a couple days or more. Thanks for the reminder tho.

  4. posted on my site that a Russian/German girl was gang raped for hours--the Russian MEN went after the rapists and killed them --!!!!

    1. Carol-CS, Excellent on the response. This is what needs to happen in all cases. Where are the men in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany. ??

  5. "An ounce of prevention is worth apousnof cures."

    ~ My Father

    There is only ONE sensible solution to ALL forms of Islamic Aggression. and that is a UTILITARIAN solution –– a FINAL Solution:




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


    However illegal, impolitic, inadvisable, unconstitutional, un-American, immoral or impracticable others claim it to be we should maintain a position of absolute intolerance for a Muslim Presence in OUR world.

    When the Handwriting on the Wall sends a clear, uncompromising message, and STILL we fail to heed its stern warning, we DESERVE to be ECLIPSED.

    FACE IT: Either it's DIDADIN or BE DAMNED.

    [NOTE: I am NOT talking about KILLING, I am talking about DISEMPOWERMENT and DEPORTATION.]

  6. From a recent article by Tucker Carlson in POLITICO that hate-based right wing journal that preaches fascism on a daily basis ;-):

    " ... When was the last time you stopped yourself from saying something you believed to be true for fear of being punished or criticized for saying it?

    "If you live in America, it probably hasn’t been long.

    "That’s not just a talking point about political correctness. It’s the central problem with our national conversation, the main reason our debates are so stilted and useless.

    "You can’t fix a problem if you don’t have the words to describe it. You can’t even think about it clearly.

    "This depressing fact made Trump’s political career.

    "In a country where almost everyone in public life lies reflexively, it’s thrilling to hear someone say what he really thinks, even if you believe he’s wrong. It’s especially exciting when you suspect he could be right.

    "A temporary ban on Muslim immigration? That sounds a little extreme (meaning nobody else has said it recently in public). But is it?

    "Millions of Muslims have moved to Western Europe over the past 50 years, and a sizable number of them still haven’t assimilated. Instead, they remain hostile and sometimes dangerous to the cultures that welcomed them.

    "By any measure, that experiment has failed...."

    Read more:

    1. FT, You're comment reminds me of this ridiculous notion of "islamaphobia". A phobia is defined as an Irrational fear of something.

      How is recognizing there are hundre3ds of millions of moslem vermin who not only want me dead but are working to make it happen an irrational fear? That noting there have been thousands of terrorist attacks on civilized civilians an irrational fear?
      There can be nothing more stupid than a fucking PC multiculturalistic libtard.

      The things going on in the EU are way beyond what motivated a bunch of Englishmen to separate from England and create a new country founded on civilized sane principles.
      When will these people rise up? Will they ever?

      Any moslem who hasn't killed anyone yet or is willing to is either Not a moslem or is Irrelevant to the conversation !

  7. Swedish police have dealt with 5,000 incidents involving migrants since October as they revealed they are concerned the problems are getting worse.

    Officers in the country have been called out to nearly 600 assaults in the last three months as well as four rapes, two bomb threats and 450 fights.

    Migrants and asylum seekers have also been involved in 194 violent threats, 58 fires and nine robberies, according to data obtained by SvD.

    Dan Eliasson, police commissioner, told SvD an increasing number of officers were needed to deal with the problems.

    He said: ‘I am concerned about these developments. I fear that there may be even more trouble.’

    Yeas..ya think you stupid kumquat.

    1. IMP, I read a few days ago that6 10 Swedish police went to a refugee center because a young boy was being gang raped by muslims vermin, and were repelled without getting the boy out. These idiot libtard countries are totally not equipped to deal with the shit they now find on their shoes.

  8. Are they wising up a little too late?

    Finland is the latest country to announce plans to boot out migrants, with plans to send 20,000 packing.

    The Finnish government is set to deport two thirds of the 32,000 asylum seekers it received last year whose applications have been turned down.

    More than 20,000 of Finland’s asylum-seekers are from Iraq.

    The announcement comes after Sweden said it would send 80,000 asylum seekers back to their home countries on chartered flights.

    The two Nordic countries are both struggling to cope with an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants fleeing war and misery in the Middle East and elsewhere.

  9. And on the homefront....

    Young Americans are particularly ignorant about socialism–not only because they have no personal memories of it, but because they have been educated to see it as a noble idea that failed because of political mistakes and outside pressure.

    A new study of college syllabi shows that Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” is one of the top three texts assigned to American college students, and that Marx is the most assigned author in U.S. economics classes.

    So Bernie Sanders can tell the CNN audience at this week’s Democratic town hall that “democratic socialism” is the “right to economic security,” without talking about confiscatory taxes; that “democratic socialism” is what they have in Europe, while ignoring Europe’s ongoing fiscal crisis; that “democratic socialism” just means “creating a government that works for all of us, not just a handful of people on the top,” as a room full of grownups applauds.

  10. Imp, You are so right about this indoctrination. Look how quickly this desensitizing of the evils of socialism has evolved into total embrace? What I wonder is how those my age and older have fallen prey to this drivel. Some hippies can't see past the end of their smoldering ash.

  11. I kinda miss the old days ... When we could count on Dorky Duck stopping by to argue on behalf of Moslem men.

    1. If duckshit would post something amusing or even reflective of intelligence, I'd let him post here on occasion.

    2. Cube. duckster? Died a Loooooooooooooooooong time ago. Brain dead.

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  13. true. "Gee, what's the big deal of muslim men defecating in public swimming pools with kids swimming around?'s just them showing their creativity; actually, the wonderful Japanese director Tiro Hasafucci's film PEEING IS FREEDOM comes to mind..." :-)

    This girl is emblematic of most Germans these days; you know, the ones our media's being careful not to inform us about, the one keeping most facts about the NIGHTMARE that Germany WILL NEVER be the wonderful country it was (and believe me, it was MARVELOUS) again....ever. It can't be. They'll be SO BROKE supporting these millions (by the way, it's a total lie that Germany needs immigrant workers), and the millions of their families who'll be joining them soon, and their concubines, who Germans have been paying for for years already.."for the muslim with the wife next door AND his muslim girlfriend down the street with 3 of his children". pay pay pay. And that's not the painful part.
    The painful part is Germans can't walk safely in their streets or travel on the underground trains without fear anymore. The cleanliness of Germany is fading into my beautiful memories; on all levels.

    1. Z, I don't see any outcome for Germany and other EU countries than violence and see what culture is still standing in the end. ANd in Germany, I read on Friday that only 40% are for Merkel resigning.

  14. Kid, Germany MUST change its laws that say they have to take in refugees....Probably a result of the laws WE wrote for them after WWII.
    My stepson sends me articles suggesting half of Germany wants Merkel out....why the other half don't have a clue is something you can credit to insane liberal BS.
    Violence IS coming....people are afraid to ride the underground now..refugees are groping, stealing, raping and killing.
    It's got to stop

    1. Z, Yes. And from what I'm reading all of these EU countries are trying to scrap these savages off their shoes. (Why would they possibly think savages from Africa would be grateful and respectful??) I read several articles in the last couple weeks that these countries intend to deport 10's of thousands of these savages. Most of them offering payments to them to self deport. How can self described 'intelligent' countries willingly import these murdering-raping-no skills, will be on welfare forever breeding them out-savages ???? Boggles the mind. Even knowing they are libtards, it boggles the mind to the point I cannot even speculate and I have a talent for the abstract. This is way beyond that.

      Well, I'd say the part of Germany that wants Merkel out is the part exposed to these vermin and the other 50% are the ones not yet exposed.
      There is no way this ends peacefully.


    I want to thank AOW for posting what-is-sure-to-be the very last item that will appear at FreeThinke's blog.

    We have been forced out of business by electronic bullying –– a modern form of brutality.

    Parting is all we know of Heaven ––
    And ll we need of Hell.

    1. Sorry to hear you're having that trouble FT. All the best.

    2. Thanks, Kid. So far blogger is still permitting me to comment at other blogs, so I expect to keep visiting here every now and then, if it's all right with you. ;-)

    3. Fine with me of course. Maybe try wordpress?